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FM or AM transmitter?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by nos, Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. nos

    nos Guest

    I am looking for a sort of wireless mi rophone that's really small
    to use on stage(we want the actor to wear it). I looked at commercial ones,
    but they're way too expensive. I was hoping to make a simple one myself(it
    doesn't have to be great sound quality) and, after looking at some kits I
    came to the conclusion that the simple fm transmitters were unsuitable
    because their broadcast frequency probably shifts too much and too easily
    since none of them are crystal controlled.

    Could I use a VXCO somehow to transmit FM? (maybe with a frequency doubler
    or something)

    Does anyone have any good designs for stable FM transmitters? (I found out
    there's 2 nice single chip transmitters, the BH1417 and BH1416 by rohm but
    the design in the datasheet is for line input only. I guess I just add an
    amp and a mic? are there any components I could leave out from the datasheet
    design to simplify it?) also, the single chip designs have AGC, so that
    would be a plus.

    Could I just use a 1 MHz oscillator (like a can type) and some
    discretes(including a mic) for a transmitter?

    I found a good looking design at for an am transmitter, but
    again it's for line level input, and adding an amp would make it larger

    Thanks for any suggestions, all are appreciated.
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