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Follow-up on: TV speaker amplifeir

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by micky, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. micky

    micky Guest

    Follow-up on: TV speaker amplifeir

    Started March 1, 2013

    When last we talked, you had recommended ferrite cores to keep RF
    interference from the wires.

    I had bought a small 12 v audio amplifer. My input came from the
    earphone jack of my 12" tv, the output went to a set of phonograph
    speakers from a 1930's record player/radio, which were mounted above
    the bathtub between the bathroom ceiling and the wall. and the power
    came from an old wall wart.

    The audio was indeed amplifed but a radio station also came out of the

    I placed 2 cores around the input, one of them wrapped an extra time
    before he core was closed. One core around the output. I couldn't
    get the 4th core around the 12 v supply, so I put it around all the
    wires going into the amplifier. (Right next to the little black box
    the wires were thin, so I could do that.)

    It didn't help. The radio still came through. In fact I could turn
    off the DVDR input to the antenna terminals fo the TV, and the radio
    came through loud and clear, with no tv interference of course..

    So I gave up, opened the tv and removed the resistor to the earphone
    jack. Now I have the tv volume set all the way up and use the
    wall-mounted volume control to adjust the volume. Usually that
    control is set pretty low, and the sound seems fine, better than the
    one or two inch tv speaker that's for sure. Plus I don't have to use
    the remote control to adjust the volume.

    I wanted the other plan to work, so it would with any tv I put in this
    spot, or elsewhere, since the tvs fail eventually. But I gave it a
    shot and I'm happy.

    Thanks for all the help, in this project and the previous one.
  2. gregz

    gregz Guest

    I would always use caution touching electrical in the bathroom, and never
    while in the tub.

  3. Which was already hashed out when he brought it way back when.

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