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fuzzy picture in sony projection tv

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by lao 3, Aug 23, 2003.

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  1. lao 3

    lao 3 Guest


    I have a kp-51hw40 projection tv. It used to give very sharp pictures.
    Since yesterday, somehow, the pictures quality degraded to be quite fuzzy.
    I tried to do refocus several times withou any success.

    Any ides of what could go wrong here?
    Your suggestion will be much appreciated.

    lao san
  2. Poor Signal, Change in focus or g2 voltages, video problems. Is the quality
    of the display poor with the on screen menu data being displayed and the
    programme material or is just the displayed video distorted? Is the
    distorted video only via the tuner or also via the avio and composite
    inputs. Many variables haven't been addressed yet causing your question to
    be a bit vague. If the on screen menu is clear and the programme material
    distorted then it may be the signal quality. if it is only via the tuner and
    not the avio then it may be signal quality or tuner. if it is poor only via
    avio but clear via composite then it may be the source presenting the ntsc
    signals to the set. Again, too little information has been presented to
    actually allow one to completely assist you. It may be prudent to have a
    technician actually evaluate the set for failures.
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