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Freebie: PCB Etch Tanks

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by RST Engineering \(jw\), Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. The electronics department at Sierra College is moving into a new building
    that eliminates our need for our two sets of PCB etch/developer tanks. One
    set is "stock" Kepro and the other has been modified with industrial pumps
    and nozzles for short run production service.

    One set is still in service and won't be available until mid-May. The stock
    set is on the shelf and available right now.

    I'd PREFER to give them to another school or ham radio club for "public"
    use, but it is first come, first served. The etch tank and developer tank
    are both the same size and about as big as two desktop computers side by
    side each. 110vac.

    Sierra College is in Rocklin, 30 miles east of Sacramento. Pickup only, no

  2. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    From: Vancouver, BC
    To: Sierra College
    United States

    Drive: 1,466 km (about 14 hours 30 mins)

    1. Head west on W 23rd Ave toward Yukon St 60 m
    2. Turn left at Yukon St 0.1 km
    3. Turn right at W King Edward Ave 1.1 km
    3 mins
    4. Turn left at Oak St 4.8 km
    10 mins
    5. Slight left at HWY-99 40.8 km
    29 mins
    6. Continue on I-5 S
    Entering United States (Washington)
    Passing through Oregon
    Entering California 1,383 km
    13 hours 23 mins
    7. Take exit 522 for I-80 toward San Francisco/Reno 0.3 km
    8. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-80 E/Reno and merge onto
    I-80 E 34.5 km
    22 mins
    9. Take the Rocklin Rd exit 0.3 km
    10. Turn right at Rocklin Rd 0.6 km
    1 min
    11. Turn left at Campus Dr 0.5 km
    1 min
    12. Turn left at Center Dr 64 m

    Bummer :(
    It's too much driving for just an etchant pump..
    D from BC
  3. They could drop it off at a Mailboxes Etc. They'll pack it and ship it on
    your dime - and by ground it's not expensive.
  4. john jardine

    john jardine Guest

    I did a "get directions" on Google Maps. "Leeds UK" to "Rocklin California".
    Apart from a side detour via France, direction number '38' looked a bit of a
    killer, so I won't bother ;)
  5. Phil Hobbs

    Phil Hobbs Guest

    Nah, I used to do almost that exact drive on my way to and from grad
    school. Piece of cake.


    Phil Hobbs
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