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Free vehicle immobilizer design

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by A Friend, Jul 2, 2003.

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  1. A Friend

    A Friend Guest

  2. Neil

    Neil Guest

    Another concept I've seen is to include a small window comparator circuit
    that if 'out-of'window' will partially add a series resistor to the ignition
    coil. So if a thief tries to start the vehicle, it appears to be trying to
    start, but won't actually fire. So hopefully the thief assumes it's a
    rubbish vehicle and moves on. The resistor (23K) that brought the
    comparator in-window was mounted inside a 5-pin audio din plug - the socket
    looks pretty innocuous, but who carries a 23K +/- 2% around?
    No doubt one of many ideas ...
  3. AC/DCdude17

    AC/DCdude17 Guest

    X-No-Archive: Yes
    If you're going to use a five pin DIN, you might as well use multiple resistors
    so that it will actually be really close to an electronic key.

    Ofcourse, nothing will deter theft by flatbed.
  4. Hmm.. steel and concrete 'hitching posts' for cars. Big chain and lock. Might
  5. AC/DCdude17

    AC/DCdude17 Guest

    If you lose the key, you're screwed. It will also be a municipal parking
    enforcement division's dream. They can add another lock in addition to giving you a
    ticket for parking violation and tell you that you're not getting your car back
    until all the fines are cleared :)
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