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Freeware Scientific Calculator

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Vic Richardson, Sep 8, 2003.

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  1. I have a freeware calculator that I have spent about 3 months updating
    and now have up on my website for download. I need user feedback on
    usability, any bugs, suggested features, etc.

    It does expression evaluation, programable with VB Scripting
    language, does 2D (polar, cartesian and parametric) and 3D plotting,
    Matrix manipulation, complex number math, 1-variable equation solving,
    simultaneous equation solving (2x2 to 8x8), Integer math to 32000
    places, 2D statistics with graphing and regression curve fitting, unit
    conversions and geometric area/volume calculations. For documenting
    calculations, it has a built in RTF editor, image editor, formula
    illustrator and schematic capture module.

    The design started out as an aid for engineers but has evolved more
    into a learning tool for math students. The link is:

    Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks.

  2. Guest

    What, a modeless GUI! how refreshing,it's excellent.
  3. Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks.

    What a nice utility! Wish I had this when I took Calculus (or, was it when
    Calculus took me?). Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi,
    My @#$%^& provider throws away all messages older than a day,
    so I misssed the link. Where can I find it?

    Pls send a copy to


    Pieter Hoeben

  5. Click and hold the mouse over the logo in the middle of the top and drag it

    The hyperbolic sine, cos, tan are in there but not their inverse. I will add those.

    For the gentleman who missed the link:
  6. I see no logo, but if I click and grab on the grey-shade at the top, it
  7. VB6, I'm impressed..
  8. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    when you get around to adding those missing functions, maybe you could
    get your install system to set a install dir setting in the registry so
    the code can find the help files in another partition/dir. figure those
    VB apps get a VBA Applications key anyway.

    nice calc, though!

  9. Reg Edwards

    Reg Edwards Guest

    The hyperbolic sine, cos, tan are in there but not their inverse. I will
    add those.==================================

    What I would really like to see are the COMPLEX hyperbolic functions.
    Like -

    Tanh( A + jB ) = X + jY

  10. Look under Modules, the Complex Number Calculator. Hyperbolic
    functions are already there.....
  11. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Could you also make it solar powered? Any good calculator these days HAS to
    be solar powered. ;)
  12. N. Thornton

    N. Thornton Guest

    Overall its very impressive.

    3 issues I can point to:

    1. It ignores alt f4.
    2. It can't deal with some screen resolutions, particularly lower
    3. a) The expression inputs are command style rather than GUI like
    windowns calc, and
    b) its fussy about the exact format (spacing, requires use of
    unnecessary brackets), consequently there is a problem:
    c) it keeps rejecting expressions put in.

    The solution would be to have it autoreformat the expressions before
    calculating them, so that all the common alternatives were accepted.
    For example, sin45 and sin 45 are rejected, it only accepts sin (45).

    Regards, NT
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