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Furuno Radar Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tony Dix, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. Tony Dix

    Tony Dix Guest

    I have a Furuno 1700 radar displayng strange symptoms.
    The display is not complete in terms of a full circle. Always a small
    sector of the display is missing. Somtimes it is a 90 degree sector
    missing and other time two small sectors of say 15 degrees are
    missing.Changing the range causes different sectors to be ommitted.
    After beng powered up for some time with the scanner rotating and in
    standby mode pushing transmit causes a brief display of several
    seconds followed by a power down presumably because somethng is taking
    excessve current.
    Any help or advce gratefully recd.
  2. Bob M.

    Bob M. Guest

    In the "old" days, a synchro motor followed the rotation of the antenna and
    turned the yoke on the CRT so the beams stayed in sync. That was then, this
    is now. There still has to be some form of rotary encoder up at the antenna
    that sends a signal back down to the display so the display knows where the
    antenna is pointing. I'd say there's something wrong at the antenna, like it
    is binding, dirty, or the encoder is intermittent. The electronics might
    sense problems like no rotation and shut the unit down before it ends up
    baking someone on a mast three boats away.

    There are certain things you, as an unlicensed person, can do to a radar
    system, but playing with things that affect the frequency and power output
    require an FCC license with a radar endorsement, and probably some
    fancy/expensive test equipment. Taking the cover off the antenna drive
    mechanism and cleaning it might be all it takes, but I'd guess there's more
    going wrong, especially since you're missing segments of the display. That
    points back to the encoder that follows the antenna. Either the gears are
    slipping or the sensor itself is going bad.

    Bob M.
  3. Tony Dix

    Tony Dix Guest

    Thanks for your resonnse

    So, when the sectors are missing, is the unit in stby or xmit?

    Transmit On my machne when in Standby only STDBY appears on the

    Are the sectors missing always in the same place for a given range,

    No it seems you can get them to start anywhere by carefully timnng
    your press of the TRX button

    Am I right in assuming this is a "domed" model

    Yes it has a rotatnng antenna beneath a fibreglass dome
    (I remember a 1600 and 2400, can't recall a 1700)?

    Thanks again for your help

  4. John Todd

    John Todd Guest

    It seems the failure is not related to display or antenna
    position then. Are you a tech? RADAR transmitters are dangerous
    in several ways. It might be worth looking inside the dome
    with the unit OFF, for possible snags on the antenna, or loose
    wire connections.
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