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Frequency multiplying

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Sash, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    I'm sure if Jim Rowe wanted to voice his own opinion he could do so
    without using you as his mouthpiece Phil. What are you trying to do
    here?? - earn brownie points because you know Jim Rowe - who really
    gives a shit. Are you his bum buddy or something?? - if so, I am sure
    he would like to keep that private.
    You are a desperate man if what you say is true - the only dirt you
    can dig up on David is what someone "supposedly" told you thirteen
    years ago - good one loser!! Not only can you not support this claim
    with any facts but you have to go back more than a decade and
    supposedly quote someone who you obviously hold in high regard to
    support your "claim". Is Jim Rowe such a weak prick that he won't make
    this claim himself in this public forum - or are you dreaming it up
    (as usual - it is you that needs a break from stroking the penis).
    Bring it on - let us see the "man himself" back up his own comments.
    I,for one. am anxiously awaiting for a reply from Jim Rowe (but not
    holding my breath).

  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** So indeed he could - but that does not mean I am never entitled
    quote his opinions under any circumstances.

    ** Just tell the truth - something a brainless, drunken TURD like you
    would not be interested in.

    ** You seem to be mighty interested - now why is that ????

    Are you his bum buddy or something?? - if so, I am sure

    ** Are you perhaps a serial rapist ??

    If so, I would suggest you keep that private.

    ** Every one of DJ's posts here shows he is a wanker - same as with

    BTW This one is a real prize winner.

    ( snip drunken Queenslander's fuckwit drivel)

    ** An personal assessment of someone's character is not a "claim".

    But as you have no character whatsoever yourself you would not appreciate
    that distinction.

    ** Jim Rowe expressed his opinions on several well known people during our
    ( mostly phone) conversations - as folk often do. Since he knew the
    people concerned much better than I did ( having worked alongside them for
    years in most cases) I bowed to his opinion. In David Jones' case I merely
    pointed out how completely correct his private warning to me has turned out
    to be.

    I am sure that if he had ever met up with a dead **** like you, Andy - he
    would rate Jones to be a saint by comparison.

    Enjoy your hangover - shame it is not fatal !!!!

    .............. Phil
  3. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Some completely unemployable fuckwit wanker claiming to be
    reams and reams of pathetic little drug crazed fantasys.

    No wonder its completely unemployable.
  4. Andy

    Andy Guest

    I think you may be a bit confused as to which Andy you are addressing
    - I believe some of your remarks may have been directed towards Mr.
    Pearson - If you took your pills this would not happen.

    I think this comment of yours is a ripper:
    "Every one of DJ's posts here shows he is a wanker - same as
    with yourself."

    Please tell me what your posts show about you Phil (I am sure many
    people will be happy to offer their views on this - arrogant,grumpy
    old fart, or similar, will probably be common responses).

    I think this is as close as David will get to an apology:
    "I am sure that if he had ever met up with a dead **** like you, Andy
    - he
    would rate Jones to be a saint by comparison."
    I am sure that will make David feel better :)

  5. Poor Jim, having his name plastered all around the place like this.
    I'm honored to be up there up on Jim's "well known people" list from
    13 years ago though, when no one had ever heard of me. :->
    Strangely, I've never met Jim Rowe. The only contact I've ever had
    with him is maybe two phone calls and a few emails and letters about a
    few of my projects which he's published over the years. I found him to
    be a nice guy and our correspondence has always been friendly and

    Dave :)
  6. Yes they have had contact with you Phil, personal and otherwise.
    Of course I won't name them, I have more integrity than that.
    Stop it Phil, you are cracking me up!!
    Out of sheer morbid curiosity, how do you intend to "destroy" me?

    BTW, I'm honoured that you created a new thread just for me. I thought
    that was reserved for those that actually hurl abuse back at you and
    call you various nasty things. What did I do to deserve this honour?
    This all started with me offering some advice to a nice and polite
    poster about frequency shifting and you then calling him a troll...
    Oh, I get it now...

