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Funai taking over Phillips brand name for tvs

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by hr(bob) [email protected], Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest


    Stating that its results had been "clouded" by adversity in the
    television market, Royal Philips Electronics this morning announced
    that its core profit for the first quarter fell 28% on sales that
    increased just over half a percentage point.

    Overall EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization) for
    the company, which includes healthcare and lighting divisions in
    addition to consumer products from electric toothbrushes to
    televisions, fell to EURO 265 million ($420 million) from EURO 370 million
    ($586 million) a year ago. Overall sales ticked up slightly to EURO 5.965
    billion ($9.46 billion), compared with EURO 5.930 billion ($9.40 billion)
    a year ago. The company noted that first-quarter revenue last year had
    enjoyed a EURO 733 million ($1.2 billion) bump from the partial sale of
    Philips' stake in TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp).

    The Consumer Lifestyle division, which includes domestic and cosmetic
    appliances as well as music players and "connected
    displays" (including televisions), turned in grim results, with EBITA
    down 45% to EURO 77 million ($122 million) from EURO 141 million ($223
    million) in Q1 2007; sales fell 5% from EURO 2.82 billion ($4.5 billion)
    to EURO 2.66 billion ($4.2 billion). The company noted that EBITA for
    connected displays dropped by EURO 44 million ($70 million).

    Philips intends to sign a five-year deal with Japan's Funai, which
    will take over sourcing, distribution, marketing, and sales of Philips-
    branded televisions in North America effective in September. Last
    month, Philips also announced a further reduction of its stake in LG
  2. Any bad news for Philips is music to my ears.

    Mark Z.
  3. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest


    Ok - But it means a good product is going to be even harder to find,
    Philips was not great, but better than Funai.

    Bob H
  4. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    Funai has been making a large portion of Philips branded electronics
    for over 10 years. I guess they might as well make it official.
    Andy Cuffe


  5. This is almost TOO easy...

    Much of what we consider to be the poor state of the consumer electronics
    industry, at least insofar as poor serviceability, cost-effectiveness of
    repair, poor customer service, manufacturing in China using children and
    political prisoners, shoddy manufacture, and a generally complete disregard
    for the customer and servicers alike, was largely because of companies like
    Philips in the first place.

    Figuratively speaking, they should be hunted down around the globe like

    In my view any good products they may have occasionally made are cancelled
    out by their virtually criminal lack of support.

    Mark Z.
  6. Mark:

    Ok - But it means a good product is going to be even harder to find,
    Philips was not great, but better than Funai.

    Bob H

    I don't think that you can make a case that Philips products nor their
    service support have been better than Funai in the areas that they have
    similar products.

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