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Fuel Storage: One Data Point

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Vaughn, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    There was a spirited thread on this subject a few weeks ago. Just wanted
    to add this:

    Thanks to some careless stock rotation, I was able to perform a simple
    experiment today. I filled the tank of my B&S lawnmower engine with 4 year-old
    gas. It started on the first pull and happily cut my lawn. The gas had been
    treated with Stabil and carefully sealed in
    the can. Well...I TRIED to carefully seal it in the can, but nearly a gallon
    had evaporated over the years. It had been stored in a utility shed in S.
    Florida temperatures. I suppose I could extend the experiment by trying the
    remainder of the can in something more expensive to repair, but I won't.

    Stabil is supposed to preserve gas for "up to 12 months" or up to 24 months
    if you are willing to invest in a double dose. I used the regular dose. Briggs
    & Stratton also sells a product called "Fuel Stabilizer Plus" that seems to only
    be available in 1 oz. pillows. They claim that 1 oz. will preserve 2.5 gallons
    for 24 months.

  2. Stabil is great stuff. You can find it at marine stores. I allways add Stabil when I top off the boat for the winter.

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