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Garmin GPSMap 238 wiring diagram

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Mick, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Mick

    Mick Guest

    Looking for a wiring diagram to 1) try wiring up my existing in-hull
    transducer to see if it will work instead of installing the transom mounted
    unit supplied and 2) wire into my autohelm auto pilot. Any suggestions on
    where I can source the diagrams?

  2. Garmin's depth transducers are made by Airmar - I found transducer
    wiring diagrams on the Airmar website.

    The Garmin 238 manual should identify which wire is the NMEA-0183
    output (probably blue, if it is like my 168). If your autopilot has
    NMEA-0183 input, you connect the Garmin out to the pilot +in, and the
    pilot -in to ground. If the pilot only has SeaTalk, you will need to
    get an NMEA<->SeaTalk interface from Raymarine.

    See for the
    NMEA-0183 wiring on my boat.
  3. AndyK.

    AndyK. Guest

    Go to the Garmin website. You should be able to find the manual for your
    unit there. I have .pdf manuals from their site for every piece of their
    equipment I've ever installed.
  4. Mick

    Mick Guest

    Andy, thanks for your reply. I have downloaded the manual from the website,
    but it does not have the wiring diagram for connection of the transducers!!.
    The Airmar website was most helpful - wiring diagrams for every transducer
    ever made (by Airmar).
  5. Mick

    Mick Guest

    Thanks Peter, your advice was sound - I found everything I needed - except a
    supplier of the plug that connects the transducer to the Garmin Sounder
    (6F-Airmar) - any idea who distributes these plugs? Tried Bias Boating
    (Australia) but they say no body supplies these plugs?
  6. The connectors are Switchcraft EN3 series or Conxall Mini-Con-X, if I
    recall correctly. In North America, they are available from Digi-Key.
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