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Garmin Routes

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Jeff, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    This weekend I installed a new GPS on the boat - a Garmin GPSMAP 545.
    This is the first new GPS I've had in 10 years - the old one is a
    GPSMAP 175, a handheld mapper that relies on obsolete chart chips.

    The new machine is awesome! Bright, crisp 480x640 color display, all
    US charts built in, fast processor. The problem I have is that the
    software seem a bit brain-dead compared to my old unit. I wasn't that
    surprised that it had very few configuration options - the old 175
    actually too many. But I was rather dismayed at the lack of
    functionality with Routes.

    First of all, it only holds 20 Routes. This is not a big problem, but
    still rather surprising. But then I discovered that Routes are not
    reversible, meaning that I would have to enter two routes for every
    commonly used path. And while editing I discovered that this is quite
    limited - it was impossible to add a waypoint to the end of a route!
    And finally, this is no "table display" that shows a list of the
    waypoints along the route, with useful bits of information like
    distance, time, heading, etc.

    Frankly, I can live with the limitations, but I can't help but wonder
    why they took a major step backwards in this area. Am I missing
    something? Is there a magic button the opens up the functionality, or
    some option I have to buy? Or do they think Routes are a bad function
    they would prefer to phase out?
  2. My almost new (and cheaper) Garmin 292 can hold 50 routes. Don't know how to
    add a wpt in the route using the table, but it's quite easy i the graphic
    mode. Show the route on the screen, use the cursor to mark the "sub-leg"
    where you want insert af wpt. Press enter and use the cursor to place the
    new inserted wpt.

    You can use the mapsource PC program to reverse routes, but I think your
    right it becomes a seperate route. Have you tried the trackback function ?
    It might meet your need.

  3. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    * Bjarke M. Christensen wrote, On 6/18/2007 1:29 AM:

    Thanks for the response ...
    Yes, it seems like they decided that too many routes are bad - they
    certainly can't save much money by only giving me 20.
    At least you get a table! Leaving this out seems to be a signal that
    routes are considered bad.
    This works on mine for inserting a wpt between two existing, but not
    for adding on the end. Without reversing routes, wpts get used in
    multiple routes, so moving them to insert others is not a good
    solution either.
    Yes, but since all charts are built in (i.e. already paid for and no
    PC software) I don't have that option, unless there's a way to get
    MapSource for free. In fact, the cheap Waypoint Manager does not list
    the new products in its compatibility chart. I was able to use
    Coastal Explorer to patch up my favorite routes, but that requires
    having a PC connected to the GPS. I don't think I can transfer gpx
    files with the SD card, and I haven't found any freebe software that
    works with the Garmin format on the SD.
    It might, if I had Traceback! That's another feature Garmin decided I
    don't deserve!

    This has led me to believe that my old way of using the GPS may be
    "obsolete." Perhaps routes shouldn't be reversible because the new
    GPS is accurate to each side of even the narrowest channel. The track
    display is so prominent that a traceback function might not be needed.
    And the screen display is so large and fast that finding the next
    mark to go to is not an ordeal.

    But still, it seems like Garmin wants us to use routes as disposable,
    one time entities, not something to be refined and reused over and over.
  4. I felt bad when I realised new models were coming out 1 month after I payed
    for my 292. Now I feel much better. I just checked the manual. The 292
    (similar to your 392 and 492) does both trackback and reverse route. Also it
    holds 300 wpt in each of the 50 routes. Not to make you feel bad (really),
    but it seems like 292/392/492 is the last proper gps from garmin ? It even
    lets you chhose between the ordinary data cards and teh to-expensive G2
    maps. Only problem is that it's on the old proprietary cartridges.

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