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Free/cheap software survey

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Rudolf Ladyzhenskii, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Hi, all

    I am selling PCs and always I have to discuss wit customers their software
    needs. Basically, they ask me to put software on their machines to do
    particular tasks and I have to explain to them why software costs more than
    PC itself.

    So, I want to create a "cheap software" machine. Easiest way would be to run
    Linux, but people want Windows. So, they have to buy copy of Windows. No
    way around this one.

    Here is a list of software that most people want and free/cheap equivalents
    I have found. Please add to the list and give me your thoughts on my

    Antivirus. I recomemnd VET. It is reasonably priced. There is a free
    antivirus AVG, but found it not very good. (

    Anti Spy stuff. AdAware and Spybot S&D are well known free programs.

    Office. Open Office package is free ( It is a
    replacement for Word, Excel and Power Point. Will read Microsoft files.
    Unfortunately, there is no alternative for Access or Outlook.

    Outlook. ???? Any free/cheap alternatives?

    CD/DVD-Burning (NERO replacement). CDBurnerXP Pro is a good choice
    ( It has some limitations, though. In
    particular, it can not do 1:1 disk copy. On the other hand, most CD and DVD
    writers those day come with NERO Express.
    Are there good aplications for DVD video?

    Pictures and Photos. I have found PICASA ( to be of excellent
    quality. It is free and has tons of features.

    Video Editing. Virtual Dub is a very good program

    PDF. Acrobat reader is free. There is alos free PDF authoring software at

    Is there other free/cheap software that people are using?
    I reckon, most home users can have they PC all legal and spend only couple
    of hundred dollars on software running Windows.

    Any input is appreciated.

  2. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

  3. OOo 2 will have an Access-like tool.
    Go look at Evolution.


    Look, just go to <>.

    Then hang around in alt.comp.freeware and ask the questions that are not
    answered at pwh.

    Gary B-)
  4. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    What don't you like about AVG? I always install it when people don't want to
    pay for Norton etc.
    Seems OK to me.
    How many people actually create their own databases from scratch anyway? I
    find that most people who have Access don't use it.
    Those who do need it can pay for it IME.
    Of course, Outlook Express.
    Exactly, and is adequate for many.
    Nero Vision Express.
    Avid free DVD.
    DVDecrypter and DVD shrink.
    IrfanView. Wouldn't be without it myself.

    Audacity for wave editing.
    The Gimp for photo editing.
    Zone Alarm or Sygate firewalls.
    Winamp media player.
    Firefox web browser.
    EAC for CD audio extraction.

    Just grab almost any PC magazine and you will find most of them on the cover
    disk each month.

  5. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Have had several expensive virus slip through AVG. These days I'm happy to
    pay for Symantic.
  6. Ralph

    Ralph Guest

    IrfanView image browser capable of some image editing.
    Have you looked through alt.comp.freeware?
  7. Irfanview ( is the ducks guts for image viewing,
    webpage thumbnail image generation, touchups and basic editing etc.
    Compact, tons of features, fast, and free.

    AntiVir ( is a great antivirus program.

    ZoneAlarm ( for a firewall

    Dave :)
  8. ola

    ola Guest

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    Pixar.Classic.Textures.Vol.1 1CD
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    TenkeiKoubou.Vol.05.Children.and.Family 1CD
    TenkeiKoubou.Vol.08.Trees.and.Shrubs.2 1CD
    TenkeiKoubou.Vol.10.Cars 1CD
    The Blender Texture Disc 1CD
    Theme-Pak.Bundle.for.NetObjects.Fusion 1CD
    TonyStone.Images.Las.Vegas 1CD
    Trillium36.3D.Food 1CD
    Trillium36.The.Botanical.3D 1CD
    Ulead.Pick.a.Photo.Fruit.Vegetables.and.Animals 2CD
    Ulead.Pick.a.Photo.Texture 2CD
    Upperspace.Instant.Digital.Photo.Fix.v1.0 1CD
    ViewPoint Models 4CD
    VisualDisk.M03.Fabrics 1CD
    VisualDisk.M04.Woods 1CD
    Xara.WebStyle.v4.0 1CD
  9. ola

