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Frequency of Crystal oscillator

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Animesh Maurya, Apr 9, 2004.

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I have two crystal oscillators marked as 4.0 AKSS8KT and 15975 KSS8CT.

    Can anybody please help me to read out their respective oscillation

    For a given value of capacitance, physical size of a capacitor depends
    on maximum voltage rating, so which factor determines the size of a

    How do ceramic resonator(having 3 legs) differs from crystal


    Best regards,
    Animesh Maurya
  2. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    That 4.0 is strongly suggestive of 4MHz, and I wouldn't be surprised
    that the other one is 1.5975MHz. If they're oscillators why not hook
    them up and see?
    If it's an AT cut a quartz crystal's frequency depends primarily on it's
    thickness between the electrodes, and (I think) a bit on the mass of
    the electroplating.
    Some 3-leg ceramic resonators are designed to go into an oscillator
    without needing capacitors, the 3rd leg (usually the middle one) goes to

    Make sure it's not a ceramic _filter_, which is used for filtering in a
    radio receiver and wouldn't do much good in an oscillator.

  3. Tim, thanks for the info. How did you read it, please explain me.

    I can see 4 & 15975, but where are the multipliers? Are KT and CT
    doing it?

    Size of the 4Mhz is much smaller compared to 1.5975Mhz one, does it
    means higher the frequency, smaller the size.

    Where can I hook them up to measure there frequencies? I don't know

    Thanks again

    Best regards,
    Animesh Maurya
  4. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    Crystals (and oscillators) are commonly available from 1 to 100MHz. The
    multiplier was a guess (come to think of it that may be 15.975MHz). The
    codes are just manufacturers codes, unless you know who made them they
    don't make much sense.

    Are they crystals, and not crystal oscillators? If they're oscillators
    they'll have four terminals. Look in the Digi-Key catalog
    ( for hookup. Digi-key will have pictures of crystals
    and oscillators that you can use to figure out what you have, and may
    even carry the same brand, in which case you can study manufacturer's
    part numbers and figure out what you have.

    If they're _crystals_ then you will have to build an _oscillator_, put
    them in and see what frequency it runs at. Get yourself a good basic
    electronics book with a crystal oscillator circuit, or google on
    "crystal oscillator", or ask on electronics.basic or
    to see if someone has a link to a circuit on the web.
  5. Thanks, you kicked out my vague thinking that crystals can also be
    read like color coded resistors, until unless you know the
    I will try to catch out the manufacturer.

    Best regards,
    Animesh Maurya
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