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function generator

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Andrés Valenzuela, Jan 17, 2004.

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  1. Hi
    I wouls like to build an function generator so i can probe my guitar
    effects on the oscilloscope, could you give me a circuit please?
    i don't wanna use any special IC's
    thank you
  2. How about one made with tubes? Seriously, what is a special IC? Do
    you always do things the hard way? ;-)
  3. with no special IC I mean these ic that are very hard to find
    i just want some sine, maybe square wave too, that's all i need,
    i would like to set the frecuency too, but preferently i want 1khz
    that's all
  4. The Maxim Max038 is a function generator on a chip. See if they have a distributor near you.

    We now return you to our normally scheduled programming.

    Take a look at this little cutie! ;-)

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  5. Sine wave:

    Square wave:

    Google is great.
  6. thankss
  7. This one comes with its own power supply and function generator chip. It
    would probably be fun to build, and get you what you need without false

    I haven't built it myself.

    Bob Monsen
  8. roma

    roma Guest

    Easy and cheap to build :
  9. Monk

    Monk Guest

    heres a very simple function generator using opamps. I used a TLO-72
    but you could use a couple of 741's too if you got them hanging
    around. I think they'll do fine.

    The first part is a non inverting schimtd trigger used to generate the
    square wave, the second part is an integrator which will convert your
    sqaure wave into a triangular wave. then add a couple of filter
    sections to get the sine wave. if you dont need the triangular wave
    then you can skip it and just add more filters and get your sine wave
    directly out of the square wave.

    note: This is for a 1000hz generator change resistor
    and capacitor values as needed.

    you will need at least 3 filters to get a decent
    sine wave maybe even 4 or more for a really clean
  10. Please, post schematics to alt.binaries.schematics.electronic
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