    ola Guest

    3D Software & NLE Software CDs ::::::: , updated 16/Feb/2005

    [ 3Ds Max Plugins ] 5CD
    [ Adobe After Effects Plugins ] 1CD Win
    [ Adobe After Effects Plugins ] 1CD Mac
    [ Lightwave 3D Collection ] 1CD
    [ Maya Plugins ] 1CD
    [ Adobe Photoshop Plugins ] 3CD
    [ Poser Plugins ] 1DVD
    2D3.Boujou.V1.0 1CD
    5D.Cyborg.V2.0 1CD
    Ableton.Live.v4 2CD
    Abvent Artlantis v4.5 Win 1CD
    Abvent Artlantis v4.5 Mac 1CD
    Accelrys.Materials.Studio.v2.1 1CD
    Accurender.v3.1 1CD
    Act-3D quesst3D Enterprise Edition v2.1 1CD
    Action.Fx.Complete.Photoshop.Addons 1CD
    Adobe.Acrobat.7.0.Pro.for.Mac.OS 1CD
    Adobe.Acrobat.7.Professional.Internal 1CD
    Adobe Acrobat Capture 3 0 Cluster Edition 1CD
    Adobe Acrobat Professional v6 0 1CD
    Adobe.After.Effects.v6.5 Professional 1CD
    Adobe.After.Effects.Professional.6.5.OSX 1CD
    Adobe After Effects 6 Pro 1CD
    Adobe After Effects Pro Bundle V5 0 1CD
    Adobe After Effects Pro Bundle v5 5 1CD
    Adobe After Effects Production Bundle v5 5 for Mac 1CD
    Adobe After Effects v4 1 1CD
    Adobe After Effects v6 0 Professional Mac OSX 1CD
    Adobe Atmosphere 1.0 1CD
    Adobe Audition v1 0 2CD
    Adobe.Audition.v1.5 1CD
    Adobe Creative Suite Premium Internal 5CD
    Adobe.Creative.Suite.CS.CE.Premium.Edition 7CD
    Adobe Creative Suite Premium Max OSX 2CD
    Adobe Creative Suite(Win) 2CD
    Adobe CreativeSuite 2004 MacOSX 2CD
    Adobe.Encore.DVD.v1.5 1DVD/CD
    Adobe Encore DVD 2CD
    Adobe Essentials 2002 2CD
    Adobe.Font.Folio_Open.Type.Edition.Hybrid 1CD
    Adobe Font Folio 9 0 MAC 1CD
    Adobe Font Folio v9 0
    Adobe FrameMaker v7 0 1CD
    Adobe.FrameMaker.v7.1 1CD
    Adobe GoLive v6 0 1CD
    Adobe Golive v6 0 for Mac OSX 1CD
    Adobe Illustrator 10 for Mac 1CD
    Adobe Illustrator CS 2CD
    Adobe Illustrator v10 0 3 for OSX 1CD
    Adobe Illustrator v10 FINAL 1CD
    Adobe Incopy v2 0 1CD
    Adobe Incopy v2 0 Mac OSX 1CD
    Adobe InDesign CS.V3.0.PageMaker Edition 2CD
    Adobe InDesign 2 0 2CD
    Adobe InDesign v2 0 1 CE Win Mac 1CD
    Adobe Indesign v2 0 2 retail for Mac OSX 1CD
    Adobe Indesign v2 0 for Mac OSX 1CD
    Adobe LiveMotion v2 0 1CD
    Adobe LiveMotion v2 0 for Mac OSX 1CD
    Adobe Pagemaker V7 0 2CD
    Adobe Photoshop Elements v3.0 1CD
    Adobe PhotoShop CS v8 0 1CD
    Adobe.Photoshop.CS Mac1CD
    Adobe.Photoshop.CS.CE 2CD
    Adobe Photoshop v7 0 Win/Mac 2CD
    Adobe.Premiere.Pro v1.5 1CD
    Adobe Premiere Pro 1CD
    Adobe Premiere Elements V1.0 2CD
    Adobe Premiere V6 0 Final 1CD
    Adobe Premiere v6 5 English version 1CD
    Adobe Premiere v6 5 Mac OSX 1CD
    Adobe Smart Sound V6 5 Multilanguage 1CD
    Adoeb Photoshop 7 0 Chs Language for Mac OSX 1CD
    Adorage.v7.0 1CD
    Adorage Magic PC Volume-4 1CD
    Adorage.Magic.PC.Volume.6 1CD
    Adorage.Magic.Vol.2 1CD
    Aist Movie DV Suite 4.0 1CD
    Aist MovieDV v.4 1CD
    Aist.MovieXone.PLUS.V4 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Docs and Tutorials for Maya v 4.5 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Unlimited v6.0 for Windows 2CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Unlimited v6.0 for Mac OSX 2CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Unlimited v5.0 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Unlimited v5.0 for Linux.Irix.Mac OSX 3CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya 3.5 For MAC OSX 2CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya 4.5 Unlimited Final *Linux + Irix* 2CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Fusion v3.0 3CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Fusion2.5 3CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Ulimited v4.5 final Mac OSX 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Unlimited v4.0.1 *LINUX* 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Unlimited v4.5 final 1CD
    Alias Wavefront PortfolioWall v1.6 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Studio Tool v9.5.2 3CD
    Alias Wavefront StudioTools 10.0 3CD
    Alias Wavefront StudioTools v10.1.1 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Studio Tools v11.0(WIN/IRIX) 4CD
    Alias Wavefront StudioTools v12.0.for.Windows 2CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.3.0.1.Linux.Final 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.4.0.Final 3CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.Unlimited.V4.0.IRIX 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Studio.Tools.V9.6 3CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Studio.Tools.V9.7 2CD
    Alien.Skin.Image.Doctor.V1.0.WinMac 1CD
    Alien.Skin.Splat.v1.0 1CD
    Alien.Skin.Splat.v1.0.for.Mac 1CD
    Amapi 3D 1CD
    Amiable Flexisign Pro v7.0v1 2CD
    Amiable Flexisign Pro v7.0 v2 2CD
    Amiable.FlexiSIGN.Family.Pro.v7.5.R3 2CD
    Analyze v4.0 1CD
    Anark.Studio.v1.5 1CD
    Andromeda ScatterLight Lenses Filter TM v2002 1CD
    Animatek.World.Builder.Proffesional.V3. 3CD
    AnimaTek's World Builder V2 1CD
    Ansoft.Maxwell.2d.V8.0.3d.V6.0 1CD
    Anystream.Agility.Workgroup.SE.v4.0 1CD
    Apple Cinema Tools Mac 1CD
    Apple.Final.Cut.Express.2.0.Mac.OSX 1CD
    Apple.Final.Cut.Pro.HD.4.5.DVD.Mac.OSX 1DVD
    Apple FinalCut.Pro.4.0.Retail.MacOSX 1DVD
    Apple.Logic.Express.v7.Mac.OSX 1DVD
    Apple Mac OSX 10.1 Unlimited Client Server Final 1CD
    Apple MAC OSX v10.2 3CD
    Apple Motion.Mac.OSX.2DVD
    Apple Shake v2.5 for Mac
    Apple.Shake3.5 for Mac OSX 1CD
    Apple.DVD.Studio.Pro.v3.OSX 1DVD
    Apple.DVD.Studio.Pro.v1.5.for.Mac 1CD
    Apple.Mac.OS.X.v10.1.Final 3CD
    Apple.Mac.OSX.Server.V10.2 4CD
    ArchVision RPC v3 For 3DSMAX And VIZ 1CD
    Arcsoft.Funhouse 1CD
    Arcsoft.Showbiz.V1.1 1CD
    ArcSoft.Showbiz.v1.2.3.MultiLingual 1CD
    Arturia.Storm.v3.0 for Win/Mac 2CD
    Asymetrix.ToolBook.Instructor.v8.6 1CD
    Asymetrix.ToolBook.Assistant.v8.6 1CD
    Asymetrix Toolbook 2 Assistant_V8.1 1CD
    Asymetrix ToolBook Assistant v8.5 1CD
    Asymetrix Toolbook Instructor v8.5 1CD
    Atomic Psunami v1.0 for AEffects 1CD
    Auto Eye v2.0 1CD
    Autodesk.VIZ.2005 2CD
    AutoDesk Viz 4.2 Incl SP2 1CD
    AutoDesk ViZ R4 1CD
    AutoFX.AutoEye.v2.0.for.Mac 1CD
    Auto.FX.Photographic.Edges.6.0.3 3CD
    AutoFX.Dream.Suite.Gel.Series.v1.13 1CD
    AutoFX.DreamSuite.Gel.Series.v1.15.for.Mac 1CD
    AutoFX Mystical Lighting v1.0 Mac OSX 1CD
    Autofx.Dreamsuite.Series.1 1CD
    Autometric.BattleScape.R.2.0.2G 1CD
    Avid.DS.HD.v6.1 2CD
    Avid.Metasync.v22.0 1CD
    Avid MetaSync v21.6 1CD
    Avid Media.Composer.V10.0 1CD
    Avid NewsCutter XP.v5.3 1CD
    Avid Softimage 3D v4.0 6CD
    Avid Softimage 3D v3.9.1 4CD
    Avid Softimage Toonz v4.6 1CD
    Avid.Softimage.XSI.v4.2 2CD
    Avid.Softimage.XSI.v4.0 3CD+1DVD
    Avid.Xpress.Pro.HD.v5.0.3 1CD
    Avid.Xpress.Pro.HD.v5.0 1CD
    Avid.Xpress.Pro.v4.6 1CD
    Avid Xpress Pro PAL v1104.1.1 1CD
    Avid.Xpress.Pro.2003.v4.01 3CD
    Avid.Xpress.Pro.2003.v4.1 1CD
    Avid.Xpress.Pro.2003.v4.1.1 1CD
    Avid.Softimage.3d.V3.9.2 3CD
    Avid.Softimage.Toonz.v4.4 1CD
    Avid.Xpress.V4.0 1CD
    Bentley.Projectwise.V3.2 2CD
    Binuscan.PhotoRetouch.Pro.v2.0.Multilingual.Mac.OS.X 1CD
    BIAS.Peak.DV.3.0.for.Final.Cut.Pro.for.Mac 1CD
    Blitz.3d.v1.66.ENGLISH 1CD
    Blueberry 3D Terrain Tools v1.0 2CD
    Boris Red v2.5 1CD
    Boris Red v2.5 for Mac 1CD
    Boris.RED.v2.5.2 1CD
    Boris Red v3.0 GL 1CD
    Boris Continuum Complete.v3.0.HYBRID 1CD
    Boris FX Boris Continuum Complete v2.0 1CD
    Boris FX Boris Continuum Complete v2.0 Max OSX 1CD
    Boris FX Boris Continuum Complete.v1.0.for.AVX.DV 1CD
    Boris.FX.Continuum.Complete.Mac.OSX 1CD
    Boris.FX.V7.0.HYBRID 1CD
    Boris.FX.Pro.v6.0 1CD
    Boris.Graffiti v2.0.Mac.OSX 1CD
    Boston Dynamics DI - GUY v4.3 1CD
    Broderbund.The.Print.Shop.7.for.Mac 1CD
    Broomstick Bass VST v1.0 HYBRID 1DVD
    Bryce.V5.0 2CD
    BS Recorder V3.14 Gold Multilanguage 1CD
    Caligari.TrueSpace.v6.0 1CD
    Calkwalk Essentials 2002 1CD
    Cakewalk.Guitar Tracks Pro.v3.0 1CD
    Cakewalk.SONAR 4 Producer Edition 1CD
    Cambridge Animation Systems Animo v4.0 1CD
    Cambridge Animation Systems Animo v4.1 1CD
    Cambridge Animation Systems Animo v5.0 1CD
    Cambridge.Animation.Systems.Animo.v6.0 1CD
    Canopus.EDIUS.Pro.v3.01 1CD
    Canopus Imaginate v1.0 1CD
    Canopus.Imaginate.v2.0 1CD
    Canopus Let's Edit v2.0 1CD
    Canopus PhotoAlbum v2.0 1CD
    Canopus.ProCoder.v1.5 1CD
    Canopus.Procoder.v2.0 1CD
    Canopus.Procoder.Express.v1.0 1CD
    Canopus.Video.FX.Transitions 1CD
    Canopus.Xplode Professional.v4.0 1CD
    Cebas Thinking Particles 1.0 For 3DSMAX 4 1CD
    Cebas.FinalRender v1.0 Bonus CD 1CD
    Cebas.FinalRender.Stage-0.v1.0.for.3DS.Max.4.2 1CD
    Cinegy Extreme v6.0 1CD
    Coda.Music.Technology.Finale.2003.r1.for.Mac 1CD
    Corel KPT Collection Mac OSX 1CD
    Corel Painter.v9.0 1CD
    Corel Painter v8.0 2CD
    Corel Painter v8.0 for Mac OSX 2CD
    Corel.Graphics.Suite.10.for.Mac 2CD
    CorelDraw.Graphics.Suite.v12 3CD
    CorelDraw.Graphics.Suite.11.WinMac 5CD
    Corel Xmetal Author v4.0.3 1CD
    Corel Ventura v10 1CD
    Crystal Graphics PowePlugs Transitions vol I III for PowerPoint 1CD
    Crystal Graphics Powerplugs Templates IV Retail 1CD
    Crystal Graphics Powerplugs Templates VI Retail 1CD
    Crystal Graphics Powerplugs Templates V 1CD
    Culteffects 1.5 for After Effects 1CD
    Curious Labs Poser 5 2CD
    Curious.Labs.Poser.Pro.Pack 1CD
    Curious Labs Poser v5.0 Mac OSX 2CD
    Curious.World Maps.v5.5J 5CD
    Cyberlink.PowerProducer.3.0.DELUXE 1CD
    Cyberlink.StreamAuthor.v3.0 1CD
    D2.Nuke.v3.2.63 1CD
    Dark Basic 1.09B 1CD
    Dazzle.DVD.Complete.Deluxe.v2.02 1CD
    Dazzle.MovieStar.v5.1.5 1CD
    Dazzle.Digital.Video.Creator.80 1CD
    Dazzle.DVD.Creation.Station.200 1CD
    Deep Paint 3D with TextureWeapons v1.61 1CD
    DeEspona.3D.Models.Encyclopedia.for.3DSMAX 9CD
    Digarts.Jungle.3d 1CD
    DigArts.Tubular.Neon 1CD
    Digidesign.Protools.LE.v6.7.WinXP 1CD
    Digidesign.ProTools.LE.6.7.MAC.OSX 1CD
    Digimation Real Models: Tropical Foliage 1CD
    Digimation Terrascape for 3DSMax 1CD
    Digimation.Darwin.v1.0.for.3DS.Max4 1CD
    Digimation.Phoenix.v1.5 1CD
    Digital Element WorldBuilder Pro v3.55(AWB Pro) 1CD
    Discreet 3D Studio Max V7.0 3CD
    Discreet 3DsMax v6.0 3CD
    Discreet.Cleaner.XL.v6.0.1.401 1CD
    Discreet Cleaner v5.1 for Mac OSX 1CD
    Discreet Cleaner v5.1.1Win/Mac 1CD
    Discreet.Cleaner.v6.0.MAC 1CD
    Discreet Combustion V2 Final 2CD
    Discreet Combustion V2 for Mac OSX 1CD
    Discreet Combustion v2.1 1CD
    Discreet Combustion v3.0 1CD
    Discreet.Combustion.v3.0.MacOSX 1CD
    Discreet Logic edit* 5.0 plus 3CD
    Discreet Logic edit* 6.0 plus 4CD
    Discreet Logic edit* 6.5 3CD
    Discreet Mental Ray v2 for 3Dsmax 1CD
    Discreet Plasma v1.0 1CD
    Discreet.Character.Studio.v3.0 1CD
    Discreet.Edit.V6.0.Complete 3CD
    Discreet.Reactor.For.3dsmax.R3./R4.Final 1CD
    Disney.Magic.Artist.Deluxe 1CD
    DynaFont.Type.X.TrueType.150.Retail 3CD
    DynaSCAPE.Professional.v3.02 2CD
    Dv.Garage.Surface.Toolkit 1CD
    Dvd.Mastering.Superpack.V1.0 1CD
    Editdv v2.0 1CD
    Effect.3D.Studio.v1.01 1CD
    Electric.Image.Animation.System.DVD v5.5.1 1DVD
    Electric.Image.Universe.v5.0 2CD
    EON Studio V5.0 1CD
    Eon.Software.Vue.v5.Esprit.MAC.OSX 2CD
    EON.Reality.EON.Studio v5 1CD
    EON.Reality.Professional.v5.For.EON.Studio 1CD
    E-ON Mover.v4.0.for.Vue.d.Esprit.4 1CD
    E-On.Ozone.V2.0.For.Lightwave 1CD
    Eon.Software.Vue.v5.01.Esprit 2CD 3CD
    E.ON.Software.Vue.4.Professional.v4.5 3CD
    Eovia.Carrara.3D.Basics.v2.1 1CD
    Eovia Carrara Studio 1.1 2CD
    Eovia Carrara Studio 2 2CD
    Eovia Carrara Studio v3 2CD
    Eovia.Amapi.Pro.v7.1 1CD
    EOVIA.Amapi.Designer.v7.0 1CD
    EPLAN v5.40 Professional Multilanguage 1CD
    Epsis Vad Pro V1.2 1CD
    Extensis Portfolio v6.0 1CD
    Extensis Portfolio.v6.1.for.MAC.OSX 1CD
    Eyematic - FaceStation.1.5.for.3dsmax4.2 1CD
    Eyematic Facestation v2.0 2CD
    Eye-On.Digital.Fusion.V4.0 1CD
    Eyeonline Digital Fusion v3.0 3CD
    Famous3D Proface Complete v2.5 1CD
    Final.Draft.7.MAC.OSX 1CD
    Final.Draft.Inc.Final.Draft.6.0 1CD
    FinalDraft v5.0.4a 1CD
    Finale.2004.MAC.OSX 1CD
    Finale.2005.MAC.OSX 1CD
    Finale 2005 1CD
    Flamingo.Raytracing.and.Radiosity.for.Rhino 1CD
    FormZ Radiozity v4.1 1CD
    Formz Radiozity v4.0.3 1CD
    Form*z RadioZity V3.9 1CD
    Formz 3.8 1CD
    Great.Notions.Design.Collection.2002 1CD
    Greenworks.XFrog.v3.5.b090702.Full.Version 1CD
    Greenstreet.Face.Dough.v1.0 1CD
    Hallmark.CardStudio.3 2CD
    Hash Animation Master 2002 v 9.0J 1CD
    Hollywood FX 4 Suite 1CD
    Ideaworks3D.Optimaze.v.1.0 1CD
    Illuminatus Opus Pro v2002B 2CD
    Illuminatus Opus Pro v2.6 1CD
    Imageware Unilet Pro 6.0.1 Multilangual 1CD
    iMediaTouch Broadcasting Suite v2.0 1CD
    Incite v2.6 non stolen 1CD
    Informatix Piranesi v3.0 1CD
    Informatix Piranesi v4.0 2CD
    Inscribe Motionpak v3.4 1CD
    Interior.3D.for.CINEMA.4D 1CD
    Jasc Paint Shop Pro Studio V1.0 1CD
    Kaydara Filmbox 3.0 1CD
    Kaydara Inc Filmbox online2 2CD
    Kaydara Inc Filmbox online2.5.2 1CD
    Kaydara Inc Filmbox v2.5 1CD
    Kaydara.Filmbox.3.2 2CD
    Kaydara.Filmbox.Studio.V2.7 1CD
    Kaydara Motion Builder Pro v5 4CD
    Kinetidio MX 1CD
    LinoType.Library.GoldEdition.v.1.7.Win 2CD
    Luxology.Modo.v1.0 1DVD
    Macromedia.2004 All.In.One 1CD
    Macromedia.Authorware.V6.5 1CD
    Macromedia Captivate.v1.0 1CD
    Macromedia.ColdFusion.MX.Server.V6.Enterprise.Edition 1CD
    Macromedia Contribute v2 1CD
    Macromedia Director MX 2004 1CD
    Macromedia Director MX Mac OSX 1CD
    Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 1CD
    Macromedia Flex v1.0 1CD
    Macromedia.MX.Developer.Resource.Kit.vol.1 1CD
    Macromedia.RoboHelp.Office.X5 1CD
    Macromedia Studio MX 2004 1CD
    Macromedia Studio MX 2004 MacOSX 1CD
    Macromedia.Studio.MX.Plus 2CD
    Macromedia.Studio.MX.Mac.OSX 1CD
    Magic.Bullet.Editors.v1.01.WinMAC 1CD
    Magix Audio Cleaning Lab v3.0 1CD
    Magix Movie Edit Pro 2005 2CD
    Magix.Music.Notation2.v1.0.7.Multilingual 1CD
    Magix.Sequoia.v7.0 2CD
    Material.Exchange.for.CINEMA.4D 1CD
    Maven3D.Pro.v1.32 1CD
    Maxon Bodypaint 3D r2 v8.206 Multilanguage 2CD
    Maxon Bodypaint 3D v2.0 MAC OSX 2CD
    Maxon.Cinema.4D.v9.012.Studio.Bundle.Mac.OSX 7CD
    Maxon.Cinema.4D.Studio.Bundle.v9.012.Multilanguage 7CD
    Maxon.Cinema.4D.v8.5.Update.Only.Multilanguage 1CD
    Maxon Cinema 4D Studio Bundle v8.001 Multilingual 4CD
    Maxon Cinema4D XL R8 4CD
    Maxon Dynamics v1.0 For Cinema 4D XL v7.2 1CD
    Maxon.Cinema 4D XL v6.0 1CD
    Maxon.Cinema 4D XL With BodyPaint 3D V7.1 1CD
    Maxon.Cinema.4d.Xl.Incl.Bodypaint.3d.V7.0 1CD
    Maxon.Cinema.4D.XL.With.Bodypaint.3D.v6.2 1CD
    Maxon.Sketch.and.Toon.v1.0.for.Cinema.4D.8.5 1CD
    MCNEEL.BONGO.v1.0.Including.SR1.for.Rhino3D 1CD
    Mecraomedia Flash MX Communication Server v1.0 1CD
    Medio.Stream.Neodvdplus.4.0 1CD
    Messiah.Studio.v2.0B 1CD
    Messiah.Studio.Advance.Rev8b 1CD
    MGI Cinematic v1.0 2CD
    MGI VideoWAVE 5 3CD
    MGI.Reality.Studio.V1.00.Win9xnt 1CD
    Micrografx.Designer.V9.0.Mutli 1CD
    Mimaki.FineCut.5.01.Multilanguage 1CD
    Mimaki.FineCut.v5.0.for.Adobe Illustrator 1CD
    Mimaki FineCut 3 for Corel Multilingual 1CD
    Mimaki FineCut 3.3 for Corel Multilingual 1CD
    Mindavenue Axel Edge v1.5 1CD
    MindAvenue.AXELedge.v1.5 1CD
    MOTU.Digital Performer.v4.5.Mac.OSX 2CD
    MOTU.Digital.Performer.v4.0.MAC OSX 2CD
    MultiGen Vega Prime v1.0 1CD
    Multigen Vega Prime v1.1 1CD
    Multigen Paradigm Vega Prime for Linux v1.2 1CD
    Multigen Paradigm Vega Prime v1.2 1CD
    Multigen.Paradigm.VEGA.v3.7.1 1CD
    Multigen.Creator.V2.41.Iso 1CD
    Multigen Paradigm Creator v2.5.1 1CD
    Multigen Paradigm Creator v2.6 1CD
    Multigen.Paradigm.Creator.Terrain.Studio.V1.0 1CD
    Mysoftware.My.3d.Animation.Pro 2CDs
    National.Instruments.Digital.Waveform.Editor.v1.0.1 1CD
    Native.Instruments.ABSynth.v3.0.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.AU 1CD
    Nemetschek.VectorWorks.Suite.v9.5.1.for.Win and Mac 1CD
    Nemetschek.VectorWorks.v10.0 Win&Mac 1CD
    NeoDVDstandard v2.5 1CD
    NetObjects Fusion v7.0 1CD
    Newtek Aura V2.0 2CD
    NewTek.LightWave.3D.v8.0 4CD
    NewTek.LightWave.3D.v8.0.MAC.OSX 1CD
    Newtek.LightWave.3D.v7.5c 1CD
    Newtek LightWave 3D v7.5 for Mac 1CD
    Newtek Lightwave V6.0 1CD
    Newtek Lightwave V6.5 1CD
    Newtek Lightwave V7.0 1CD
    Newtek.Lightwave.V6.5 1CD
    Okino Products Suite v4.12 1CD
    OnyxTREE Professional Suite 6 1CD
    Pandromeda.MojoWorld.v3 Professional 3CD
    Paradigm Multigen Creator V2.5 1CD
    Paradigm.Multigen.Creator.V2.4 1CD
    Particle Illusion v3.0 1CD
    Phoenix.Tools.Origami.V2.0.For.Softimage 1CD
    Phoenix.Tools.Particle.Suite.v1.1 1CD
    Phoenix.Tools.Realfur.V2.0.For.Softimage 1CD
    Phoenix.Tools.Timemaster.V2.5 1CD
    Photomodeler.Pro.V4.0 1CD
    Pinnacle Commotion 4.0 1CD
    Pinnacle.Systems.Commotion.Pro.v4.1 1CD
    Pinnacle.InstantCopy.v7.0.0.91.Multilingual 1CD
    Pinnacle.Liquid.Edition.v6.0 1CD
    Pinnacle.Liquid.Edition.v5.5 1CD
    Pinnacle Edition DV v4.5 1CD
    Pinnacle Edition v5.0 1CD
    Pinnacle Expression 1CD
    Pinnacle Express v1.0.1 1CD
    Pinnacle Express v1.05 1CD
    Pinnacle.Smartsound.Movie.Music.Blockbuster 1CD
    Pinnacle.Studio.v9.Multilanguage 1CD
    Pinnacle Systems Impression DVD Pro SE v2.1 1CD
    Pinnacle Systems Impression DVD-Pro v2.2
    Pinnacle.Edition.DV.V4.02 1CD
    Pinnacle.EXPRESS.v1 1CD
    Pinnacle.Hollywood.FX.Pro.v5.1 1CD
    Pinnacle.Hollywood.FX.Plus.for.Studio.v4.6.19 1CD
    Pinnacle.Studio.DV.Plus.v1.10.19.Multilingual 1CD
    Pinnacle.Studio.9.MovieBox.Deluxe 1DVD
    Pinnacle Studio Plus.v9.3 1CD
    Pinnacle.Studio.9.Sports.Pack.ADDON 1CD
    Pixar.Renderman.Artitst.Tools.v4.1 1CD
    Pixelan.Spicemaster.Deluxe.V1.2.For.Insync.Speed.Razor 1CD
    Planit.Millennium.II 2CD
    PMG Messiah Animate v3.3b 1CD
    PMG.Messiah.Animate.v4.0e 1CD
    Procreate.KnockOut.2.for.Mac 1CD
    Procreate.Knockout.v2.0 for Photoshop 1CD
    Procreate.KPT.Effects.v7.0.for.Mac 1CD
    Procreate.Painter.7.For.Mac 2CD
    Procreate.Painter.v7.1.357.Multilanguage 1CD
    Project Messiah 1.5.5 for Lightwave 1CD
    PTC 3D Paint v200i2 1CD
    PTC.3D Paint.v2001 1CD
    Quark.XPress.v6.1.Passport 1CD
    QuarkXpress.v6.1.Mac.OSX 1CD
    Quark.Xpress.V6.0.Passport.Multilanguage 1CD
    QuarkXPress 6.0 Final for MacOSX 1CD
    Quark Xpress v5.0 for Mac 1CD
    Quark.Xpress.V5.0 1CD
    quesst3D Enterprise Edition v2.0B 1CD
    QuickBooks.2003.Pro 1CD
    Quantum 3D Opengvs v4.5 1CD
    Raindrop Geomagic Studio v4.0 1CD
    Raindrop.Geomatic.Studio.V3.1 1CD
    Readiris V7.0 1CD
    Realsoft 3D V4.2 1CD
    RealSoft3D v4.0 1CD
    Realviz Image Modeler v3.0 1CD
    Realviz Matchmover Pro v3.01 DVDR 1DVD
    Realviz Matchmover Pro v2.5 1CD
    Realviz Scene Weaver v1.0 1CD
    Realviz Stitcher v3.1 1CD
    RealViz Stitcher v3.5.1 Mac OSX 1CD
    Realviz.Stitcher.v4.0 2CD
    Realviz.Image.Modeler.V2.0. 1CD
    Realviz.Image.Modeler.V2.1 1CD
    Realviz.Match.Mover.v2.0 1CD
    Realviz.Retimer.V2.0.1. 1CD
    Realviz.Stitcher.V1.5. 1CD
    Realviz.Stitcher.v3.5 1CD
    Renderman Artist Tools v.4 1CD
    Revit.v2.0 1CD
    Rhinoceros.V3.0SR3.Multilanguage.with.Flamingo.V1.1SR2 1CD
    Right Hemispheres Deep Paint 3D v2.0 1CD
    Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.0 2CD
    Roxio.Toast.with.Jam.6.MAC 1CD
    Roxio Video Pack 5.0 1CD
    Roxio VideoWave Power Edition v5.1 3CD
    Roxio WinonCD v6 DVD Edition Multilanguage 1CD
    Sapphire Plug-ins 1.0 for Shake2.5 on Mac
    Scansoft.Omnipage.Pro.X.Mac.OSX 1CD
    Scanvec.Amiable.PhotoPRINT.FAMILY.V4.0v3 2CD
    Scanvec PhotoPrint v3.02 1CD
    Serif 3D Plus V3.0 2CD
    Serif Draw Plus V6.0 2CD
    Serif Page Plus v8.0 PDF Edition 2CD
    Serif Page Plus v9.0 2CD
    Serif Photo Plus V7.0 2CD
    Serif Web Plus v6.0 1CD
    Serif.Photo Plus.v8.0 1CD
    Shade.v7.1.3.Standard 1CD
    Shade.Professional.v7.1.3 1CD
    Shade.7.1.Professional.Mac.OSX 2CD
    Side FX Houdini v6.0 1CD
    Side.FX.Houdini v 5.5 2CD
    Side FX Houdini v5.0 2CD
    Side FX Houdni 4.0 1CD
    Side FX Houdni 4.0.4 1CD
    Side.FX.Houdini.v4.1 1CD
    Side.Fx.Houdini.V4.1.Real 1CD
    Signwave.Auto-Illustrator.v1.1.for.WinMac 1CD
    SmartSound.Sonicfire.Pro.3.1 1CD
    Sonic.DVD.Producer.v5.0 1CD
    Sonic.DVDiT.XP.V5.0 1CD
    Sonic DVDit 2.3 Professional Edition *Multi Language* 1CD
    Sonic DVDit! Pro Edition v2.1 1CD
    Sonic Foundry ACID Pro v4.0 1CD
    Sonic.Dvdit.2.5.Professional.Edition 1CD
    Sonic.Foundry.Vegas.4.0a.and.DVD.1.0 3CD
    Sonic.Foundry.Vegas.Video.3 1CD
    Sonic.Foundry.Video.Factory.v1.0 2CD
    Sonic.Reality.Sonik.Synth.2.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.AU 1CD
    Sonic.MyDVD.Studio.Deluxe.Suite.v6.0c.Multilanguage 1CD
    Sonic.ReelDVD.v3.0 1CD
    Sonic.Solutions.Media.Suite.v1.0.Multilanguage 1CD
    Sony Acid Music Studio 5.0 3CD
    Sony.ACID.Pro.v5.0 2CD
    Sony.Pictures.ScreenBlast.MovieStudio.v1 1CD
    Sony.Pictures.Screenblast.MusicStudio.v1 1CD
    Sony.Sound.Forge.v7.0 1CD
    Sony Vegas Plus DVD Production Suite 5.0 5CD
    Sony Vegas Movie Studio V4.0 + DVD 2CD
    Sorenson Squeeze 3.0.300.9 Compression Suite for PC.and.MAC.OSX 1CD
    Sound quesst Infinity v2.05a 1CD
    Spectrasonics.Stylus.RMX.v1.0.VSTi.AU.RTAS.HYBRiD.D1 1DVD
    Spectrasonics.Stylus.Vinyl.Groove.VST.For MAC 5CD
    Spectrasonics-Stylus.Vinyl.Groove.PC.ISO 5CD
    Starry.Night.Pro.v5.01.MAC.OSX 3CD
    Steinberg Essentials 1CD
    Steinberg.Cubase.SE.Hybrid.Internal 1CD
    Strata 3Dpro 3.5 1CD
    Strata 3D Pro v3.8 Mac OSX 1CD
    Swift 3D 2.0 1CD
    Synapix.Synamatch.NT.v1.7.0 1 1CD
    Synapse.Orion.Platinum.v3.06 1CD
    Synthetik Studio Artist v2.0 for Mac OSX 1CD
    Techsmith.Camtasia.Studio.v2.1.Multi 1CD
    Tekla Xsteel v8.0 1CD
    Think.Design.V6.0.1 1CD
    The.Logo.Creator.v3.5 1CD
    Tools.For.Television.Photoshop.Toolbox 1CD
    TRAKTOR.DJ.Studio.2.0.with.2.0.1.Upgrade.for.OSX 1CD
    TurboSquid.Turbo.Toolkit.v2.0.R7 1CD
    Ulead Cool 3D v3.0 1CD
    Ulead Cool 3D v3.5 1CD
    Ulead Cool 3D Studio v1.0 1CD
    Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0.DVDR 1DVD
    Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3.5 1CD
    Ulead Media Studio 6.5 Directors Cut 1CD
    Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.5-MULTILANGUAGE 2CD
    Ulead VideoStudio v5 2CD
    Ulead.DVD.PictureShow.v1.0 1CD
    Ulead.Media.Studio.Pro.v6.0 1CD
    Ulead.Media.Studio.Pro.v6.5.ChineseTraditonal 1CD
    Ulead MediaStudio Pro v7 Multilanguage 1CD
    Ulead.Photo.Express.v4.0.Digital.Studio.Edition 2CD
    Ulead.Video.Studio.V5.0.Dvd.Edition 1CD
    Usanaimation v5.0 1CD
    VICON Software Suite v2.0 1CD
    Vicon Amimation Suite v2.0 Updated 1CD
    Vicon IQ v1.0 1CD
    Vicon.IQ.v1.5 1CD
    VirTools.DEV.V2.1 1CD
    Virtools Dev v3.0 1CD
    Vitec.DVD.Tools.v2.0 1CD
    Vizrt.Maps.v3.0.2 3CD
    Vue D Esprit v4.05 Mac OSX 1CD
    Vue d'Esprit v4.05 2CD
    Vue.d.Esprit.v4.01 2CD
    Wasatch.Softrip.V4.5.DC052003 3CD
    World Constuction Set v5.0 1CD
    Wright Collection for Lightwave 3D 1CD
    XARA Menu Maker.V1.0 1CD
    Xara Webstyle v3.0 1CD
    Xara Xara3D v5.02 1CD
    Yamaha.Vocaloid.LOLA.v1.0 1CD
    Yamaha.Vocaloid.MIRIAM.v1.0.5 1CD
    Yamaha.Vocaloid.Update.v1.0.5 1CD
    Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Pro v3.01 1CD
  10. ola

