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Free to good home, AS400, 80Gb

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Al Gerharter, Jul 30, 2003.

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  1. Al Gerharter

    Al Gerharter Guest

    Ok, I need help here. We have this AS400, a 9606, s-30, with 80Gb of
    storage(RAID 5). Very fast. very capable, cost around $100,000 two years
    ago. We upgraded to a smaller faster machine, also an AS400, and then have
    been trying to get rid of the old one. The problem is that IBM charges as
    much to upgrade a two year old operating system as they charge for a new
    computer. So, whoever ends up with this one, will have to use it as is, or
    deal with IBM. We tried to give it to the county, too expensive for them to
    accept. We tried to get IBM to haul it off, and they are not interested. It
    looks like we are going to push this thing into the back of a pickup, and
    take it to the dump. It is up & operating, under Hardware & Software
    maintenance agreements. There are multiple power supplies, many hard disks,
    a tape backup, a cd reader, and a really nice steel box almost five feet
    high. It has fans and vents, and one of the guys is talking about making it
    into a smoker, what with the racks and all. It even has a cute little
    pneumatic door that opens slowly.

    Anybody got any ideas? Turn it into cash and I'll split it with you
    90%-10%. Ok, I'll take 5% but no lower.

    Al Gerharter, Southern Oregon Log Scaling,
    Roseburg, Ore. 97470
  2. Shawn

    Shawn Guest

    Hey Al. I live in Corvallis. I might take the thing off your hands.
    You still have it? How big is it exactly?
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