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Garage Wiring

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by A C, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. A C

    A C Guest

    the residential garage has 2x4 construction all
    over,no type of wall or ceiling plans to cover.
    at the end of rafters/on top is where i plan to
    run my branch circuits.the trusses are 2` on
    centers,Am i allowed to just place the wires
    in this V area and have them sit on top of
    joist/ truss? If there ever was to be storage
    overhead it would just be in the middle/peak
    area.I usually drill, But these are only 2x4 and
    it would not look appropriate,,Thankyou!
  2. Guest

    You are right, you don't drill trusses. You should run these wires on
    running boards if there is any chance of damage.
  3. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson Guest

    What Country?

    Makes a big difference..

  4. USA" new england area thankyou
  5. Anthony

    Anthony Guest

    (Albert Albert) wrote in
    What you are planning is fine, if I understand you correctly. Remember
    that the romex must be secured to the structure (Read cable staples)
    every 4 ft minimum in an attic space.
    I would suggest PVC conduit and boxes up to just above the bottom of the
    truss bottoms. Remember also that any garage circuits must be GFCI


    You can't 'idiot proof' anything....every time you try, they just make
    better idiots.

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