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FREE Home Security System + Free Installation

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Daniel N, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Daniel N

    Daniel N Guest

    If you would like one of our representatives to visit your home to discuss
    this offer in more detail please call 416-578-1177.

    For GTA residents, I can offer you:

    Home Security System to be professionally installed at your residence.

    ADT is one of the most trusted names in home security and provides 24 hour
    monitoring of your home.

    There is NO INSTALLATION FEE, NO EQUIPMENT COST for the complete package.
    Monthly fee is $31.95.


    1 Master Control Unit - 1 Keypad - 1 Interior Siren - 2 Door Contacts

    1 Smoke Detector - 1 Motion Detector - 1 Yard Sign & Window Decals

    *36 month ADT Monitoring Agreement required. Certain restrictions apply.
    Satisfactory credit history required.
  2. R.H.Campbell

    R.H.Campbell Guest

    Well now, isn't this interesting ! I'm curious to see how many people
    complain about this ad on the ng - not the least of which it's an Authorized
    ADT dealer selling his phoney free system on a newsgroup filled with other
    dealers far too knowledable to fall for this the oldest bullshit in our
    industry !

    Let me see now, we knitpick RLB for selling on the ng, but this twit comes
    on with his nonsense, and we say....... what ?

  3. coord

    coord Guest

    Well...considering that only 8 minutes elapsed between his post and yours you aren't really
    giving anyone a chance....
  4. R.H.Campbell

    R.H.Campbell Guest

    Actually, you're right ! on.....


  5. obo

    obo Guest

    if they say a monkey is going to install the free system then I'll speak up.
  6. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    "Alarm Farce" has you beat... Even *without* their hokey "Alarm Voice".
  7. mikey

    mikey Guest

    Get the **** outa here.
  8. mikey

    mikey Guest

    He's been asked to leave, Bob.

  9. R.H.Campbell

    R.H.Campbell Guest

    HAHAHAHA....yeah, that about says it.......


  10. Guest

    Hmm. Perhaps Toronto has less stringent laws than Florida. If he ran
    that ad from Bradenton like the "authorized dealer" thee recntly did he
    could be making a $100K donation to the state's coffers. :^)
  11. R.H.Campbell

    R.H.Campbell Guest

    There doesn't appear to be any regulations that govern deceptive
    advertising, at least as far as I can see in the security business. Or
    perhaps, that is not considered deceptive advertising, but just
    opportunistic, I don't know.
    Anyway, ADT Authorized Dealers are still pulling this crap on the public
    even though rumour has it that ADT is trying to swing things away from the
    phoney free system approach, to getting at least $400 up front for the
    system. I guess that horrendous attrition rates are making them rethink
    their approach over the longer term. Probably a good move on their part....

    Seems just as before, they may not have firm control over their Authorized
    Dealer program.

  12. Anyway, ADT Authorized Dealers are still pulling this crap on the public

    Exactly. If someone gives you something for "free", what is it's bottom-line
    value to you? Nothing, of course. Why would you feel compelled to place much
    importance on paying for something that was advertised as "free"? You
    wouldn't. The "free" system automatically draws those who are stupid enough
    to not read the fine print, and those same stupid people are the ones who
    are least likely to keep up the payments.

    Need to replace all those blue yards signs with ones that say "I'm a Moron".
  13. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest


    Um, ok, one two conditions.

    1. You explain how having a sign that says, "Stanley is a Moron," will
    deter somebody breaking into my house.

    2. You promise not to sue me.

  14. Placing that ad in here is fucking stupid. You forgot to mention the
    $99.00 'activation' fee. ADT doesn't accept contracts from dealers
    without a minimum fee (call it activation, installation, whatever you
    want) paid by the client of $99.00.
    Hey what if they have VOiP? Oops, forgot to mention the $300.00 cell
    backup charge with an additional $8.00 monthly fee?
    End users who visit here have more than likely checked out dealer
    websites already, and have viewed all of the incredible offers out
    there. Listen kid, you're apparently trying something new to generate
    leads but try using your head before you act.
  15. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I think ADT should merge with AOL....
  16. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Perfect. They could call it SOL.
  17. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    This is just some random sales 'tard from a dealer posting here. ADT
    doesn't condone it, but they can't control what some jackass posts on
    usenet any more than you or I can.

    More interesting is the fact that Canada had been merged into US ADT
    operations (now renamed ADT North America). The Candadian region is
    slowly being brought in line with the standard ADT policies in place
    in the US. Eventually, the corporate offices will stop leasing
    systems on the low down program and will move toward the outright sale
    model used in the US. This change has improved operations in the US
    over the past year or so. I'm all for anything that increases the
    perceived value of the equipment and services this industry provides.

    Of course, the authorized dealers will still be around and likely
    posting crap like this "free" system for years to come.

  18. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Uh, no, they CAN do something about it, but they CHOOSE not to. Wake the
    hell up.
  19. R.H.Campbell

    R.H.Campbell Guest

    Actually J, to change the subject a bit, I have a copy of a posting sent to
    all ADT dealers on VoIP. Well written, and good stuff ! I was kind of hoping
    that ADT, being the biggest and best funded around, would somehow be able to
    come up with a solution to the problem of alarms over VoIP. It's costing the
    industry a lot of lost sales, and will only get worse over time.

    We have a few scummy dealer around here that will hook it up in spite of all
    the problems just for the revenue. I sure hate losing sales to those types !
    If you guys have any ideas in regards to this problem, I for one would sure
    like to hear about them.


  20. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Splat! That is the sound my mouthful of soda made spraying all over my desk
    when I read the above. Just couldn't hold my laugh in until I swallowed!
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