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fuse tap in F-150 truck: Can I add power for two additional devices?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by iSarge4, Jan 24, 2020.

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  1. iSarge4


    Jan 24, 2020
    What I want to do: I want to ADD two devices to the existing fuse tap in my truck (F-150). I have a fuse tap to fuse #23 10A in my interior truck fuse box. The Ford F-150 #23 fuse is switched and its job is to power the rear window. However, my truck is not equipped with an electronic rear window so the switched fuse #23 is unused. Currently, only the Dashcam is hardwired to the fuse #23 via fuse tap. Can the following three devices be powered from the one fuse tap by means of two "T-Tap Connectors"? Admittedly, I do not know much about amps etc. Just want to make sure I'm not going to start a fire in my truck or something.

    Here are the items to be powered from my F-150 fuse box fuse #23:
    1) Blackvue DR750S-2CH (Dash Cam) (already on fuse tap installed on fuse #23)
    2) ESCORT MAX 360c (Radar Detector) (T-Tap into fuse tap #23)
    3) Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB Truck Charger Socket (T-Tap into fuse tap #23)

    The following information, I do not know if it is relevant to you in making your comments. I thought I would include the info just in case it is needed.

    Device Information:
    -Blackvue DR750S-2CH Dashcam
    -DC 12V - 24V (DC Plug (-)--C--(+)
    -(03.5 x 01.35), MAX 1A/12V)

    ESCORT MAX 360c (Radar Detector): 2A

    2 Port USB Hub:
    Input Voltage: DC 12V-24V
    Output Voltage: DC 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A
    Portiforium Dimension: 1.13 inches Max Output: 36W(18W each)
  2. iSarge4


    Jan 24, 2020
    One other thing, here is Ford F-150 usage of fuse #23 (10A) as per the Owners Manual:
    • Power driven rear glass switch
    • Inverter
    • Driver side window
    • Moonroof
    • Vista roof

    Of those, only the Inverter and the Driver side window are used by fuse #23. I assume the "Inverter" is being used by fuse #23, I actually do not know what it is.
  3. dave9


    Mar 5, 2017
    You really don't want to be rigging things with fuse taps and T-Taps. You should cut the wire a semi-short distance after it comes out of the fuse box and solder or crimp it back to its original wire and your added wire for your additional items listed. All those items should fall within the current limit of the 10A circuit. You could also check the gauge of the wire used and if it is low enough, even put a larger current rated fuse in.
  4. iSarge4


    Jan 24, 2020
    Hey I want to thank you for your information. Much appreciated, I anticipate proceeding according to your instruction.
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