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FreePCB and Windows XP

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ian Bell, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    I have recently tried using FeePCB on a Windows XP professional PC
    (before that I ran it using wine under Linux). Using it as a regular
    user (not admin) has problems. FreePCB defaults to creating all projects
    in C:\ProgramFiles\FreePCB\Projects but of course a regular user is not
    allowed to create files in this directory. Unfortunately, the Project
    Options dialog does not allow you to browse to another directory to
    create the project, instead you have to type the complete path in by
    hand which is somewhat tedious when it is something like:

    C:\Documents and Settings\UsrName\My Documents\MyPCBs

    Similarly, when I create a new footprint, I cannot store it in the
    default location (for the same reason as before) but at least this time
    the dialog does allow you to browse to an alternate directory. Then,
    when you want to select parts from the standard and your own libraries,
    you have to waste time navigating to each one.

    So, I can get round these problems but they are a bit of a pain. I could
    solve them by setting up an admin account but I should not have to do
    that. I am sorely tempted to copy the standard libraries to my own lib
    directory and select everything from there.;

    What does everyone else do?


  2. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    I just found one possible solution. I just copied the entire FreePCB
    folder into my Documents directory and ran FreePCB from there. All the
    paths are now relative to that instance of the FreePCB folder.

  3. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    That's still clumsy for CAD software. I could not work with something
    like that because there are lots of client directories which must be
    kept strictly separated. No overlap whatsoever.
  4. One of two solutions for this ( as John stated, clumsy bug).
    Give the Directory User permissions.
    Create a short cut to the Users MyDocuments in the freepcb project

    I'd just give the directory User rights this way anyone can access it.
    Typically you’re the only user anyway.

    BTW, Eagle allows you to select a default directory to browse for all
    its file types.

  5. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    Yes, that's what I have done in the end, I just copied the whole thing
    to my documents folder and run it from there.


  6. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    Thanks everyone for the input. These ideas of using short cuts,
    junctions or changing permissions are all very well except for one thing
    - I need also to be able to have projects on removable media (Flash) so
    I can work on them at one of several PCs. I might just end up with a
    memory stick with FreePCB and it projects on it.


  7. Antoon

    Antoon Guest

    The forum on their website is a very good source for information.

  8. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    Indeed, I asked this same question there too.


  9. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    Do you know I would love to do that but I just cannot find out how to do
    it in XP. I logged in as admin and followed the help instructions but I
    cannot reach the permissions dialog. If this were Linux it would be a
    doddle - just right click the folder and select the permissions tab - no
    such tab in XP.


  10. E

    E Guest

    Yuo need to turn the simple file sharing off for that
    Setting is in Folder options or whatever it is in english version

  11. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    No, that does not work. That's the same advice I got in the regular
    windows help - right click on the folder and select the security tab -
    THERE IS NO SECURITY TAB, even as an admin!!!!!*****@@@@????

    I though windows was supposed to be user friendly.


  12. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Ian Bell Inscribed thus:
    I think that may only apply to XP-Pro SP2. I don't recall ever seeing a
    security tab in "home".
  13. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    This IS XP-Pro!!!!!


  14. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Ian Bell Inscribed thus:
  15. Nobody

    Nobody Guest

    Look a bit further down:

    Important: If you are not joined to a domain and you want to view the
    Security tab:

    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    2. Click Appearance and Themes, and then click Folder Options.
    3. Click the View tab, and then click to clear the Use simple file
    sharing [Recommended] check box in the Advanced settings box.

    Once you've done that, you should get a Security tab in the Properties

    More details:
  16. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    LOL, how wonderfully obscure. How would I know if I were joined to a
    domain or not?

    And people say Linux is hard to use.


  17. Nobody

    Nobody Guest

    You ask the administrator ;)

    If this is your own network, and you don't have any recollection of
    setting up a domain controller, then you're not joined to a domain.
  18. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    And unfortunately this fails at step 2 simply because there is no
    Appearance and Themes to click.

    After a long search I found the relevant check box as the very last
    entry of the folders dialog and everything works now as required, though
    I am still not too happy about the security implications but at least I
    am not running this program as admin.

    Thanks for you input everyone:

    P.S. I also had a similar problem with Tiny Cad which would osnly access
    its libraries from an admin account. Theis too was fixed by the above tweak.


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