    ola Guest

    CAX, CAD, CAM, CAE, electronics, EDA, LSI, PCB, FPGA, VHDL, & Other
    Design CDs ::::::: , updated 16/Feb/2005

    Corel Draw
    3D Studio MAX

    Architec. Desktop
    Land Desktop

    Solid Works
    PTC Pro Engineer
    Solid Edge


    12D Model V6.0 1CD
    ABAQUS.v6.5-1 3CD
    ABAQUS.V6.4-1 2CD
    ABB PickMaster v2.31 1CD
    ABB.Robotstudio.V3.1 1CD
    Abvent PhotoCAD v1.0 1CD
    Abvent Zoom GDL v2.1 1CD
    Accelrys Materials Studio v3.01 1CD
    Accelrys.Materials.Studio.Modeling.3.1 1CD
    Actify SpinFire Complete Pro v2004 1CD
    Ascential Quality Stage Designer v7.0 1CD
    ADAPT Builder Modeler.v1.01 1CD
    ADINA System v8.1 1CD
    Adaptsoft ADAPT Builder v1.11 1CD
    AdapSoft ADAPT PT v6.15 1CD
    Adaptsoft Adapt PT v6.18 1CD
    Adaptsoft Adapt ABI V4.05 1CD
    Adem.v7.1 1CD
    Adina System v 7.5.4 1CD
    Adina System v8.07 1CD
    Advance.Graitec.V4.2.Multilanguage 1CD
    Aea CFX v5.5.1 1CD
    AEA Technology CFX v4.4 1CD
    AEA Technology Hyprotech HYSYS v3.0.1 1CD
    Aegis.Acsl.Xtreme.V1.3.2 1CD
    Agilent 89600 Series Vector Signal Analyzers 3.01A 1CD
    Agilent Advanced Design System V2001 1CD
    Agilent Advanced Design System v2002C 2CD
    Agilent.Advanced.Design.System.2002 2CD
    Agilent Advanced Design System 2003A 2CD
    Agilent.Advanced.Design.System.v2004A 2CD
    Agilent IC-CAP v2002 1CD
    Agilent.VEE.PRO.v6.2 1CD
    Aicon.3D.Studio.v3.5 1CD
    Aldec.Active-HDL.v.5.1 1CD
    Aldec Active HDL v6.1 1CD
    Aldec.Active-HDL.v6.1 Retail 1CD
    Aldec Active HDL v6.1 SP1 1CD
    Aldec.Active.HDL.V6.1.SP2 1CD
    Aldec.Active-HDL v6.2 1CD
    Alibre.Design.Professional.V7.0 1CD
    Algor v14.0 1CD
    ALGOR V15.0 1CD
    ALGOR v16.0 1CD
    Altair HyperWorks v7.0 1CD
    Altair HyperWorks 6.0 with SP2 1CD
    Altair Hyperworks v6.0 1CD
    Altera Max Plus II V10.2 1CD
    Altera.Quartus.II.v4.2 1CD
    Altera.Quartus II v4.1 1CD
    Altera.Quartus II v4.0 1CD
    Altera Quartus II v3.0 1CD
    Alticast.AltiComposer.V2 1CD
    Altris.EB.Suite.V12.5 1CD
    Altium DXP Suite V2004 1CD
    Alturion.GPS.Professional.With.European.Maps.v6.0 1DVD
    Alturion.GPS.Professional.v6.0 2CD
    Alturion.GPS.Professional.v5.3 1CD
    Alturion.GPS.Standard.5.0 1CD
    Alturion.GPS.Professional.v5.2 1CD
    Alturion.GPS.European.Maps.v5.2 3CD
    Alventive.Ironcad.Authoring.Engine.V2.0.Sp2 1CD
    AMESim.v4.0 WinNT2000XP 1CD
    AMESim.V4.1 1CD
    Amiable.FlexiSIGN.Family.Pro.v7.5.R5 1CD
    Amiable.FlexiSIGN.Family.Pro.v7.5.R4 1CD
    Amiable.Flexsign.Family.Pro.v7.5v2 2CD
    AMTECH.ProDesign.NEC.V9.2.5 1CD
    Analytical Graphics.STK.Pro.v5.0 1CD
    Ansoft Designer v1.0 1CD
    Ansoft.Designer.v1.1 1CD
    Ansoft Maxwell v9.0 1CD
    AnSoft.Simplorer.v5.0 1CD
    Ansoft Simplorer v6.0 2CD
    Ansoft Ensemble V8.0 1CD
    Ansoft HFSS v9.0 1CD
    Ansoft.HFSS.v9.1 1CD
    Ansoft HFSS v9.2 1CD
    Ansoft Pexprt v5.0 1CD
    Ansoft.Serenade.Design.Environment_v8.7 1CD
    ANSYS.v9.0(Win/Linux) 2CD
    ANSYS.V8.1(Win/Linux) 2CD
    ANSYS.CFX.v5.7.1(Win/Linux) 2CD
    ANSYS.CFX.V5.7 1CD
    Ansys.CFX.Tascflow.v2.12.2(XP/NT/Linux) 3CD
    ANSYS CFX-TurboGrid v2.21(Win/Linux) 2CD
    Ansys.CFX.RIF.v1.4.1 1CD
    Ansys Design Space v6.0.1 SP1 1CD
    Ansys.AI.Enviroment.v2.0 1CD
    Ansys AI Nastran v1.0 1CD
    Ansys.Emax.v8.0 1CD
    Ansys.Heal.v8.1 1CD
    Ansys.ICEM.CFD.v5.0 1CD
    Ansys.ICEM.CFD.v5.0.Linux 1CD
    Ansys ICEM CFD v4.3.1 1CD
    Ansys ICEM CFD for CFX v1.0 1CD
    ANSYS ICEM CFD v5.1(Win/Linux) 2CD
    Ansys Pro Fea for Linux 1CD
    ANSYS ParaMesh.V2.3 1CD
    Ansys.Paramesh.v3.0 1CD
    ANSYS.Workbench.Suite.v9.0 1CD
    ANSYS.Workbench.Suite.V8.1 1CD
    Anvil.Express.v4.0 1CD
    Applix Integra v1.21 1CD
    Applix Integra v1.2.2 1CD
    Arc Plus Progress v3.0 1CD
    Arturia.Storm.v2.0 1CD
    Ascential Metarecon v6.01 R2 1CD
    Ascential MetaStage v7.0 R4 1CD
    Ascential Quality Stage Designer v7.0 1CD
    AspenTech.Aspen.Engineering.Suite.v11.1.SP1 1CD
    AspenTech.Aspen.ICARUS.Products.v12.0 1CD
    Auto Manager Workflow 6.3 1CD
    AutoCAD 2002 2CD
    AutoCAD.2002.Bible 1CD
    Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004 2CD
    Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 3CD
    Autodesk Architectural Desktop R3 3 Iso 2CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD 2004 1CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD 2004 RTM Chinese version 1CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD 2005 1CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD LT V2005 1CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2004 1CD
    Autodesk.AutoCAD.Electrical.v2005 1CD
    Autodesk Autocad Lt 2002 Iso 2CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2004 1CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 1CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 DX 1CD
    Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 GERMAN 1CD
    Autodesk.AutoCAD.Mechanical.v2005 1CD
    Autodesk.AutoSketch.9 1CD
    Autodesk Building System R3 1CD
    Autodesk Building Systems 2004 3CD
    Autodesk Building Systems 2005 4CD
    Autodesk Cadblocks 5 0 2CD
    Autodesk.Civil.3D.2005 2CD
    Autodesk Civil 3D 2004 R1 1CD
    Autodesk Civil 3D v2004 1CD
    Autodesk Civil Design 2004 1CD
    Autodesk Civil Design 2004 R1 1CD
    Autodesk Civil Design 2005 1CD
    Autodesk Civil Series v3 3CD
    Autodesk Composer 2005 1CD
    Autodesk Envision v8 0 1CD
    Autodesk Envision v8 0 GERMAN 1CD
    Autodesk.Inventor.v9.Design.Accelerator.Preview 1CD
    Autodesk Inventor M5 5000 5052A 1CD
    Autodesk.Inventor.Professional.v9.0 3CD
    Autodesk.Inventor.Series.v9.0 2CD
    Autodesk Inventor Professional v8 0 3CD
    Autodesk Inventor Series 7 SimpChinese RTM Edition 2CD
    Autodesk Inventor v7 0 GERMAN 1CD
    Autodesk Inventor Pro v7 0 3CD
    Autodesk Inventor Series V6 0 2CD
    Autodesk Inventor Series v5 0 3CD
    Autodesk Land Desktop 2004 1CD
    Autodesk Land Desktop 2004 R1 1CD
    Autodesk Land Desktop 2005 2CD
    Autodesk Map 2004 1CD
    Autodesk Map 3D 2005 2CD
    Autodesk Map Guide Lite View v6 0 1CD
    Autodesk Map Guide v6 0 1CD
    Autodesk MAP Series 5 3CD
    Autodesk Map V6 0 Final 2CD
    Autodesk MapGuide v6 313 2CD
    Autodesk MapGuide v6 5 2CD
    Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2004 1CD
    Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2004 GERMAN 1CD
    Autodesk Onsite Desktop v7 0 1CD
    Autodesk OnSite Enterprise 2 5 1CD
    Autodesk Pre-Plan v1 0 1CD
    Autodesk.Productstream.v2 1CD
    Autodesk QuickCAD 8 0 1CD
    Autodesk Raster Design 2004 1CD
    Autodesk Raster Design 2005 1CD
    Autodesk Raster Design 3 1CD
    Autodesk Revit Series v6 1 1CD
    Autodesk Revit v7.0 1CD
    Autodesk Survey 2004 1CD
    Autodesk Survey 2005 1CD
    Autodesk.Vault.v3.0 1CD
    Autodesk VIZ 2005 2CD
    Autodesk Volo View v3 0 1CD
    Automation.Studio.v5.0.Pro 1CD
    AutoSketch Release 8 1CD
    Auto-Tech Encyclopedia 2002 1CD
    AV-Works v2.1 for Archicad Hybrid 1CD
    Avanti Saber Designer 2001.2 1CD
    AVL Fire v8.2 1CD
    AVL.Fire.v8.31 1CD
    Avl Swift v3.1.1 1CD
    AVL.Workspace.Suite.v3.1.1 1CD
    AVL Workspace Suite v4.0 1CD
    B and W EMX v3.1 For Pro Engineer 1CD
    B and W Expert Profiles v2.1 for ProEngineer 1CD
    Bentley Explorer 2004 1CD
    Bentley.MicroStation.v8-2004.Edition 1CD
    Bentley Microstation 8 FINAL 1CD
    Bentley.Microstation.v8.1 1CD
    Bentley Microstation J v7.2 1CD
    Bentley.Microstation.J.V7.02.04.18 1CD
    Bentley.Microstation.V8.0.01.19 1CD
    Bentley.Microstation.v8.RC1 1CD
    Bentley.MX.International.v08.05.00.80 1CD
    Bentley.MX.United.Kingdom.v08.05.00.80 1CD
    Bentley.MX.United.Kingdom.v08.05.01.02 1CD
    Bentley.Projectwise.V3.2 2CD
    Bentley.Projectwise.V3.8 2CD
    Bentley RedLine v8.1 1CD
    Bentley.Viecon.Publisher.v3.0 1CD
    Blue.Ridge.Numerics.CFDesign.v7.0 1CD
    Boeing.Kork.Digital Mapping System.V14.0 1CD
    Boston Dynamics DI-GUY v5.0 1CD
    Breault ASAP v7.5 1CD
    Breault.ASAP.v7.5.2 1CD
    Breault.ASAP.v8.0 1CD
    Broderbund 3D Home Design Suite Professional v5.0 1CD
    Brocade.Fabric.Manager.V.3.0.2 1CD
    Broderbund.Calendar.Creator.Deluxe.8 1CD
    Cabinet.Vision.Solid.v3.5 1CD
    Cad.Blocks 3CD
    Cadenas.Partsolution.v8.0.23.Multilanguage 1CD
    Cadenas.PARTsolutions.V8.0.20.Multilanguage 4CD
    Cadence IC Design v5.0 Linux 2CD
    Cadence LDV v3.3 1CD
    Cadence Logic Design and Verification v4.0 1CD
    Cadence.Logic Design and Verification.V5.0 1CD
    Cadence.Logic.Design.and.Verification.v5.1 1CD
    Cadence OrCad 9.23 Unison Suite 1CD
    Cadence Orcad Unison Suite Pro v10.0 1CD
    Cadence.OrCAD.Unison.Suite.Pro.v10.3 1CD
    Cadence PCB Design Studio V 14.1 3CD
    Cadence PCB Design Studio v14.2 3CD
    Cadence PCB Design Studio v15.0 3CD
    Cadence PCB Design Studio v15.0 datacode 20030814 2CD
    Cadence.PCB.Design.Studio.v15.1 3CD
    Cadence.Silicon.Package.Board.Codesign.v15.2 3CD
    Cadence Virtual Component Co-Design v2.2 1CD
    CadFix v5.0
    CADfix.v5.2 1CD
    Cadison Pipes V4.12 1CD
    CADkey WorkShop v21.0 1CD
    Cadkey.Workshop.V21.5.Multilanguage 1CD
    Cadlink.Engravelab.v6.1.Rev9 1CD
    Cadlink.Signlab.e6.1.Rev13 1CD
    Cadlink.Vision.Pro.V6 1CD
    CADLink.SignLab.e6.1.Revision.6 1CD
    Cads Hypersteel v7.1 SP1 1CD
    Cadsoft Envisionner v1.0 1CD
    Cadtrain.Pro.Engineering.Training 1CD
    Cadvance 2002 1CD
    CambridgeSoft.ChemOffice Ultra 2005 1CD
    Camline.V7.15 1CD
    Carlson.Survey.XML 1CD
    Carlson Survcadd XML for AutoCAD v2.0 1CD
    Carlson.SurvCADD.XML.for.AutoCAD 1CD
    Cast.for.Unigraphics.v18.0 1CD
    Catia.V5r7.D18.Developer.Multilanguage 1CD
    Cats 2002 incl update 203 and CatsCalc R2 1CD
    CC SolidDesigner 2001 v9.1.0.15 FINAL Build004 Multilanguage 1CD
    Cei EnSight Gold v7.4.1q 1CD
    CEI EnSight Gold V8.0 1DVD
    CEI EnSight Gold V8.0 1CD
    CEI.Harpoon.v1.3 1CD
    CFdesign.v 6.0 1CD
    CFdesign v6.0 datacode 20030618 1CD
    CFDRC.v2003 1CD
    CFX.v5.6 2CD
    CFX v5.6 SP1 1CD
    CFX Tascflow v 2.12 Win & Linux 2CD
    CGTECH Vericut 5.2 1CD
    CGTech.VERICUT.v5.4 1CD
    ChemOffice.Ultra.2004 1CD
    ChemStations ChemCAD v5.2 Pro 1CD
    ChemStations.ChemCAD.v5.1.3.Pro 1CD
    Chemstations.Chemcad.V5.1.Pro 1CD
    Chief.Architect.v8.0 2CD
    Chief Architect v9.0 1CD
    Chief.Architect.v9.5 1CD
    CIM-TEAM.E3 Series v2004.330 1CD
    CIM-Team E3.series V2004 1CD
    Cimatron Elite v4.21 1CD
    Cimatron Elite v4.2 1CD
    Cimatron Elite v4.0 1CD
    Cimatrion Elite v5.0 1CD 1CD
    Cimatron.ELITE.V5.1 1CD
    Cimatron.ELITE.v6.0 1CD
    Cimatron IT v12 final 1CD
    Cimatron IT v12.2 1CD
    Cimatron IT v13.0 1CD
    Cimatron IT v13.1 1CD
    Cimatron QuickNC v4.1 1CD
    Cimatron.Quick.NC.v4.03 1CD
    Cimatron QuickNC v4.0 1CD
    Cimatron Quick NC v3.0 1CD
    Cocreate.Net.Model.Explorer.2004.v12.0 1CD
    Cocreate Onespace Data Management v12.0 1CD
    Cocreate.Onespace.Designer.Drafting.v12.0 1CD
    Cocreate.Onespace.Designer.Modeling.2004.v12.0 1CD 1CD
    CoCreate.OneSpace.Designer.Modeling.2002.Plus.V11.60B.Multilanguage 1CD
    CoCreate.OneSpace.Collaboration.Client.v11.61 1CD
    CoCreate.OneSpace.Collaboration.Server.v11.61 1CD
    CoCreate.OneSpace.WorkManager.V11.61 1CD
    Cocreate Onespace Designer v11.0 1CD
    CoCreate.One.Space.Designer.Modeling.2002.Plus.V11.60.Multilanguage 1CD

