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Free 3D Maxwell's equations solver for cylinder cavity resonator?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Calvin Guan, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Calvin Guan

    Calvin Guan Guest


    I'm trying to build an air filled cylinder cavity resonator excited by
    coaxial probe like this:(view using fix font)

    port1 50 ohm coax feedline port 2
    | |
    | ___________________ |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    V | | V
    -------- --------
    ---------- -----------
    -------- --------
    | |
    | || |
    tuning screw

    The coax probe is expected to excite the E field inside the cavity. The
    resonator is expected to work in TM011 mode. I want to solve the E and M
    fields inside the cavity and get the S parameters giving the size of the
    cavity, the probes and the characteristics of the metal. My EM theory tells
    me this configuration should work. I'm not a paid RF/MW engineer or an
    academic so I couldn't afford the commercial EM solver. This is a hobby
    project. Does anyone know if there is any free solver can handle this
    problem? Is this problem best solved by FDTD? How about MoM and FEM?

  2. Calvin Guan

    Calvin Guan Guest

    No answer?

    I did a lot of research and knew that this is not a simple problem as I
    thought. I think I need to code my own fullwave solver and hopefully make it
    available for free if I ever get it working.
  3. Guest

    Try this
  4. Calvin Guan

    Calvin Guan Guest

    I worked on my own 3D fullwave solver on and off. Now it's WORKING - well
    kind of. From my simulation, I found it easier to rearrange the probes to
    excite the cavity in TE011 instead of TM mode. It's easier for me to build.

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