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FX 5200 Svideo

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by John, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. John

    John Guest

    Does anyone know how to get the svideo out from the card to work?

  2. Dingo

    Dingo Guest

    go throught the NVidia advanced settings

    Right Click the desktop >Properties > Settings > Advanced then hunt around

    Also hunt around in any "video utility" programs that might be running in
    your sys tray (bottom right of desktop)
  3. Ruediger

    Ruediger Guest

    Okay, when not using Windows, but a high performance-system:

    Check your system / distribution for a file named nvwsitch or nvtv
    The syntax to fire up a tv-capable setting is:

    nvtv -t -r 768,576 -s Huge -X
    ( PAL )

    nvtv -t -r 720,480 -s Huge -X
    ( NTSC )

    I don't know exactly the maximum safe settings for NTSC. Probably a bit more
    than what I use on my tiny monitor.

    When going back to Monitor, you type:
    nvtv -m -r 1024,768 -X
    ( 1024,768 being my preferred resolution )

    My Script to loook and DVD's on my TV is like this:

    nvtv -t -r 768,576 -s Huge -X &
    ogle -u cli
    nvtv -m -r 1024,768 -X

    Works nice and reliable, upon finishing DVD the display is automatically
    restored to the monitor.
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