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FS - HP 8160A pulse geneator

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by David Kirkby, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. David Kirkby

    David Kirkby Guest

    I am inviting offers on an HP 8160A pulse generator. This has option
    020, which is a second channel, which added about 50% to the cost when
    new and seems to add about the same now to units advertised on the

    50 MHz.
    Periods up to 999ms
    Fully programmable over GPIB
    10ns rise and fall times. (10-90%)
    Pulses as short as 10ns can be generated, but since the rise and fall
    times are 10ns, the amplitude available is much reduced for pulses that
    are very short.
    Burst mode, where you can select a number of pulses (well over 1000 is
    possible I believe)
    Independant control of rise and fall times on each of the two channels.
    Free running, or sync on an trigger input.
    Ability to delay both channels reference to the trigger pulse.
    Good condition.
    Independant control of both the low and high voltages on the two channels.
    -9.9 to +9.9V into 50 Ohms.
    -19.9 to +19.9 into 1 kOhm (it does not like running into a 1 MOhm
    scope. It needs some termination resistance.)
    The manual (over 362 pages) can be downloded from here.

    Make me an offer if intersted. Locaked in the UK, but will ship worldwide.

    David Kirkby,

    Please check out
    of if you live in Essex
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