    Code v9.0 1CD
    CODE.V.v9.30 1CD
    CODE.V.v9.40 1CD
    Code.V.v9.50 1CD
    Compusoft.Winner.v3.6e-CAD 1CD
    Compusoft.Winner.v6.0.a1.Multilangue 1CD
    Comsol FEMLAB v3.1 3CD
    Comsol.FEMLAB.V3.0 1CD
    Comsol.FEMLAB V3.0A 1CD
    ConceptDraw Professional Multilanguage v1.8 1CD
    Coretechnologie.3D.Evolution.v2004.190.Multilanguage 1CD
    Coretechnologie.3D.Evolution.V1.0 1CD
    Coretechnologie.3D.Evolution.v2004.39 1CD
    COSMOSWorks.2005 1CD
    Cosmos Designstar 4.0 1CD
    Compusoft.Winner.v5.0.a1.MULTILINGUAL 1CD
    CSC Fastrak 5950 SUITE v5.31 1CD
    CSC.Fastrak.v9.0 1CD
    CSC Structural Office Suite v6.0 1CD
    CSC.Structural.Office.6.2 1CD
    CSC.TEDDS.V7.0 1CD
    CSI ETABS V8.48 Chineselanguage 1CD
    CSI Etabs NonLinear 7.20 1CD
    CSI Etabs Nonlinear v8.11 1CD
    CSI.Etabs.Non.Linear.v8.0 1CD
    CSI SAP2000 v9.03 1CD
    CSI.Sap2000.Nonlinear v8.12 1CD
    CSI.SAP2000.Nonlinear.V8.08 1CD
    CST.Design.Studio.v3.0 1CD
    CST.EM.Studio.v2.0 1CD
    CST.Microwave.Studio.v5.0 1CD
    Cubus v4.0 1CD
    Curious World Maps.v4.5 5CD
    Curious Software Curious World Maps v3.0 2CD
    Curious.Softwave.Curious World Maps.V3.6 4CD
    Cypress.MicroSystems.Psoc.Designer.incl.C.Compiler.v4.0 1CD
    DataCAD.X.v10.05.01 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.CATIA.P3.V5R13 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.LCA.V5R13 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.PORTAL.V5R13 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.RADE.V5R13 1CD 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.DMU.Navigator.v5.0.R13.Multilanguage 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.LCA.v5.0.R13.Multilanguage 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.VPM.Navigator.v5.0.R13.Multilanguage 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.DMU.V5R13 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Hybrid.Design.V5R13 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Mechanical.Design.V5R13 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Strutural.Analysis.V5R13 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Sheetmetal.V5R13 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Hybrid.Design.v5R12 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Mechanical.Design.v5R12 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.User.Companion.for.DMU.v5R12 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.CADCAM.Drafting.V5R12 1CD
    Dassault Systemes ENOVIA 3D COM V5R14 Documentation 2CD
    Dassault Systemes ENOVIA DMU NAVIGATOR V5R14 Documentation 3CD
    Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.DMU.V5R12 4CD
    Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.DMU.Navigator.v5R10.B10 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.CATIA.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.LCA.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CAA.RADE.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.ENOVIA.MULTICAX.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.LA.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.MULTICAX.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R14.Documentation 3CD
    Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R14 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.3D.COM.E3L.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.3D.COM.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.DMU.NAVIGATOR.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.VPM.NAVIGATOR.V5R14 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.P3.V5R14 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R14.SP3 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R14.SP2 1CD
    Dassault.Sysytems.CATIA.V5R14.SP1 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.P3.V5R13 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.SP4 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.SP3 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.SP2 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.OnlineDocumentation.English 5CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.Online 4CD
    Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R14 Documentation 5CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.P3.v5R12 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R12.P2 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R12.SP1 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R12.SP2 1CD
    Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R12 SP3 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R12.SP4 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R12.SP5 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.P3 6CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP6 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP5 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP4 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP3 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP2 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.SP5 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.SP6 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.SP7 1CD
    Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R10 P2 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.P3 4CD
    Dassault Systemes CATIA v5R9 P3 final 3CD
    Dassault Systemes CATIA v5R9.SP2 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP5 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP6 1CD
    Dassault Systemes Catia V5R7 SP4 3CD
    Dassault Systemes Catia V5R7 SP5 3CD
    Dassault Systemes Catia V5R8 P3 &.Onlinedoc 3CD
    Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R9 English Docmentation 3CD
    Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R13 SP1 Documentation 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R12 4CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Delmia.VMAP.D5R12.SP4 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Delmia.quesst.D5R12.SP4 1CD
    Dassault Systemes Delmia quesst v5 R11 SP4 1CD
    Dassault Systemes Delmia Vmap v5 R11 SP4 1CD
    Dassault Systemes Smarteam v4.0 SP5.5 3CD documentation 3CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5.R8.P3.Solutions 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5r7.Retail 3CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.Web-Based.Learning.Solutions.v5r7.DMU 2CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5r6.Sp4 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R7.SP2 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R7.SP3.NON.STOLEN 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R7.SP6 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R7.SP7 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.P2 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.SP1 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.SP2 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.v5R8.SP3 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.SP4 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R8.SP6 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP3 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP4 1CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP7 1CD
    Data.Design.System.Suite.V6.32.Multilanguage 1CD
    Deform.3D.v5.03 1CD
    Deform.2D.V7.2.incl.SP1 1CD
    Deform.2D.v8.1 1CD
    Delcam PowerMILL V5.0 1CD
    Delcam PowerMill v4.5 1CD
    Delcam Powermill v4.0 1CD
    Delcam PowerMill v4.1 1CD
    Delcam PowerSHAPE V5.4 1CD
    Delcam ArtCam Pro Insignia v2.0 1CD
    Delcam.Artcam.Pro.V5.104 1CD
    Delcam.Artcam.Pro.v5.509C 1CD
    Delcam.Artcam.Pro.v6.008 1CD
    Delmia.VMAP.V5R9.ISO 1CD
    Deluo Routis v2004 1CD
    Deneba Canvas V8.0 Professional 1CD
    DesignCAD.Express.v14 1CD
    DesignCAD 3D MAX v12 2CD
    DesignCAD 3d Max 14 1CD
    DesignCAD.3D.Max.v15 1CD
    Design.Data.SDS2.General 3CD
    DICAD.Strakon.v4.50B.Multilanguage 1CD
    Dietrichs.System.V9.03.121103.Multilanguage 1CD
    Dietrichs.System.V11.02.170203.Multilanguage 1CD
    DLUBAL.RSTAB.v5.13.068.Bilingual 1CD
    DLUBAL.RSTAB.v5.14.058.Bilingual 1CD
    Dlubal.RSTAB.v5.14.077.Bilingual 1CD
    DP Technology ESPRIT v2005 1CD
    DP Technology Esprit v2003 1CD
    DP.Technology.ESPRIT.2002.Plus.With.SP4 1CD
    DSC GOSTEEL v5.0 SP5 for AutoCAD 1CD
    DSC.Gosteel.v4.1.for.AutoCAD 1CD
    DynaSCAPE.Professional.v3.02 2CD
    E3.Series.2002.Plus 1CD
    E3 Series 2003 1CD
    Eagleware Genesys v8.0 1CD
    ECSCAD.Standalone.v4.00.Bilingual 1CD
    EdgeCAM v6.0 1CD
    EdgeCAM v6.5 1CD
    EdgeCAM.v7.5 1CD
    EdgeCAM.v7.75 1CD
    EDS.I-DEAS.NX.V11M1.Update 4CD
    EDS.I-DEAS.NX.V11M2.Update 4CD
    EDS I-DEAS V10M3 Update 3CD
    EDS I-Deas V10M2 Update 2CD
    EDS I-Deas v10 M1 Update 4CD
    EDS I-Deas v10M1 PTF1 Update 1CD
    EDS.Imageware.v11.1 1CD
    EDS Vis Products v4.1 1CD
    Eds I-DEAS V9M1 Update 2CD
    EDS I-Deas V9M2 PTF4 Update 1CD
    EDS.I-deas V9M3.Update 2CD
    EDS.Factory.V7.1.Multilanguage 1CD
    EDS Factory v8.0 for AutoCAD 1CD
    EDS.Femap.v8.3 1CD
    EDS Jack v3.0.1 1CD
    EDS JACK v4.0 1CD
    EDS.Slate v6.5 1CD
    EDS Solid Edge v12 1CD
    EDS Solid Edge v14 final 1CD
    EDS Solid Edge v15 1CD 1CD
    EDS Solid Edge v16 1CD
    EDS.I-DEAS.V9M2.PTF2.update 1CD
    EDS.SolidEgde 1CD
    EDS.Team.Center.Engineering.Iman.V8.0 1CD
    EDS Teamcenter Engineering Iman v8.1 1CD
    EDS.Teamcenter Visualization v5.0 1CD
    EDS.Teamcenter Visualization.v5.1 1CD
    EDS.Unigraphics NX v3.0 2CD
    EDS NX v2.0.1.2 Update only for Win2K/XP 2CD
    EDS NX v2.0.2.2 Update Only for Win2K 1CD
    EDS.Unigraphics.NX.v2.0.4.2.QRM.Update.Only 1CD
    EDS.Unigraphics NX v2.0.3.1 Update Only for WIN2K 1CD
    EDS Unigraphics NX v2.0 2CD
    EDS.Unigraphics.NX.CAST 1CD
    EDS.Unigraphics.NX.2.Cast 1CD
    EDS UGS CAST for NX V3.0 1CD
    EDSL.Tas.V8.4 1CD
    EDSL.Tas.V8.50 1CD
    EFI.Best.Colorproof.v5.0 1CD
    EGS FeatureCam v9.3 1CD
    Elcad v7 *MULTILINGUAL* 1CD
    Elcad V7.1.0 1CD
    Electronics.Workbench.Multisim.v7 1CD
    Engenuity.STAGE Scenario.v5.0 1CD
    Engenuitytech.STAGE.V4.2 2CD
    Engineous.Software.Isight.V7.0.10 1CD
    Epcon.Chempro.Engineering.Suite.6.3 1CD
    Eplan 5.40 Professional Multilanguage 1CD
    Eplan Professional v5.5 1CD
    Eplan Professional v5.4 SP1 1CD
    ERM.ER.Mapper.v6.4 1CD
    ER.Mapper.6.3 1CD
    Erdas Imagine v8.5 3CD
    Erdas.Imagine v8.6 5CD
    Erdas.Imagine.v8.7.with.LPS.v8.7 6CD
    Esko.Graphics.ArtiosCAD.v6.02 1CD
    Esko Graphics ArtiosCAD v5.25 1CD
    ESI CFDRC v2004 1CD
    ESI-Group AutoSEA2 2004 v2.5.0.8 1CD
    ESI PAM-STAMP 2G v2003.0 2CD
    ESI.PAM-CRASH.2G.2004 1CD
    ESI.PAM-STAMP.2G.v2004.0 1CD
    Esri.ArcGIS.Desktop.v9.0 3CD
    ESRI.ARC.GIS.Desktop v8.3 3CD
    ESRI ArcInfo Workstaion v9.0 3CD
    ESRI.ARC.GIS.Workstation v8.3 3CD
    ESRI.ArcIMS.V4.0 3CD
    ESRI.ArcSDE.V8.3 7CD
    ESRI ARCView v3.3 1CD
    ESRI.Arcgis.Workstation.V8.2 2CD
    ESRI.Arcims.V4.0.For.Red.Hat.Linux 1CD
    ESRI.Arcims.V4.0.For.Winnt2kxp 1CD
    ESRI.Arcsde.Client.V8.2 1CD
    ESRI.Arcsde.For.Coverages.V8.2 1CD
    ESRI.Arcsde.For.Informix.V8.2 1CD
    ESRI.Arcsde.For.Oracle8.V8.2 1CD
    ESRI.Arcsde.For.Oracle9.V8.2 1CD
    ESRI.Arcsde.For.Sql.V8.2 1CD
    ESRI.Mapobjects v2.2 1CD
    ESRI.Mapobjects.Java.Standard.Edition.V1.0 1CD
    ESRI.MapObjects.Java.Edition.v2.0 1CD
    ETAP.PowerStation.v4.0 1CD
    ETOS.v4.90.b.307.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
    ETOS.v5.00.b.308.Multilanguage 1CD
    ETOS.v5.1.b.511.Multilanguage 1CD
    Etos.V4.80.202.Multilanguage 1CD
    Eurosystems PjanntoRIP v1.3.8 Bilingual 1CD
    Euronav Seapro2000 V3.708 1CD
    eVision 6.0 1CD
    Faro.Cam2.v1.6 1CD
    FastRIP Pro v8.0 1CD
    FE-Design.Tosca.v4.51.MultiOS 1CD
    Feflow v5.0 1CD
    Femap V8.2.1 1CD
    FEM.Design.v5.0 1CD
    FEM.Design.v4.2 1CD
    FileMaker.Inc.FileMaker.Pro.6.0v1.WinMac 1CD
    Flomerics Flotherm V2.2 1CD
    Flomerics Flotherm V3.2
    Flomerics Flotherm v4.1 1CD
    Flomerics.Flotherm.v4.2 1CD
    Flow.3D.V8.0 1CD
    Flowscience.Flow.3d.V8.0.1 1CD
    Flowscience Flow 3D v8.1 1CD
    Flowscience Flow 3D v8.11 1CD
    Flowscience.Flow.3d.v8.2 2CD
    Fluent.V6.0 2CD
    FLUENT V6.1 2CD
    FLUENT v6.1.22 3CD
    FME.Suite.V2003.X2 1CD
    Formsys Maxsurf v9.52 1CD
    Friedrich.und.Lochner.Statik.2003.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
    Fugawi.GPS.Mapping.Software.v3.1.4.692.Incl.Marine.ENC 1CD
    Functionbay Recurdyn v5.1 SP1 1CD
    Gammatech GT SUITE v6.1 1CD
    Garmin.mapsource.v5.4 1CD
    GEO-SLOPE Office 5 with Seep 3D 1CD
    Genius Inventor v6.0 6CD
    Geoslope.Office.5.11.with.Vadosew.and.Seep3D 1CD
    GeoSystem.Delta.v5 1CD
    GIBBSCAM.2004.V7.0 1CD
    GibbsCAM 2002 V6.01.01 1CD
    GibbsCAM.2002.v6.0 1CD
    Giza.Pro.V2002 1CD
    Giza Pro v2003 1CD
    Graitec Advance Steel Suite v4.2 SP1 1CD
    Graitec.Advance.v5.2 2CD
    Graitec.OMD.v12.1H 1CD
    Graphisoft Archicad International v7.0 R2 1CD
    Graphisoft Archicad v7.0R3 1CD
    Graphisoft ArchiCAD International v8.0 1CD
    Graphisoft ArchiCAD International v8.0.R2 1CD
    Graphisoft Archicad International v8.0 R3 1CD
    GraphiSoft ArchiCAD v8.1 R1 INTERNATIONAL 1CD
    GraphiSoft ArchiCAD v8.1 R1 USA 1CD
    Graphisoft ArchiCAD v9.0 R1 International 2CD
    Graphisoft.Archiglazing.for.ArchiCAD.v9.0.Hybrid 1CD
    Graphisoft.Archiglazing.v1.7.for.ArchiCAD.8.1 1CD
    GraphiSoft.Ductwork.v1.2.for.ArchiCAD.v8.1.Hybrid 1CD
    Graphisoft Ductwork v1.4 for ArchiCAD v9.0 HYBRID 1CD
    Graphitech Cimagrafi 7.28 Suite Bilingual 1CD
    Graphitech.Cimagrafi.7.28.Suite.German 1CD
    GT Suite v6.0 1CD
    Haestad Methods Watercad v4.5015A 1CD
    Hampson.Russell.CE.v7.R1.Win/Linux 2CD
    Hampson-Russell CE V6 R5 1CD
    Hampson.Russell.CE.v6 R4 1CD
    Hardata.Dinesat.v7.0.3.5 1CD
    Heidelberg.Signastation.v8.0.1 1CD
    Hellas.Navigator 1CD
    HKS.ABAQUS.V6.3-1 2CD
    HKS ABAQUS V6.3-3 1CD
    HyperSteel v6.0 1CD
    Hyprotech HYSYS v3.1 1CD
    HyproTech.HYSYS.v3.2 1CD
    HZS.Space-E.v3.0 1CD
    ICEM Surf.v4.4 1CD
    ICEM Surf v4.3 2CD
    ICEM.CFD.V4.2.2 1CD
    IDS.ARIS.Design.v6.2.3.Multi 1CD
    I-Deas Master Version Update MO SDRC 1CD
    I-Deas V9M2 Update 2CD
    I-Logix.Statemate.v3.2 1CD
    IES Virtual Environment v5.0 1CD
    IEZ.Speedikon.MI.Industriebau.v6.5.47.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
    IEZ.Speedikon.M.v6.5.47.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
    IEZ Speedikon A v6.545 BiLiNGUAL 1CD
    IEZ Speedikon A v6.543 BiLiNGUAL 1CD
    ILight FieldView v9.1 2CD
    ILight.Fieldview.v10.0 2CD
    Imold for Solidworks v2003 SP1 1CD
    Ilight Fieldview v8.2 2CD
    IMST Empipe v3.2 1CD
    IMST.Empire.v4.00 1CD
    IMSI.FlowCharts.And.More.v5.0 1CD
    IMSI Turbocad v8.1 1CD
    IMSI.TurboCAD.Pro.V9.0 3CD
    Intec.SIMPACK.v8.6.07 1CD
    Ilight Fieldview v9.0 2CD
    Imst Empire V3.0 1CD
    Informatix.Microgds.Pro.v8.02 2CD
    InnovationSuite 5 1CD
    InvoMax-2nd.Edition 1CD
    Innovmetric.Polyworks.v8.0 1CD
    InnovMetric.Polyworks.v7.2.BiLiNGUAL.MULTiOS 1CD
    Innoveda Eproduct Designer V1.1 2CD
    Innoveda.eProducts.DesignerV2.0 2CD
    Innoveda.PowerPCB.v4.0.build400.168 1CD
    Intel.Fortran.Compiler.Pro.With.IMSL.V8.0.048 1CD
    Intel.vTUNE.Performance.Analyzer.v7.1A 1CD
    Intergraph SmartSketch V5.00.21.01 1CD
    INUS Technology.RapidForm 2004 SP1.5 1CD
    INUS Technology RapidForm 2004 PLUS Pack 2 1CD
    Inus Technology Rapidform 2004 1CD
    Inus Technology Rapidform 2002 plus pack 1 1CD
    Inus Technology Rapidform v2002 1CD
    Iplanet Calendar Server 5 1CD
    IRONCAD.V6.0 1CD
    IronCAD.v7.0.and.Inovate.v7.0 1CD
    ISIGHT.V8.0 1CD
    ISIGHT.v7.1.21 1CD
    ISODRAW.V5.0.1 1CD
    Itedo.IsoDraw.v6.0 1CD
    KERAMAG.DXF.and.DWG.For.CAD-Systeem.2002-2003-Multilanguage 1CD
    Labview.v7.Express.Professional.Development.Linux 1CD
    Lattice Isplever v2.0 4CD
    Lattice.Isplever.V3.0 2CD
    Licom Systems AlphaCAM V2004 1CD
    Licom Systems AlphaCAM V2003 2CD
    Lighttools.V3.3.0 1CD
    Lighting.Technologies.Photopia.v2.0.0.10 1CD
    Lizardtech GeoExpress v4.0 1CD
    Lms.Test.Lab.v.4.0 1CD
    LUSAS FEA v13.55 1CD
    LUSAS.FEA.v13.57 1CD
    Macromedia.Breeze.Enterprise.3.0.4 1CD
    Macromedia.Contribute.v3.0 1CD
    Macromedia Jrun 4.0 For WIN/LINUX 1CD
    Macromedia.Contribute.v1.0 1CD
    Mak Software Suite v3.2 1CD
    Mak Software Suite v4.0 1CD
    MapInfo.Professional.v7.0 1CD
    MapInfo StreetPro U.S. v5.3 11CD
    Maptech Chart Navigator v5.0.2 1CD
    MapleSoft.Maple.v9.5.Hybrid 1CD
    MasterCAM.v9.1.MR0304 1CD
    MasterCam v9.1 SP2 1CD
    MasterCam v9.1 1CD
    MasterCam v9.0 SP1 1CD
    Mastercam.CAD.v9.0 1CD
    MasterCam.v8.1.1.Final. 1CD
    MasterCam.v9.0 beta. 1CD
    Mathematica.v5.0 1CD
    MathWorks.MATLAB.7.0.1.R14.SP1 3CD
    Mathworks.Matlab.V7.0.R14.Win 2CD
    Mathsoft.Axum.V7 1CD
    MathSoft.MathCAD.12 1CD
    Mathsoft Mathcad Enterprise Edition v11.A 1CD
    Mathsoft.Mathcad.Enterprise.Edition.v11.0b.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
    Mathworks.Matlab.v6.5.1 3CD
    Mathworks Suite Release v13 with Mathlab v6.5 3CD 1CD
    Mechanical.Dynamics.Adams.V12.0 1CD
    Mechsoft.for.AutoCad2004.LT 1CD
    Mechsoft for Autodesk Inventor Series 1CD
    Mechsoft for Inventor v7.0 1CD
    Mechsoft.for.Inventor.v8.0 1CD
    Mechsoft.for.SolidEdge.v15 1CD
    Mechsoft.Productivity.Pack.for.Inventor.v8.0 1CD for Autocad 2002 1CD for Unigraphics 1CD
    Mechsoft.Com.for.ThinkDesign.v6 1CD
    Mechsoft.for.Inventor.R5 1CD
    Mechsoft.Mechanical.Design.Pack.for.NX2 1CD
    Mechsoft.Mechanical.Design.Pack.NX.R4 1CD
    Mechsoft.Mechanical.Design.Pack.For.Unigraphics 1CD
    Megatech.MegaCAD.3D.v2005.20041201.GERMAN 1CD
    Memscap Mems Pro v3.2 1CD
    Memscap Mems Pro v4.0 1CD
    Mentor.Graphics.eProduct.Designer.3.0 2CD
    Mentor Graphics eProduct Designer 2004 3CD
    Mentor.Graphics.EN2002.Board.Station 1CD
    Mentor Graphics HDL Designer Series v2001.5 1CD
    Mentor Graphics.ISD.v2004.1 3CD
    Mentor Graphics PADS PCB Design Solutions 2004 SPac1 1CD
    Mentor Graphics.SDD2004 1CD
    Mentor Graphics.WG2004 1CD
    Mentor Graphics WG 2000.5.1 Expedition 1CD
    Mentor.Graphics.WG 2002.Spac2 1CD
    Mentor.Graphics.PADS.Designer.2004 1CD
    Mentor.Graphics.PowerPCB.5.0.Suite 1CD
    Mentor Graphics PowerPCB with Blaze Router v5.0.1 1CD
    Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis v2004b 1CD
    Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB v2002 2CD
    Metastock.V7.2.Pro 1CD
    Metroworks.CodeWarrior.for.DSP56800.v5.0 1CD
    Micromimages TNT v6.8 1CD
    Microstrategy QRA CAD System v7.1 1CD
    MicroSurvey.CAD.2002 1CD
    Microwave.Office.V2002 2CD
    Missler Topsolid 2003 v6.5 1CD
    Mitchell.UltraMate.v5.Premium.January.2005 3CD
    Mitchell.on.Demand.5.6.Estimator.Q1.2004 3CD
    Moldflow Plastics Insight v5.0 R1 1CD
    Moldflow Design Link v5.0 1CD
    Moldflow Plastics Insight v4.0.1 2CD
    MoldWizard For Unigraphics V18.0.1 1CD
    MSC.ADAMS.2003 1CD
    MSC.ADAMS.v2005 2CD
    MSC.ADAMS.v2005.for.Linux 1CD
    MSC Documentation 2005 1CD
    MSC.Dytran v2002.R2 1CD
    MSC.Dytran.2004 1CD
    MSC Easy5 v7.1 1CD
    MSC.EASY5.v2004 1CD
    MSC.EASY5.V2004.R2 1CD
    MSC Enterprise MVision v2002 Q2 1CD
    MSC Enterprise Mvision 2004 1CD
    MSC.Fatigue.v2004 1CD
    MSC Fatigue 2003 for Patran 1CD
    MSC.Fatigue.v2004.for.Patran.v2004 1CD
    MSC.Interactiv.Physics.v2004 1CD
    MSC.MARC.2005 1CD
    MSC Marc 2001 1CD
    MSC Marc with Mentat v2003 1CD
    MSC.Mvision Builder & Evaluator 2004 1CD
    MSC.NASTRAN.for.Windows.v2004.R1 1CD
    MSC.NASTRAN.v2004.R2 1CD
    MSC Patran V2001 1CD
    MSC Patran v2001 R2A *WORKING*
    MSC.Patran v 2003 1CD
    MSC.Patran v2003.R2 2CD
    MSC.Patran.2004 1CD
    MSC.Patran 2004 R2 1CD
    MSC.Patran 2004 Documentation 1CD
    MSC Patran 2005 1CD
    MSC Simdesigner v2004 R1 for CATIA 1CD
    MSC.SimDesigner.v2004.R2.for.CATIA.V5R12 1CD
    MSC.Simdesigner.v2004.R3.for.CATIA.V5R13 1CD
    MSC SimDesigner Suspension v2004 R3 for CATIA V5R13 1CD
    MSC SimDesigner v2004 R4 for CATIA V5R13 1CD
    MSC SimDesigner v2004 R5 for CATIA V5R13 1CD
    MSC.Simdesigner.v2005.R1.for.CATIA.V5R13 1CD
    MSC Superforge v2002
    MSC.Superform.v2002.R2 1CD
    MSC.Superform.2004 1CD
    MSC.Nastran 2004.R3 1CD
    MSC NASTRAN V2004 R2 Linux 1CD
    MSC Visual Nastran Desktop 2002 2CD
    MSC.Visual.Nastran.Desktop.v2003 2CD
    MSC.Visual.Nastran Desktop V2004 SP1 1CD
    MSC.Visual.Nastran.Desktop.v2004.SP2 1CD
    MSC Visual Nastran for CATIA V5iR9 1CD
    MSC.Visual Nastran for CATIA v5iR10 1CD
    MSC Visual Nastran for CATIA V5iR10 Updated 1CD
    MSC Visual Nastran for Windows v2002 1CD
    MSC Visual Nastran for Windows v2003 1CD
    MSC.Visual.Nastran.for.Windows.v2004 1CD
    MSC.Fatigue. v2001.R3 2CD
    MSC.Fatigue. v2001.R3 UNIX 1CD
    MSC.NASTRAN.V2001.R4 1CD
    Msc.Nastran.For.Windows.V2001 1CD
    MSC.Patran.V2001.R3 1CD
    Myriad v6.1 1CD
    MYRIAD.V6.2 1CD
    National Instruments SignalExpress.v1.0 1CD
    National Instruments Analog Waveform Editor V1.1 1CD
    National Instruments Diadem.v9.0 1CD
    National Instruments Labview v7.0 2CD
    National.Instruments.Diadem.v8.1.incl.SP1 1CD
    National.Instruments.LabVIEW Simulation Module V1.0 1CD
    National.Instruments.LabVIEW.v7.1.Professional.Development.System 1CD
    National Instruments.Lookout v6.0 1CD
    National.Instruments.MATRIXx.v7.1 1CD
    NI.LabVIEW Control Design Toolkit V2.0 1CD
    NI.LabVIEW.Professional.v7.1.Proper 1CD
    NI.LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit 2.0 1CD
    NI.Vision Development Module v7.1 1CD
    Navisworks.V3.0 1CD
    Navisworks.v3.1 1CD
    Navisworks v3.6 1CD
    NC.Graphics.Depocam.v6.0.9 1CD
    NC.Graphics.Depocam.v5.0.19 1CD
    NC.Graphics.Depocam.v5.0.16 1CD
    NC Graphics Machining Strategist v4.0 1CD
    Ncode Nsoft v5.3.1 1CD
    NCSS V9.2 1CD
    NE Nastran v8.16 1CD
    NE.Nastran.v8.3 1CD
    Nemetschek.Allplan.v2004.0.Multilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek Allplan v2004.0a DateCode 03012004 MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
    Nemetschek.Allplan.v2004.0b1.and.ALLPLOT.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
    Nemetschek.PlanDesign.V2004.Multilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek.Allplan.FT.v17.0a4.MultiLingual 1CD
    Nemetschek Allplan Ft 17.0a Multilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek Allplan FT v17 Multilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.incl.SR.1.Mutilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.1.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
    Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.1.DateCode.20030515.incl.SR1.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD

    Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.1a.Multilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek.PlanDesign.2004.0a.Multilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek.PlanDesign.FT.2003.v3.0a.incl.SR1.Multilanguage 1CD
    Nemetschek VectorWorks V11.0 Hybrid 1CD
    NI.Vision.v7.0.Development.Module.for.LabView 1CD
    NobelTec.Admiral.v7.0 3CD
    Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite.v7.0 2CD
    Okino Products Suite v4.12 1CD
    OMEGA.CP.V2.0.2 1CD
    Open.Mind.HyperCAD.V8.4.Multilanguage 1CD
    Open.Mind.HyperCAD.v8.Multilanguage 1CD
    OpenMind.HyperMILL.V6.1.for.Mech.Desktop.Multi 1CD
    Optical Research Associates LightTools v4.0 1CD
    Opticore Opus Realizer v1.4.2 1CD
    Opticore Opus Realizer v1.5 1CD
    Opticore Opus Studio v4.1 1CD
    Optiwave.OptiFDTD.v3.0.1 1CD
    Originlab.OriginPro.v7.5 1CD
    Oslo.V6.2 1CD
    P-CAD.V2002 1CD
    Partmaker.V6.0 1CD
    PATHLOSS.4.0 1CD
    Pathtrace EdgeCAM v9.0 1CD
    Pathtrace.EdgeCAM.v8.75 1CD
    Pathtrace.EdgeCAM.v8.5 1CD
    Pathtrace EdgeCAM v8.0 1CD
    Pathtrace EdgeCam v7.0 1CD
    Pathtrace Edgecam Part Modeler v2.1 1CD
    PCI.Geomatica.v9.0 6CD
    PERI ELPOS v4.0 1CD
    PERI PERICAD Formwork v3.0 1CD
    Picasoft.Mayka.Suite.v6.0 1CD
    Phoenics V3.5 1CD
    Pro Engineer V2001 Datecode 2001400 1CD
    PRO/E V2001 Datecode 2001360 *XP COMPLIANT* 1CD
    Pro/Engineer 2001 Datecode 2002060 *MULTILANGUAGE* 1CD
    Pro/Engineer 2001 DateCode 2002140 1CD
    Pro/Engineer 2001 Datecode 2002220 for NT 1CD
    Pro/ENGINEER 2001 Datecode 2002270 for NT 1CD
    PROCAD 2D Designer v2002 1CD
    Procad.3DSmart.with.SP2 1CD
    Prokon.Calcpad.v2.0 1CD
    Protel.Altium.DXP V.7.0 1CD
    PTC.Basic.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC.Connector.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC.Division Visual Collaboration Services v6.4.8 2CD
    PTC Division Productview and Graphics Server v4.6.3 1CD
    PTC.Electrical.Symbols.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC.Graphics.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC.Moldbase.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC.Pipe.Fitting.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC.Piping.And.Heating.Symbols.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC.Tooling.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
    PTC CADDS 5i Revision 12 Datecode 2001200 1CD
    PTC Division Visual Collaboration Services Datacode 2002248 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Expret Moldbase Extension v4.0 datecode 2003051 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Expert Moldbase Extension v4.0 datacode 2003130 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Expert Moldbase Extension v4.0 datacode 2003250 1CD
    PTC Division Visual Collaboration Services v6.4 datacode 2003052 3CD
    PTC Expert Moldbase Extension 3.0 1CD
    PTC Expert Moldbase Extension v3.1 1CD
    PTC.Expert Moldbase v4.0 1CD
    PTC.Expert Moldbase Extension 4.1 1CD
    PTC Graphics Library V2001 for PTC Pro Engineer 1CD
    PTC IceM Surf 2002 v4.1 1CD
    PTC ICEM Surf V4.0.1 1CD
    PTC Intralink V3.1 Datecode 2001361 1CD
    PTC Intralink v3.2 datacode 2002270 1CD
    PTC Intralink v3.3 2CD
    PTC Intralink v3.4 M010 1CD
    PTC.Pro/INTRALINK R3.3 Service Pack Datecode M021 1CD
    PTC.Pro.INTRALINK.v3.3.datecode.2002471 2CD
    PTC Optegra V6.0 1CD
    PTC Optegra V6.0 DC 2002500 1CD
    PTC.Progressive Die Extension v2.1 1CD
    PTC Pro Concept v1.0 1CD
    PTC.Pro.Concept.v2.0 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer v4.0 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer v5.0 1CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.Routed.Systems.Designer.v5.2 1CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.Routed Systems Designer v5.3 1CD
    PTC Routed Systems Designer v5.5 1CD
    PTC.Routed.Systems.Designer.v5.4 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Wildfire v2.0 M090 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire v2.0 Datecode 2004400 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire v2.0 Datecode 2004320 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v2.0.Datecode.2004280 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v2.0.Datecode.2004150.Multilingual 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v2.0 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.WildFire.Datacode.2004240 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.WildFire.datacode.2004030 3CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.WildFire.datacode.2003451 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003370 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003291 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003250 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003210 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 datacode 2003170 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 datacode 2003170 Linux 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer.Wildfire.datacode 2003130 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datecode 2003100 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 Datacode 20030151 3CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 Datacode 20030151 Linux 2CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire Datacode 2002490 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer WildFire Datacode 2002490 Linux 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer 2001 Datacode 2002100 WinNT2KXP Multilingual 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer 2001 Datacode 2002350 for NT 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer 2001 Datecode 2002310 for NT 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer 2001 datacode 2002430 NT 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer 2001 datacode 2002480 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer 2001 V2.0 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer v4.0 datacode 2003130 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer v2001 datacode 2002390 NT 1CD
    PTC Pro Engineer V2001 Datecode 2001240 for Win9x&NT 2CD
    PTC Pro Engineer V2001 Datecode 2002060 For Winnt 1CD
    PTC Pro Intralink 3.0 Datecode 2001200 For NT 1CD
    PTC Pro IntraLink v3.0 2001021 4CD
    PTC Pro Intralink v3.2 1CD
    PTC Pro Mechanica 2001 DateCode 2001210 1CD
    PTC Pro Mechanica 2001 Datecode 2001430 1CD
    PTC PRO/ENGINEER v2001 for NT(2001320) 1CD
    Ptc Proe 2001 Mulitlanguge 1CD
    Ptc Proe V2001 Datacode 2001200 3CD
    PTC Pro-E v2001 Datecode 2002180 NT 1CD
    PTC ProEngineer V2001 Datecode 2001440 1CD
    PTC Routed Systems Designer 1CD
    Ptc.Icem.Ddn.V5.0 1CD
    PTC.ICEM.SURF.2002.v4.2.Multilingual 1CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.2001.DATECODE.2001490.WinNT2KXP 1CD
    PTC.Pro.Engineer.2001.DATECODE.2002030.WinNT2KXP 1CD
    PTC.Productview.v6.0 1CD
    Raindrop.Geomagic.Cadmus.Fashion.v6.0 1CD
    Raindrop.Geomagic.Cadmus.Fashion.v6.0.SR1 1CD
    Raindrop Geomagic Studio v6.0 2CD
    Raindrop Geomagic Qualify v6.0 2CD
    Raindrop Geomagic Qualify v7.0 2CD
    RAL.Digital.v3.0.Multilingual 1CD
    RAM.Concept v1.2 1CD
    RAMINT.RAM.ADVANSE.V5.1.Multilanguage 1CD
    Rational Robot V2001A.04 1CD
    Realtime.Deltagen.V4.0.4.92 1CD
    Reiusa STAAD Pro v2003 1CD
    REIUSA STAAD Pro V2004 1CD
    Research.Systems.Envi.v3.6 1CD
    RESEARCH.Watsyn.v1.5 1CD
    Revit.4.0 1CD
    Ricardo.Software.Wave.v5.1 1CD
    Risa.Technologies.Risa.3D.V4.5 1CD
    Road.Scout.2004.v9.2.BILINGUAL 1CD
    Roboguide v2.3.1 1CD
    Robot Millenium 17.0.1 1CD
    Robot.Office.v17.5 1CD
    Roxar.Software.Solutions.IRAP.RMS.v7.0 2CD
    RSLogix5000.Firmaware.KIT.12.01 1CD
    RTI ScopeTools v4.0c CP1 for VxWorks 1CD
    Safe Technology FE-Safe v5.0 1CD
    SAS.JMP.Statistical.Discovery.Software.v5.0.1a 1CD
    Scad Office v7.31 R3 1CD
    Schlumberger.PIPESIM.2003.v1.0 1CD
    SCIA.ESA-Prima Win.V3.5 1CD
    SCIA.ESA.Prima.Win.v3.60.Multilinguage 1CD
    SCIA.ESA PT V4.5 and ESA PW V3.6 1CD
    SDRC I-DEAS v9 3CD
    SDRC I-Deas V9 Update Training 1CD
    Sdrc Ideas Master v9 M3 PTF 2CD
    SeisImager.Pickwin.v2.64.with.Plotrefa.v2.41 1CD
    SeisImager.Pickwin.v3.02.with.Plotrefa.v2.68 1CD
    SEMCAD v1.8 1CD
    Sescoi.WorkNC V14.16 1CD
    Sescoi WorkNC v16.21 MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
    SIA.CD.Norm.v8.03.Multilanguage 1CD
    Siemens.Sinutrain.v6.3.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
    Siemens.Simatic.WinCC.Flexible.Multilanguage 2CD
    Simsci Pro II v5.6.1 1CD
    SimSci.Process.Engineering.Suite.2002 1CD
    SmartDraw.Pro.Plus.V6.2 2CD
    Solidworks 2001 Plus 2CD
    SolidWorks v2003 3CD
    SolidWorks v2003 3CD-Chinese version
    SolidWorks v2003 SP3 3CD
    SolidWorks v2004 3CD
    Solidworks.v2005 3CD
    Sonnet Suite Pro v8.5.2 1CD
    Sonnet suites Pro v9.5.2 1CD
    Speedikon.A.v6.0.20 1CD
    Speedikon.W.Architektur.2.v6.021.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
    Speedikon.Visualisierung.v6.022.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
    SPSS.v12.0 1CD
    Srac Cosmos Designstar v3.0 1CD
    Srac.Cosmos.Suite.V2003 1CD
    Srac Cosmos Works Suite v2004 1CD
    STAAD.Pro 2001 1CD
    STAR.CD.v3.22 1CD
    STAR-CD V3.200 LINUX 1CD
    Stardraw Suite *Multilanguage* 1CD
    Steinbichler COMET T-Scan v4.2 1CD
    Steinbichler COMETinspect V2.0 1CD
    Steinbichler.Cometplus.v5.1 1CD
    Steinbichler COMETplus V5.11 1CD
    Strydent Software InkSaver v1.0 1CD
    Surfware Surfcam v2001 1CD
    Surfware Surfcam v2002 1CD
    Surfware Surfcam v2002 plus 1CD
    Surfware.Surfcam.v2003 1CD
    Synopsys Saber v2004.06 SP1 1CD
    Synopsys Saber Designer v2003.6 1CD
    Synopsys.Saber.Designer.V2002.2 1CD
    Synopsys Saber Designer v2002.4 1CD
    T-FLEX.Parametric.CAD.v7.2 1CD
    T-Systems.Medina.v7.3.2 1CD
    Tanner.L-Edit Pro with LVS v10.0 1CD
    Tanner L-Edit Pro 8.3 2CD
    Tebis.CAD.CAM.v3.1.R12.Multilanguage 1CD
    Tebis.Cad.V3.1.R11 1CD
    Tebis.NC2AX.v3.1.R12.Multilanguage 1CD
    Tecnomatix.EM-Workplace.v6.0.3 1CD
    Tecnomatix eMPower V7.2 1CD
    Tekla Xsteel.v9.0 1CD
    Telelogic.TAU Generation2.v2.4 1CD
    Teksoft Camworks v2003 1CD
    Teksoft ProCam II.v2003 1CD
    Tekton.v2.4.0.4 1CD
    TenkeiKoubou.Vol.06.Plants.for.CAD 1CD
    Think Design V6.0.1 1CD
    Think Design V7.0 1CD
    Think Design V8.0 1CD
    Think.Design.V7.0.1.5 1CD
    Think3 ThinkDesign v9.0.1 1CD
    Think3 Thinkdesign V9.0 1CD
    TkSolver.V4.Interactive.Roarks.Formulas.Edition 1CD
    Torchmate CAD Fonts ClipArt CD VEF 1CD
    Torchmate CAD Module v5.0 Revision 12 1CD
    TotalCAD 2D/3D 1CD
    TracePro 2.3 1CD
    Trace Pro v3.0 1CD
    Trace Pro v3.2.2 1CD
    Traceparts v2.1.1 SP2 1CD
    TransMagic.Plus.v2005 1CD
    TransMagic.Plus.v4.30c 1CD
    Transmagic Plus v4.0 1CD
    Trimble.Paydirt.Sitework.v5.2 1CD
    Trumpf Tops 600 v3.0 1CD
    TurboCAD Deluxe v9.2 1CD
    Type3.Type.Edit.2003.V5.3.0.0 1CD
    UGS Solid Edge v10 final 1CD
    UGS CAST for NX V3.0 1CD
    UGS.NX.v3.0.1.3 Update.Only 1CD
    Ullmanns.Encyclopedia.Of.Industrial.Chemistry.2002.6th.Edition 1CD
    Unigraphics NX v1.0 2CD
    Unigraphics.NX.V1.0.1.Update 1CD
    Unigraphics NX v1.0.2.3 Update Only 1CD
    Unigraphics Upgrade v18.0.2.1 1CD
    Unigraphics V18 Final 3CD
    Valor.Enterprise.3000.v7.2.4 1CD
    Vantage.Plant.Design.Management.System.v11.5 1CD
    VAPS.Suite.v6.3 1CD
    Varimetrix VX v 6.51 1CD
    Veri.Tech.Cedas.2.01f 1CD
    VERO machining STRATEGIST v6.1 1CD
    Vero.Machinning.Strategist.v6.0 1CD
    Vero Machining Strategist v5.0 1CD
    VERO.VISI-Series.v12.1 1CD
    Vero.VISI-Series.v11.3 1CD
    Vero.Visi.Series.v11.2 1CD
    VERO.VISI-Series.v11.1 1CD
    Via Wiring Diagram 16.0A 1CD
    Vision Numeric Type 3 v4.5 1CD
    Vision Numeric Type3 v4.6 1CD
    VITec.PC.V4.1 1CD
    VX CAD CAM V9.51 1CD
    VX.CAD.CAM.V9.2 1CD
    Wasatch.Softrip.V4.5 2CD
    WASP-NET.v5.4.3 1CD
    WaveFunction.Spartan.04.v1.0.1 1CD
    WaveFun.Spartan.02.v1.0.2 1CD
    WaveFun.Spartan.04.v2.0 1CD
    Windriver.Platform.ID.v2.0 5CD
    Windowlink.Vector.Plus.v4.62 1CD
    Wolfram Research Mathematica V5.1 1CD
    WYSIWYG.Release.10 1CD
    Xilinx ISE.v6.2I 2CD
    Xilinx ISE v6.3 3CD
    Xilinx.ISE.v6.1I 2CD
    Xilinx.EDK.v6.3 1CD
    Xilinx Embedded Development Kit 6.2i 1CD
    Xilinx Foundation Series ISE 4.1i w/ SP1 2CD
    Zuken.Cadstar.V5.0 1CD