    Dave :)
  7. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** So David Jones considers it an honour being in a list of "arseholes" and
    "useless know nothings".

    Pretty much sums the little turd up really.

    ** Not strange at all - you were someone best avoided.

    ** Plenty enough contact for him to sum you up as a tedious wanker - one
    phone call is enough.

    ** A magazine editor has to be polite to all the folk they deal with -
    even if they loathe them.

    David Jones was not even on the scale compared to some.

    ............. Phil
  8. It does indeed Andy, it sure brings a tear to the eye.

    Apology accepted Phil :)

    Dave :)
  9. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** You have zero integrity - even rapists have more.

    ** Just watch - you are doing most of the work yourself so far.

    ** No new thread on most newsreaders - that is a false impression created
    by Google.

    ** So David Jones considers being called a "Jerk Off" an honour.

    Maybe it is - for the likes of him.

    ** That is a totally false summation ( as usual ) - and YOU do not get

    David Jones never gets it.

    ............ Phil
  10. Andy

    Andy Guest


    Dave gave a possible solution to the OP's question - yet again you
    have to take it to the extreme and make a bloody great issue out of
    "but what if". You thrive on trying to make something out of nothing
    and then defend your argument with crap and then get abusive and start
    calling names. But you cannot do it on your own, you have to involve
    some other person that is obviously God to you (Jim Rowe) and repeat
    his supposed comments - who gives a shit what he thinks of the man -
    obviously you do as you hold him in such high regard and,if he did say
    it then it must be gospel as Jim is the God of Australian Electronics
    in your tiny, malfunctioning brain.
    You are damaged goods Phil - piss off.

  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** The OPs question was so vague as to be meaningless so I asked him to
    give details and explained why. The posting of vague questions is a major
    time waster and cause of silly arguments on NGs - it is far better to make
    the poster explain his question properly before offering any answers.

    ** The only one throwing a tantrum is you - fuckhead.

    ** Anyone who reads the thread will see that that is what YOU did -

    ** How did you get that idea - same way as all your others ??

    You just invent then and then blow them out your stupid arse .

    man -

    ** Then why are YOU making such an issue of it - YOU must think it

    ** The only **obvious** thing is what a worthless turd YOU are Andy.

    .................. Phil
  12. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Now here we have someone who REALLY deserves the title "Jerk Off"

    ............. Phil
  13. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding Guest

    Phil Allison is a major time waster and cause of silly arguments
    on NGs.

    Mike Harding
  14. Speaking of phone calls and being tedious...
    Sounds as though you ignored Jim's supposed advice Phil. I remember a
    phone call I received out of the blue from you in about 1998. Not sure
    what it was for, but I remember you telling me in great detail all
    about things like electrical safety, mains capacitors, batteries,
    several well known electronics people and magazine editors, how you
    exposed the Rod Irving and Dick Smith fake transistor scams etc etc
    It sounded like you really needed someone to talk to, so I was
    obliging and politely listened and listened and listened... Then over
    an hour, or was it two hours?, yes I think it was closer to 2 hours
    later I finally managed to get a word in edge wise and explain that it
    was great talking to you but I had to go now (which I did BTW, but I'm
    a nice guy and didn't want to be rude, so I let it slide for a good 45

    I remember thinking after I put the phone down - geeze, that was

    Dave :)
  15. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "David L. Jones" <

    ** Which is yet another malicious misrepresentation of yours.

    ** There was never any advice given not to contact you.

    ** The juicy details of which you eagerly lapped up at the time.

    ** What a fucking lie.

    ** You had plenty to say yourself as I recall - as two contributors to
    EA magazine we had common experiences.

    ** A nice guy - you are NOT.

    A self obsessed, pompous, stinking little shit - you ARE.

    Jim Rowe is a master of understatement.

    ............. Phil
  16. Yeah, get it right!

    The Origonal Andy
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