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Fluxgate magnetometer core

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Clifford Heath, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Nice little project in Circuit Cellar - kudos to the author - who
    made a 1-D fluxgate magnetometer using an ordinary ferrite toroid.
    He mentions that a material of high permeability was used because
    it's easy to saturate - keeps power requirements down.

    I never studied magnetics, but I'd like to understand this more.
    Anyone care to point me to a tutorial or something that covers the
    material accurately but without too many incomprehensible mathematical
    symbols? Or just comment directly on the types of ferrite and what
    you can expect from them...?

    Clifford Heath.
  2. Guest

    The EPCOS - formerly Siemens - application notes are about as good as
    you can get, which doesn't make them all that easy to follow. this one
    might be a place to start.;/PDF_GeneralDefinitions.pdf
  3. Thanks Bill, that's useful.
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