    Structural Engineering, Petroleum industries Petrochemical Process
    engineering, Hydraulic & Environment engineering, Geotechnical & Mining
    engineering, Road & GIS, new !, other

    ***** Structural Engineering ******

    - Sacs v5.1 2004
    - BOCAD 3D v18.xx , v19.xx
    - sap2000 v8.34
    - etabs v8.46
    - safe v7.33
    - sectionbuilder v8.11
    - csicol v8.0
    - xsteel v9.0
    - Xsteel v10.0
    - STAAD PRO 2004
    - CSC TEDDS V6.0
    - CSC B-LINE V6.0
    - CSC B-SECT V6.0
    - CSC C-SECT V6.0
    - CSC P-FRAME PRO V6.1
    - CSC S-STEEL PRO V6.1
    - STRUCALC V6.0
    - Lusas 13.30
    - ArmCAD 2000
    - Robot V17.5
    - RSTAB_V5.14

    ***** Petroleum industries ? Petrochemical ? Process engineering

    - Aspen.Engineering v11.10
    - Hysys 3.20
    - Hysys Distil 5.0
    - Cadcentre PDMS v11.50
    - PIPEPHASE v8.1
    - CeazarII v4.50
    - PV-ELITE 2004
    - TANK v2.50
    - Cadworx Pipe 2004
    - Cadworx steel 2005
    - Cadworx P&ID 2005
    - PIPESIM 2003
    - CAD PIPE 2002 3D Design v7.0
    - CAD PIPE 2002 Commercial pipe v7.0
    - ProII 5.61 & Hextran 8.11 & Datacon 3.13 & Inplant 3.03 & visualFlow
    - MSC.SuperForge 2004
    - intergraph PDS V7.10
    - OLGA 2000 V4.0
    - Auto Plant 3D v2.01
    - Auto Pipe v2.20
    - Plant Flow v6.0
    - Applied Flow Technology
    Impulse 3 & Fathom 5 &
    Arrow 3 & Mercury 5 &
    Titan 3 & ChempakViewer1
    - HTFS 2003
    - Epcon Engineering Suite 2002
    - Visual Metrix 2002
    - Aspen ICARUS Products 12
    - Pipe Flow 3D v1.037
    - WinSim Design II 8.40
    - Bentley PlantSpace Instrumentation v8.0
    - inter graph PDS v7.10

    **** Hydraulic & Environment engineering **********************

    - WaterCad v6.5
    - SMS v8.0
    - GMS v4.0
    - wms v6.10
    - FeFLOW V5.0
    - FLOWmaster 2 v6.4.1
    - AutoShip System Corporation 2003

    **** Geotechnical & Mining engineering *******

    - Flac 3D v2.10
    - Flac 2D v4.0
    - Flac Slope v4.0
    - Itasca 3DEC v3.0077
    - Itasca UDEC v3.10
    - Itasca PFC 2D,3D
    - Plaxis v7.20
    - Plaxis v8.0
    - GeoSlope Office 5.18
    - Shaft 3D v2.40
    - Combined 3D v3.60
    - Foundation 3D v3.60
    - Mat 3D v3.60
    - Zsoil 2D & 3D
    - Rockwork 2002
    - RocPlot 2003
    - Civiltech Allpile
    Liquify pro
    Shoring Suite
    Super Log

    **** Road & GIS *********************

    - Ansoft ePhysics 2004
    - Ansoft Maxwell EM v10
    - Socet SET 5.0
    - Map info 7.50
    - InRoad 8.30
    - Surfer 8.02
    - Grapher 4.0
    - Didger 3.04
    - Leica SKI-Pro v3.0
    - ArcGIS v9.0 (Desktop & Workstation)
    - Asterdtm
    - CrossLight.ProCom 2003
    - Civilcad v2004

    **** *********************

    - ArcGIS 9.0 ( Desktop , Workstation )
    - Leica SKI Pro
    - Haestad Softwares
    - Power Online
    - RC planning
    - CadWorx Plant 2004
    - VANTAGE Plant Engineering ( VPE )
    - Pipenet Suite v9.0 or Higher
    - Comfar III v2.2 or Higher
    - Phast v6.0 or Higher
    - QUE$TOR v7.7
    - Etap PowerStation v4.70
    - Etap v4.0
    - Intools v5.20
    - RockWorks 2004
    - Aspen Suite v12.10
  11. ola

