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Furuno Navtex NX300 GPS faillure

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Manlio, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Manlio

    Manlio Guest

    Suddenly my Navtex receiver NX300 failed on NMEA input, shorting the
    signal input. I proved that as the NMEA sentences was restored as soon
    as I open the NX300 input.
    Anyone had the same problem and may suggest a solution ?
  2. Manlio

    Manlio Guest

    Followup to msg on Mon, 30 Aug 2010 20:15:31 -0400, Wayne.B
    <> :
    (Original msg on bottom)

    Hi Wayne,
    the reasons for a NMEA input on the NX300 D are two.
    First, with a location data the system may avoid to receive messages
    from distant stations, i.e it makes an automatic selection of stations
    to get active.
    Second, that's my reason for , the receiver displays, in a very
    comfortable way, navigation's data. So I have on the charttable always
    position, course and speed under easy control. I avoid to install a
    NMEA repeater or a Raymarine graphic unit.
    Unfortunally there has been a failure, and despite my many years of
    electronics, I cannot repair by myself for lack of schematics and for
    the very professional manufacturing characteristics of the item ( SMD
    , metal screens etc.) The RX300 and many others Furuno equipments, are
    very good pieces of electronic.
    That's all !
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