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Free Next LeCroy Scope Firmware Released

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by JS, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. JS

    JS Guest

  2. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Oh great, now we have LeCroy Genuine Advantage and Patch Friday... for
    oscilloscopes! And scopes that crash, get worms and viruses, and can
    act as spam relays.

  3. Phil Hobbs

    Phil Hobbs Guest

    Nah, you don't dare actually connect one of those WinScopes to the
    public Net. You have to use a lab firewall machine, or, better,
    Sneakernet via USB sticks. Blech.

    It's a wonderful way to nuke the used market in scopes, of course...but
    nah, none of those nice manufacturers would dream of doing such a thing...

    Of course, you can get digitizing WinScopes with 12 GHz vertical
    bandwidth, which is pretty attractive in its way.


    Phil Hobbs
  4. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Yeah, the new Tek scopes are just Windows PC that happen to have an
    ADC card on the bus.

    Oh, did you see my email about the bizarre VCSEL behavior? I think I
    know what's going on, and it's not pretty.

  5. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello John,
    Not just scopes. Even instruments with plain digital readouts seem to go
    that way. That dawned on me the first time a client asked "We know it's
    heavy but could you bring your analog RF meter?".
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