    ola Guest

    Digital Stock /Footage & Clips CDs ::::::: , updated 16/Feb/2005

    3dbank.CG.PAK.Travel.Summer 4CD
    3dbank.CG.PAK.NTSC.Techno.I 3CD
    3dbank.CG.PAK.PAL.Wedding.General 2CD
    Adobe Image Library Video Clouds 2CD
    Adobe Image Library Video Cyber Technology 2CD
    Adobe.Image.Library.Video.Edit.Effects 2CD
    Adobe.Image.Library.Video.Fabric.Effects 2CD
    Adobe Image Library Video Fire 2CD
    Adobe Image Library Video Light Reflections 2CD
    Adobe Image Library Video Texture Effects 1CD
    Adobe Image Library Video Time Elements 2CD
    Adobe Image Library Video Water Elements 2CD
    Artbeats.Aerials.Ground.Rush.1 5CD
    Artbeats Aerial Landscapes 4CD
    Artbeats.Alien.Atmospheres 2CD
    Artbeats.African.Animals.Vol.1 2CD
    Artbeats.African.Animals.Vol.2 2CD
    Artbeats Birds -PAL 4CD
    Artbeats.Birds.-NTSC 4CD
    Artbeats.Business.Executives - PAL 4CD
    Artbeats.Business.World -PAL 3CD
    Artbeats.Canyon.Textures.NTSC.DVDR 1DVD
    Artbeats Changing Seasons 2CD
    Artbeats Cloud Chamber 5CD
    Artbeats Cloud Fly-Thrus 1 2CD
    Artbeats.Colorado.Scenes.NTSC 3CD
    Artbeats Digital Aire 2CD
    Artbeats Digital Biz 2CD
    Artbeats.Digital.Dimensions 2CD
    Artbeats Digital Moods 2CD
    Artbeats Digital WEB 2CD
    Artbeats Early Flight 3CD
    Artbeats Earth Approaches 2CD
    Artbeats Earth Views 4CD
    Artbeats Film Cultter 1CD
    Artbeats.Food.1 3CD
    Artbeats.Freefall.HD.DVD 1DVD
    Artbeats.Gears 2CD
    Artbeats Gun Stock 3CD
    Artbeats.Healthcare 5CD
    Artbeats Lifestyles Mixed Cuts 2CD
    Artbeats Lights Clouds Fogs 2CD
    Artbeats.Light.Effects 2CD
    Artbeats Light Illusions 2CD
    Artbeats Liquid Ambience 4CD
    Artbeats Mayhem Part1 4CD
    Artbeats Mayhem Part2 3CD
    Artbeats Microbes 3CD
    Artbeats.Military.Machines.DVDR 2DVD
    Artbeats.Millitary.Machines.Part1.CD1-2 2CD
    Artbeats.Millitary.Machines.Part2.CD3-4 2CD
    Artbeats.Monster.Waves 3CD
    Artbeats.Mountain.Peaks.1.DVDR 1DVD
    Artbeats.New.York.Scenes 5CD
    Artbeats.Nature.Gallery1 2CD
    Artbeats Particles Effects vol 1 1CD
    Artbeats Particles Effects vol 2 1CD
    Artbeats.Penguins 3CD
    Artbeats.Recreation.and.Leisure 2CD
    Artbeats Reel Explosions1 1CD
    Artbeats Reel Fire 3CD
    ArtBeats Reelexplosions 1CD
    Artbeats Reelexplosions 5CD
    Artbeats Reelfire HD 4CD
    Artbeats Reelfire volume2-1 3CD
    Artbeats Reelfire volume2-2 3CD
    Artbeats ReelTextures 2CD
    Artbeats.Retro Industry 2CD
    Artbeats.Retro Transportation 2CD
    Artbeats.Seascapes1 4CD
    Artbeats Space and Planets 3CD
    Artbeats.Sports Metaphors PAL 4CD
    Artbeats Scenic Water 1CD
    Artbeats Sky Effects 2CD
    Artbeats Sky Lights PAL 3CD
    Artbeats Smoke 2CD
    Artbeats.Soft.Edges 3CD
    Artbeats Stormclouds 1CD
    Artbeats Storm Front 1CD
    Artbeats.Surfing 4CD
    Artbeats Time & Money 2CD
    Artbeats Trasportation 3CD
    Artbeats.Transitions Volume 1 1CD
    Artbeats Water Effects1 4CD
    Artbeats Water Effects2 3CD
    Artbeats Water Textures 3CD
    Artbeats White Puffy Clouds 3CD
    Artbeats.Aerial.Special.Fx 3CD
    Artbeats.Antartic 2CD
    Artbeats.City.Rush 3CD
    Artbeats.Los.Angeles.Aerials 3CD
    Artbeats.Nasa.The.Early.Years.Volume.1 2CD
    Artbeats.Nasa.The.Early.Years.Volume.2 2CD
    Artbeats.Soap.Film 3CD
    Artbeats.Timelaps.City.Capes 2CD
    Artbeats.Timelaps.City.Effects 2CD
    Artbeats.Timelapse.Construction 1CD
    Artbeats Timelapse landscapes 1 PAL 4CD
    Artbeats Timelapse landscapes 2 PAL 3CD
    Artbeats Timelapse landscapes 3 PAL 3CD
    ArtBeats.TropicalHawaii.NTSC 6CD
    Artbeats.US.States 1CD
    Corbis Images Psychedelia 1CD
    Corbis Sekani Footage Winter Sports 3 1CD
    Corbis Motion Collection 3CD
    Corbis Motion Digital Interface 1CD
    Corbis.Motion.Collection.Vol.151.Psychedelia 1CD
    Datacraft.Sozaijiten.Motion.Vol.4.Four.Seasons.And.Nature 4CD
    Datacraft.Sozaijiten.Motion.Vol.5.Images.Of.Light 4CD
    Datacraft.Sozaijiten.Motion.Vol.6.Scenes.of.The.Sky.and.Clouds 4CD
    Datacraft.Video.Sozaijiten.Vol.10.CG.Composition 4CD
    Datacraft.Video.Sozaijiten.Vol.11.CG.Background 3CD
    Digital Vision Ambient Space -PAL 2CD
    Digital Vision Atmospherics -PAL 2CD
    Digital Vision Exposed 2CD
    Digital.Vision.Driftingskies 2CD
    Digital Vision Subliminal Data 3CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion.Detonate.PAL 1CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion.Dimension 2CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion.Flux 4CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion.Footage 1CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion.Digital.Interface 2CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion.Blast 2CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion Mechanica 2CD
    Digital.Vision.Motion.Orbit 4CD
    Digital Vision Inferno 2CD
    Digital Vision Smash 2CD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Vol.1 - High Impact I Gallery 5CD
    Digitaljuice.Juicedrops.Volume.1.HighImpact.1-4 4DVD
    Digital.Juice.Jump Backs Vol.2.High.Impact.Gallery.2 4CD
    Digital.Juice.Jump Backs Vol.3:High Impact III Gallery 5CD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Vol.4 The Wedding Collection 5CD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Vol.5: The Sports Collection 6CD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Vol.6: High Impact IV 7CD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Vol.7 High Impact V Gallery 8CD
    Digital.Juice.Jump Backs Vol 8: High Impact VI 8CD
    Digitaljuice.Juicedrops.Volume.8.HighImpact.VI 1DVD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 09-High Tech and Internet 1DVD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 10-All American 1DVD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 11-Retro Clean 1DVD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 12-CorporateIndustrial.Time. Money 1DVD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 13-All Church 1DVD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 14-MedicalHealth. Education.Science
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 15-Weather & the Elements 1DVD
    Digital Juice Jump Backs Volume 16-High Impact VII 1DVD
    Digital.Juice.JumpBacks.Vol.17.Part.1-4 DVDR 5DVD
    Digital.Juice.Jump backs.Vol.18.Extreme.II 8CD
    Digital.Juice.Jump.backs.Vol.20-Subtle.Impact.part1/2 5CD
    Digitaljuice.Motionbacks.Volume.1.Pure.Tech 1CD
    Digitaljuice.Motionbacks.Volume.2.Soft.and.Subtle 1CD
    Digitaljuice.Motionbacks.Volume.3.Dynamic.Impact 1CD
    Digitaljuice.Motionbacks.Volume.4.Chaos 1CD
    Digitaljuice.Motionbacks.Volume.5.Ultra.Funk 1CD 2CD
    Eyewire Abstracts Between The Shadows 2CD
    Eyewire Backstage 2CD
    Eyewire.Business.Silhouettes 2CD
    Eyewire Crime and Justice 2CD
    Eyewire Cyber Tech 2CD
    Eyewire.City.Express 2CD
    Eyewire Edit Effects 1CD
    Eyewire Fabric Effects 2CD
    Eyewire fast Crowds 2CD
    Eyewire Hypervision 1CD
    Eyewire Health And Fitness 2CD
    Eyewire.Home.Office 2CD
    Eyewire.Industrial.Evolution 1CD
    Eyewire Liquid Fx 2CD
    Eyewire Objects in Motion 1CD
    Eyewire Paint Fx 2CD
    Eyewire Rush Hour 2CD
    Eyewire Senses 2CD
    Eyewire Time.Elements 2CD
    Eyewire Urban Aerials 1CD
    EyeWire Video Edit FX 2 2CD
    EyeWire Video Fire 2CD
    EyeWire Video Texture FX 2CD
    Eyewire Water Elements 2CD
    Eyewire World Flags 1 2CD
    Eyewire.Clouds.Pal 1CD
    Eyewire.Cosmic.Moves 3CD
    Eyewire.Motion.Fluid 2CD
    Eyewire.Caught.In.The.Act.New.York 2CD
    Eyewire.Motion.Hip.Business 2CD
    Eyewire Motion Gritty City 2CD
    Eyewire.Motion.Reel.People.Upbeat 2CD
    Eyewire Motion Business Day 2CD
    Eyewire.Motion.Digital.Joy 2CD
    Eyewire.Motion.Text.Fx 2CD
    Eyewire.Motion.Metaform 4CD
    Eyewire Motion Lightspeed 2CD
    EyeWire Motion Road Trips 2CD
    EyeWire.Motion.Synergy.BioTech 2CD
    Eyewire.Primal.Light 2CD
    Eyewrie Cool Characters 2CD
    Eyewrie Digital Vision Global 1CD
    Eyewrie Pure Water 2CD
    Eyewrie Reflections of Light 2CD
    Eyewrie Skyscapes 1CD
    Eyewire Synchronicity 2CD
    Eyewire.Synergy.Accelerated.Chaos 1CD
    Eyewire.Synergy.e-Code 2CD
    Eyewrie Storm Clouds 2CD
    PhotoDisc Wind Clouds 2CD
    PhotoDisc.Film.Series.06.Transport.and.Traffic 2CD
    PhotoDisc Film Series 5: Buildings and Monuments 1CD
    PhotoDisc Film Series 1 - Skyscapes 1CD
    Pro-Motion.Vol.7 4CD
    Pro-Motion.Vol.6 3CD
    Pro-Motion.Vol.5 4CD
    Pro-Motion.Vol.4 4CD
    Pro-Motion.Vol.3 3CD
    Pro-Motion.Vol.2 3CD
    Pro-Motion.Vol.1 3CD
    Rocket.Clips.Deadlines.and.Decisions 2CD
    RocketClips.Morning.Routine 2CD
    RubberBall.Beauty.and.Fitness 1CD
    RubberBall.Women.1 1CD
    Taste.Media.Auras 1CD
    Taste.Media.Chrome 1CD
    Taste.Media.Glass 1CD
    Taste.Media.Globes 1CD
    Taste.Media.Spiros 1CD
    Taste.Media.Water.Volume.1&2 2CD
    Tastemedia.Glass.Reflections 1CD
    Tastemedia.Hot.Metal.Cool.Chrome 1CD
    Thinkstock Footage Communication 1CD
    Thinkstock Footage Health And Beauty 1CD
    Thinkstock.Footage.Clouds 1CD
    Thinkstock.Footage.Urban.Business 1CD
    Thinkstock.Footage.Young.Adults 1CD
    Ugoku.Gu.Vol.03.Compo.Parts 3CD
    Ulead.City.Lights 1CD
    Ulead.Pick.a.Video.3D.Geometry 2CD
    Ulead Pick-a-Video: 3D Liquid 2CD
    Ulead.Pick.a.Video.3D.Universe 2CD
    Ulead.Pick-a-Video.Pro.vol.19.CG.Digital.Globe 3CD
    Ulead.Pick-a-Video.Pro.vol.20.CG.Festivities 3CD
    Ulead.Pick-a-Video.Pro.vol.21.CG.Seasons 3CD
    Vce !Pyromania.vol1 1CD
    Vce !Pyromania.vol2 1CD
    Vce.Visual.Effects.1.And.2 2CD
    Video-Sozaijiten Vol1-Vol 3 9CD
  12. ola

    ola Guest

    Tutorials & Manual CDs ::::::: , updated 16/Feb/2005

    3-D Human Modeling and Animation.Book 1CD
    3D Lighting Techniques 1CD
    3d.Studio.Max.Complete.FX.Design 2CD
    3D.Studio.MAX.MAXScript 101.Training 1CD
    3d.Studio.Max.Organic.Modeling.Training 1CD 1CD
    3D.Tutorial.XSI.Advanced.Character.Rigging.Volume.3.Set.1&2 4CD
    3D.Tutorial.XSI.Advanced.Rendertree.Techniques.Volume1 1CD
    3D.Tutorial.XSI.Advanced.Character.Rigging.Volume.2 3CD
    3dMax&Combustion Courseware 1CD
    3dMax&Combustion Courseware 1CD
    3DS.MAX4.Bible 1CD
    3ds.Max4.Workshop 1CD
    3DSMax 5 Training Videos 1CD
    3DSMax Nurbs Training With Frank Delise 1CD
    3dsmax.6.New.Features.Training.DVDrip 1CD
    50.Fast.Photoshop7.Techniques 1CD
    ACM.Siggraph.2004.full.Conference.DVDR 2DVD
    ACM.Siggraph.2004.Conference.Supplemental.VideosI.DVDR 2DVD
    Adobe.Photoshop.6.0.Classroom.In.A.Book 1CD
    Adobe.Photoshop.6.0.Classroom.In.A.Book 1CD
    Adobe.Photoshop.7.0.for.Photographers 1CD
    Adobe.Photoshop.7.One.Click.Wow 1CD
    Adobe.Photoshop.v6.0.for.Photographers 1CD 1CD 1CD 1CD 1CD 1CD
    Alias.Learning.Maya.6.Rendering.DVDrip 2CD
    Alias.Maya.5.Beginners.Guide.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.5.Beginners.Guide.Animation.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.5.Beginners.Guide.Modeling.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.5.Beginners.Guide.Rendering.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.5 Beginners Guide Dynamics.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.MasterClasses.2004 1DVD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques.Character.Articulation.for.Games.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques-Character.Setup.and.Rigging.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques.Custom.Character.Toolkit.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques.Flow.Workflows.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques.Hyper.Realistic.Modeling.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya Techniques Hyper Realistic Body Setup.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques-Introducing.MEL.for Games.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques-Mental.Ray.for.Maya.DVDR 1DVD
    Alias.Maya Techniques-Mental ray Custom Shaders DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques-Mental.Ray.for.Games 1DVD
    Alias.Maya.Techniques.Modeling.Human.Head.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias Maya Techniques.Motion Library and Trax Cycles DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya Techniques.Polygon Texturing.Shading and Lighting.DVDrip 1CD

    Alias.Maya.Techniques.Pre.VisualizationI.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Maya Techniques.The Making of Ryan.DVDrip 2CD
    Alias Wavefront 3dcd 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Entertainment 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Introduction to Maya 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Learning Maya Beginners Guide v4.5 DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Learning.Studio.Tools.Presentation.Techniques 2CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Learning.Studio.Tools.Level.II.Design.DVDrip 2CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Art to Engine 2 4CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Secrets of The Pros Book 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques Exploring Advanced Shading Networks
    DVDrip 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques Exploring Maya 5 Features DVDrip 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques Exploring Particles 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques Non-Organic Surface Modeling DVDrip 1CD

