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four Lead Acid batteries

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Harry Muscle, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. Harry Muscle

    Harry Muscle Guest

    AH stands for Amp Hours, so you could draw 4.5 Amps for 1 hour or 9 Amps for
    half an hour, etc.

  2. Jif

    Jif Guest


    i have 4 batteries (identical) 6v / 4.5AH

    if i connect them (parallel or series)
    do i get the total volts and ampere (6V x 4 =24V) or (4.5Amp x 4=18Amp)

    btw: it is writen 4.5AH for ampers, what is the AH stand for and means

    deep thanks

  3. AH == Ampere*Hours Thus, a 4.5AH battery will supply 4.5A for one hour
    or 1A for 4.5H, or there abouts (the discharge curve isn't linear).
  4. AH is amp-hours: it is a measure of how much energy the battery stores. A
    4.5AH battery will supply 4.5 amperes for one hour before discharging; or 1A
    for 4.5hrs; or 3A for 1.5hrs; you get the picture. It's an approximation;
    often the amount of current you draw affects the battery's efficiency. So
    it really means "4.5AH at the optimal discharge rate, and less otherwise."

    The actual amount of current the battery can provide is determined by its
    internal impedance. Could be 100A, could be 0.1A, no way to know from your

    If you put batteries in series, the voltage adds, but the current capability
    (that is, the actual amount of current the battery can provide) is

    If you put batteries in parallel, the voltage is unchanged, but the current
    capability adds, at least within the limits of how much current the wiring
    and the connectors can handle.

    Regardless of how they're hooked up, the energy capacity (AH) of each
    individual battery is unchanged. So, if you hook four in parallel, you've
    got a 6v 18AH battery.
  5. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

    There is a difference.
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