    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques Patch Modeling for Visual Effects 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques Understanding Fluid Effects 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques-Rigid Body Simulations for Visual
    Effects 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya Techniques-Using Mental Ray for Games DVDrip 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.Understanding.Fluid.Effects.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya v4 Paint FX Techniques 1CD
    Alias Wavefront Maya.Fast.Animation.Rigs.DVDrip
    Alias Wavefront.Learning maya modelling for animation.DVDrip 1CD
    Alias wavefront.Maya.Transition.Guide 1CD
    Alias Wavefront: Maya Games 1 Part 1 - Modeling and MEL 1CD
    Alias Wavefront: Maya Games 2 - Texturing Character Setup and Trax 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Learning.Maya.Rendering 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.Api.Devcon.Proceedings.Part.1 3CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.Api.Devcon.Proceedings.Part.2 3CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.Techniques.Melbot.Wars 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Maya.Training-Jesters.quesst 2CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Motion.Tracking.And.Cgi.Integration.In.Maya.Live 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Particles.For.Visual.Effects 2CD
    Alias.Wavefront Studio Tools Techniques Art to Part 1CD
    Alias.Wavefront.Using.Mental.Ray.for.Maya.DVDRIP 1CD
    Animating Real-Time Game Characters 1CD
    APTS.Final.Cut.Pro.4 1CD
    Avid Xpress DV v3 Training 1CD
    Avid.Softimage.Behavior.QuickStart 1DVD
    Avid.Softimage.XSi.Tutorial.Book.v3.0 1CD
    Avid.Softimage.XSI.v4.0.The.Principles.of.XSI 1DVD
    Beginning.Character.Rigging.In.Project.Messiah.For.Lightwave 1CD
    Carnera.3D.Lightwave Modeling Tutorial 1DVD
    Carnera.3D.Lightwave Modeling Tutorial.DVDrip 1CD
    CG.Academy.AfterBurn.Masters.1/2.Training.for.3Ds.Max 2DVD
    CG-Academy.Particle.Flow.Basics.2.for.3Ds.Max 1DVD
    CG Artist Training After Effects 5.5 Motion Design German 1CD
    CG.Toolkit.The.Making.of.Leon.Vol.I.DVDrip 1CD
    CG.Training Character Studio 4 Training DVDrip 4CD
    Character Rigging 3DsMax 5 Discreet Training DVDrip 1CD
    Chief.Architect.V8.0.Tutorial.CD 1CD
    Class.On.Demand.Lightwave.3D.Character.Builder.Vol.1-4 DVDrip 5CD
    Cmistudios.Learning.Shake.Advanced.Shake.DVDrip 1CD
    Cmistudios.Learning.Shake.Intermediate.Shake.DVDrip 1CD 1CD
    CNET.Learning.Macromedia.MX.Suite 1CD
    Cool.Breeze.Systems.Audio.Plugins.CSi.Master 1CD
    Cool.Breeze.Systems.Reason.CSi.Master 1CD
    Cool.Breeze.Systems.Waves.Plugins.CSi.Master 1CD
    Cool.School.Interactus.Vol.7.CubaseSX.Tutorial 1CD
    Cool.School.Interactus.ProTools.6.CSi.Master.2nd.Ed 1CD
    Creating.Motion.Graphics.with.After.Effects.Vol.2.2nd.Ed 1CD
    CSi.Cubase.SX.2.Starter.Tutorial.HYBRiD 1CD
    Cumbria Softimage XSI v2 Training Part2 2CD
    Cumbria XSI v2 Training 4CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R12.Online 5CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.Online 4CD
    Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.OnlineDocumentation.English 5CD
    Dedicated.Digital.Animal.Kingdom.3dcd 1CD
    Design Space V6.0.1 1CD
    Designworkshop.Professional.V1.9.3. 1CD
    Desktop.Images.Avid.Editing.Essentials.Level.1.DVDrip 1CD
    Desktop.Images.Avid.Workflow.And.Media.Management.Level.2 1DVD
    Desktop.Images.Avid.Advanced.Editing.Techniques.Level.3 1DVD
    Desktop.Images.Avid.Special.Effects.And.Color.Correction.Level.4 1DVD
    Desktop Images Character Modeling and Animation vol1-Head Modeling 1CD
    Desktop Images Character Modeling and Animation vol2.Body Modeling 2CD
    Desktop Images Character Modeling and Animation vol3 Model Rigging 1CD
    Desktop.Images.Distinguished.Backgrounds.DVDRIP 1CD
    Desktop.Images.Graphic.Details.DVDRIP 2CD
    Desktop.Images.Grand.Design.DVDRIP 2CD
    Desktop Images Lightwave 3D Renderer Two 1CD
    Desktop Images Lightwave Animate One & Two DVDrip 2CD
    Desktop Images Lightwave Explosive Effects with Hyper Voxels DVDrip 1CD
    Desktop Images Lightwave Particle FX Comcepts DVDrip 1CD
    Desktop Images Lightwave Understanding Hyper Voxels DVDrip 1CD
    Desktop.Images.LightWave6.Getting.Started 2CD
    Digimation Teach-O-Matic character studio 3 2CD
    Digitalmediatraining.Inside.Adobe.After.Effects.6 1DVD
    Digital.Cinematography.and.Directing.Book 1CD
    Digital.Compositing.In.Depth 2CD
    Digital.Media.Training.Series.Inside.Editing.With.Final.Cut.Pro.4 1DVD
    Digital.Tutors.Backwater.Bunch.Module.1-4 8CD
    Digital.Tutors.Exploring.Maya.Hair 1CD
    Digital.Tutors.Introduction to 3D: ZBrush Basics 1CD
    Digital.Tutors.Female.Android.Modeling 4CD
    Digital.Tutors.The.Neex.Project.1-2 2CD
    Digital.Tutors.Maya.Cloth.Training.KIT 1CD
    Digital Tutors Maya Fur Kit 1CD
    Digital.Tutors.Maya.Fluids.Training.KIT 1CD
    Digital.Tutors.MEL.Basics 1CD
    Digital.Tutors.Mental.Ray.for.Maya.Training.Kit 1CD
    Digital.Tutors.Maya Intermediate Poly Sub-D 5CD
    Digital.Element.Allen.Whitt.Tutorial.And.Source.Pack.Vol.1 2CD
    Digital.Tutors.Maya.Basics.Vol.1.2.3 3CD
    Discreet Advanced Character Animation 3dsmax 5 Training DVDrip 2CD
    Divion Head Modeling Tutorial and 3D Models 1CD
    DMTS.Inside.DVD.Studio.Pro.3.DVD.Mac.OSX 1DVD
    Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain 1CD
    DV.Garage.Maya.LAB.vol.1&2 3CD
    EDS Courses Guide for Unigraphics NX v2.0 1CD
    Enter Discreet Flame Flint Effect Inferno 4CD
    Essential CG Lighting Techniques Book 1CD
    Evermotion.Mental4Ever.DVDR Disc.I.Basic 1DVD
    Evermotion.Mental4Ever.DVDR Disc.II.Advanced.1DVD
    Flash MX Training From The Source 1CD
    Fmmt MasterCam Lathe v9 Training 1CD
    Geniusdv.Avid.Express.DV.Pro.Vol.1.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Carlos Huante.Vol.I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Dusso.Vol.I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Dusso.Vol.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Feng Zhu Vol.I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Feng Zhu Vol.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Feng Zhu Vol.III.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Harald.Belker.Vol.I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Harald.Belker.Vol.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Harald.Belker.Vol.III.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-James.Clyne.Vol.I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-James.Clyne.vol.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Mark.Goerner.Vol.I/II.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Neville Page Vol.1-4.DVDrip 4CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Ryan.Curch.vol.I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Ryan.Curch.vol.IV.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Ryan.Curch.vol.V.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Scott Robertson.vol.I.DVDRIP 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Scott Robertson.vol.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Scott Robertson.vol.III.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Scott Robertson.vol.IV.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Sculpture.III.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Sculpture.IV.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon.Analog.Training.Video-Sculpture.V.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.DVD-Mental.Ray.1-III 3DVD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Texturing IV DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Dynamics 1: Particle Tool, Create Emitter *DIVX* 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Character.Animation.I&II.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Character.Animation.III.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Concept Design I DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Concept Design II DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Concept Design III DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Concept Design IV DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Constraints I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Workshop.Constraints.I.DiVX 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Deformers I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training Video-Deformers.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training Video-Deformers.III.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-DEFORMERS. II.DIVX 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-DEFORMERS.I.DIVX 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-DEFORMERS.III.DIVX 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video Dynamics II DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video Dynamics.III.DVDRip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamic V DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Dynamics.VII.DVDRip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Dynamics.VIII.DVDRip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Dynamics IX DVDrip 3CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics IV DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics VI.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics VII DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics X DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics XI DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Dynamics.XII.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics XIII DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics XIV DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Dynamics.IX.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Expressions I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Expressions II.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Introduction to Maya DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Kinematic.I.divx 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Kinematics I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video Kinematics II DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video Kinematics III DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video Kinematics.IV.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Nurbs Modeling I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training video-Nurbs Modeling II.DVDrip 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Organic Modeling I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Organic Modeling II DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Polygon Modeling I DvdRip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Polygon Modeling II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Workshop.Polygon.Modeling.I.DiVX 1CD
    Gnomon.Workshop.Polygon.Modeling.II.DiVX 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Rendering I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Rendering II DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Rendering III DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Rendering IV DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Ryan Church.Vol.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Skinning.I.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video.Skinning.II.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Skinning I & II 2CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Skinning III DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Skinning IV.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video Texturing I DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Texturing II DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Texturing.III.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon Maya Training Video-Texturing.V.DVDrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Introduction.To.Maya 1CD
    Gnomon.Maya.Training.Video-Nurbs.Modeling.III.Dvdrip 1CD
    Gnomon.Online.Maya.Training 2CDs
    Gnomon Texture Mapping I: Materials and Textures *DIVX* 1CD
    Gnomon.WorkShop Sculpture.I.DVDRiP 2CD
    Gnomon.WorkShop Sculpture.II.DVDRiP 2CD
    HKS.ABAQUS.v6.5-1.Documentation 1CD
    Hypercd Total Training For Adobe Premiere 1CD
    Hydraulicdesign.Form.vs.Shape.Rhino.Tutorial.v2 1CD
    Inside Lightwave 6 v1.0 1CD
    Inside.Lightwave.5.5.cdrom-book 1CD
    Jeff.Lew.Learning.3D.Character.Animation.Part.1-3 3CD
    John Wiley Flash MX Design for TV and Video 1CD 1DVD
    Kaydara MotionBuilder.PE.v4.02.Video Tutorials 3CD
    Keyko.Photoshop.7.Personal.Training 3CD
    Laura Chappell Presents Audio Visual Training Library 9CD
    Learning Maya 3 1CD
    Learning Maya Character Rigging and Animation Book 1CD
    Lightwave 3D Professional Character Series Character Animation 1CD
    Lightwave 3D Professional Character Series Character.Moleling 1CD
    Lightwave 3D Professional Character Series Character.Rigging 1CD
    Lightwave 3D Professional Character Series Character.Texturing.I 1CD
    Lightwave 3D Professional Character Series Character.Texturing.II 1CD
    Lightwave 3D v7 Character Animation Book 1CD
    Lightwave.3d.Organic.Modeling.Animation.Divx 1CD
    Lightwave.3d.v6.Class.On.Demand.101.Divx 2CD
    Lightwave.3d.v6.Class.On.Demand.201.Divx 2CD
    Lightwave.3d.V6.Class.On.Demand.202.Divx 1CD
    Lightwave.3d.V6.Class.On.Demand.203.Divx 1CD
    Lightwave.3d.V6.Model.Two.Divx 2CD
    Lightwave.3d.V6.X.Character.Animation.Divx 2CD
    Lightwave 3D v7.5 Lighting Book 2CD
    LightwaveModeling.Animating.Human.Head. 2CD
    Lost.Pencil.Studios.Just.Animate.Walk.Cycles.for.3DSMax 1CD
    Lots.Of.Robots.for.Max5 2CD 1CD
    Lynda Com Advanced PhotoShop 6 2CD 2CD 2CD 1CD
    Lynda Com Getting Started With Corel Paint 8 1CD 1CD 2CD 2CD Hybrid 2CD 2CD
    Lynda Com Learning After Effects 5 2CD 2CD 2CD
    Lynda Com Learning Flash MX 2CD 3CD 1CD 1CD 3CD 1CD 1CD 2CD 1CD 2CD 2CD 1CD
    Lynda Com Online Getting Started With Corel Draw 11 1CD Online Training-New In Photoshop 7 1CD Photoshop 7 Brushes 1CD 1CD 1CD 1CD
    Macromedia MX Developer Resource KIT vol 1 1CD
    Macromedia MX Developer Resource KIT vol 2 1CD
    Macromedia.DevNet Resource Kit Product Volume 3 1CD
    Macromedia Devnet Resource Kit Volume 5 1CD
    Marks Photoshop 7 Master KIT 2CD
    Mastering Materials With Softimage XSI 3CD
    Mastering.Dreamweaver.MX 1CD
    Masters.Of.Maya-Subdivision.Surfaces.Tape.i.divx 2CD
    Masters.Of.Maya-Subdivision.Surfaces.Tape.ii.divx 1CD
    Matering Illustrator 10 1CD
    Max.To.Maya.Training Video 2CD
    Maya Techniques How to Integrate Quadrupeds Into a Production Pipiline
    DVDrip 1CD
    Maya.Advanced.Character.Modeling.Divx 1CD
    Maya.Advanced.Shading.Networks.Divx 1CD
    Maya.Master.Brush.Up.On.Paint.Effects 1CD
    Maya.Master.Mastering.Human.Character 1CD
    Maya.Master.The.Making.Of.Bingo.Divx 2CD
    Maya.Techniques.Rendering.2D.Effects.In.A.3d.Environment 1CD
    Maya.V4.Modeling.Techniques-Working.With.Subdivision.Surfaces 1CD
    McGraw.Hill.Osborne.Photoshop7.Virtual.Classroom 1CD
    Mesmer Com Real Alias Wavefront Maya Mentalray DVDrip 3CD
    Mesmer.Game.Environments.with.3ds.Max.DVDrip 1CD
    Mesmer.Real.XSI.Character.Modeling.for.Animation.Part.1-3 6CD
    Mesmer.Real.XSI.Character.Modeling.for.Animation 1DVD 1CD 1CD
    MSC Documentation 2005 1CD
    MSC Patran v2003 Documentation 1CD
    New Riders Digital Character Animation 2 vol1&2 1CD
    New Riders Press - Inside 3D Studio Max 4 1CD
    New.Riders.Digital Lighting & Rendering 1CD
    Newtek.Lightwave.3D.Next.Dimension.Tour.CD 2CD
    NewTek.LightWave.3D.World.Community.Tour 1CD
    PcAudiolabs.Cubase.SX.Video.Manual.and.Tutorial.VIDEO 2CD
    Peachpit.Press.The.Illustrator.10.Wow.Book 1CD
    Peachpit.Press.The.Painter.7.Wow.Book 1CD
    Peachpit.Press.The.Photoshop.7.Wow.Book 1CD
    Photoshop.6.WOW.Book 1CD
    Photoshop.v6.0.Bible.Gold.Edition 2CD
    Rendering With Mental Ray HandBook vol1 1CD
    Rhino Cinemagic Tutorials 1CD
    Secrets of Rhinoceros 1CD
    Side FX Houndini v4 Interface Overrview 1CD
    Siggraph 2000 Course Notes 2CD
    Siggraph 2000 Proceedings 1CD
    Siggraph 2001 Course Notes 3CD
    Siggraph 2002 Conference Abstracts And Appplications 2CD
    Siggraph 2002 Electronic Theater 2CD
    Siggraph 2002 Maya Master Classes 1CD
    Siggraph 2002.Course Notes 3CD
    Siggraph.2002.Animation.Theater.vol.1.DVDrip.SVCD 2CD
    Siggraph 2003 San Diego Animation Theater DVDrip 2CD
    Siggraph 2003.San.Diego.Electronic.Theater.DVDrip 1CD
    Siggraph.2004.LA.Electronic.Theater.DVDR 1DVD
    Siggraph.2004.Course.Notes 2CD
    Simplymaya.Com.VIP.Videos.Vol.1 1CD
    Softimage 3D Character Kit I Tape 1 1CD
    Softimage 3D Character Kit I Tape 2 1CD
    Softimage 3D Character Kit II Tape 1 1CD
    Softimage 3D Character Kit II Tape 2 1CD
    Softimage 3D Realistic Character Developement I 1CD
    Softimage 3D Realistic Character Developement II 1CD
    Softimage XSI Mastering Lighting 2CD
    Softimage XSI Mastering Materials Recap 2CD
    Softimage XSI Mastering Rendering 2CD
    Software Video FlashMX Training Level 1-2-3 3CD
    Software Video FlashMX Training Level 4-5-6 3CD
    Software.Video.Illustrator.10 3CD
    Spectrasonics.Stylus.RMX.v1.0.Tutorial 1CD
    Street.Productions.Combustion.3.Training.01-08 8DVD
    Sybex.Photoshop.6.Learning.Studio 2CD
    Tascam.GigaStudio.Mastery.Video.Tutorial 4CD
    Teach-O-Matic.Reactor 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Combustion.3.In.Depth.Training.DVDRIP.Vol1-2 4CD
    Technical.Animations.Combustion.3.In.Depth.Training.Vol.3 DVDrip 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Combustion.3.In.Depth.Training.Project.files 1CD
    Technical Animations Discreet 3Dsmax v5 Training DVDrip vol 2 1CD
    Technical Animations Discreet 3Dsmax v5 Training DVDrip vol 5&6 2CD
    Technical Animations Discreet 3Dsmax v5 Training DVDrip vol1 1CD
    Technical Animations Discreet 3Dsmax v5 Training DVDrip vol4 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.1 2CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.2 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.3 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.4 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.5 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.6 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.7 1CD
    Technical.Animations.Discreet.Combustion.v2.Training.DVDrip.vol.8 1CD
    The Animators GYM for Alias Wavefront Maya v4.X 1CD
    The.Art.Of.Maya 1CD
    The.Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers 1CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Audition.1.5.Project.Files 1CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Audition.1.5.Volume.1&2.DVDRip 5CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Illustrator.CS.Vol1-5 5DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Video.Collection.from.Edit.to_Output.DVDR.01 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Video.Collection.from.Edit.to_Output 02 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Video.Collection.from.Edit.to_Output.Project 1CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Encore.Project.Discs 2CD
    Total.Training.The.Essentials.of.Adobe.Encore.DVDrip 3CD
    Total.Training.The.Essentials.of.Adobe.Encore 1DVD
    Total.Training.The.Essentials.of.Adobe Audition DVDrip 4CD
    Total.Training.The.Essentials.of.Adobe Audition.DVDR 1DVD
    Total.Training.for.After.Effects.6.Pro.Series.1.DVDRIP 5CD
    Total.Training.for.After.Effects.6.Pro.Series.2.DVDRIP 5CD
    Total.Training.for.After.Effects.6.Pro.Series.3.DVDRIP 6CD
    Total.Training.for.After.Effects.6.Pro.Series.4.DVDRIP 8CD
    Total.Training.Whats.New.In.After.Effects.6.5 01&Project 2DVD
    Total.Training.Whats.New.In.After.Effects.6.5 02 1DVD
    Total Training for Adobe Photoshop 6 Series 1 3CD
    Total Training for Adobe Photoshop 6 Series 2 2CD
    Total Training for Adobe Photoshop 6 Series 3 2CD
    Total.Training.for.Adobe.Photoshop.CS.Disk 1-7 DVDrip 7CD
    Total.Training.for.Adobe.Photoshop.CS.01-07 7DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Set.1.Disk.1 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Set.1.Disk.2 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Set.2.Disk.1 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Set.2.Disk.2 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Set.3.Disk.1 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Set.3.Disk.2 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Project.Files 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Whats.New 1DVD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.1.5.Whats.New.Project.Files 1DVD
    files 2DVD
    Total Training For Adobe Premiere 6 Series 2 3CD
    Total Training For Adobe Premiere 6 Series 3 3CD
    Total Training for Adobe Premiere 6.5 Series 2 2CD
    Total Training for Adobe Premiere 6.5 Series 3 3CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.After.FX.5.Upgrade.Part1 3CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.After.FX.5.Upgrade.Part2 2CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.After.FX.5.Upgrade.Part3 2CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.After.FX.5.Upgrade.Part4 2CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.Set.1.DVDRip 3CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.Set.2.DVDRip 3CD
    Total.Training.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.Set.3.DVDRip 3CD
    Total.Training.Quark.Xpress.To.InDesign.CS.Making.The.Switch 1CD
    Total.Training.for.Adobe.Photoshop.7 1CD
    Total Training: Adobe Photoshop CS Tips & Tricks 1CD
    Total.Training.For.Adobe.Premiere.6.All.Series.Support.CD 1CD
    Total.Training.for.Adobe.Premiere.6.lvl1 1CD
    Total.Training.For.Adobe.Premiere.6.Series.1 3CD
    Total.Training.Inc.Total.Training.For.Adobe.Photoshop.7.Complete 9CD
    Turbo.Training.Advanced.Visual.Effects.for.3Ds.MAX.Vol1-3.DVDrip 5CD
    TURBO.SQUID.3dsmax.Video.Tutorial.and.Scenes.Collection 2CD
    Tutorial templates for Maya Live 2CD
    Upperspace.Instant.Digital.Photo.Fix.v1.0 1CD
    Vegas.4.0.Editing.Workshop.Part1-4.DVDRip.XviD 4CD
    Vegas Video Advanced Topics Tutorial 1CD
    Waves.Production.Mixing.Mastering.Book.iSO 1CD
    VTC.Adobe.Encore.Training 1CD
    VTC.Acid.Pro.Total.Production.Essentials 1CD
    VTC.Adobe.Illustrator.CS 1CD
    VTC.Adobe.Photoshop.Image.Restoration 1CD
    VTC.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.Training 1CD
    VTC.Avid.Xpress.Pro.4 1CD
    VTC.Final.Cut.Pro.4 1CD
    VTC.Macromedia.Freehand.MX 1CD
    VTC.Maya.Fundamentals 1CD
    VTC Adobe After Effects 5.5 Essentials 1CD
    VTC VFX Aftereffects Boot Camp Traning 8CD
    VTC.Cinema.4d.Training.Course 2CD
  13. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    FreeAgent for news, Eudora in sponsored mode for email.

    - Franc Zabkar
  14. dmm

    dmm Guest

  15. Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson Guest is an option.
    Thats how wlmart is the US can sell a desktop machine for US$250
    and a laptop for US$500 complete with software
    Microsoft antispyware
    I've found to work better than adaware and spybot
    even if it is still labeled as a beta
    staroffice as well

    Might as well install firefox and thunderbird
    sunbird for calendar
    The builtin support for cd burning in windows xp
    is quite easy to use but isn't easy for people to find
  16. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    I am addicted to Post-It software notes
    It substitutes for the paper Post-it notes that many people have stuck
    to their monitor. You can add an alarm to a note to alert you when you
    really must take action. The Lite version is free but is restricted to
    on-screen notes. The $US15.00 (downloadable) version that I use allows
    you to organise off-screen notes into folders.

    While checking the URL for this post I came across the Microsoft
    Partner Pack <> which
    includes the Lite version and some other software that might interest
    your customers.
  17. Yes, I have that, but can not find good client. The one I use is SQLog and I
    am not happy with it.

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