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Fluorescent lighting help

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Nicolas Mailhot, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Please excuse me if my question is a bit naïve. I know little about
    lighting science, only that I like compact fluos that do not spend their
    time dying (like incandescents) or frying passing insects (like halogen).

    I bought some years ago a 55W Luce Plan Light Disc
    ( to light my
    living room. It's a wonderful product and it totaly met my expectations
    (I needed a thin ceil-hugging beautiful light source)

    Now I'm toying with the idea of endearing this Christmas another room
    with a Luce Plan product. The spherical Agave 26 seems about right
    design, size and price-wise

    However I'm totally lost at the lamp selection stage : should I go
    21W FTB E27 ? 26, 32 or 42 W GX24 Q3/4 ? What other things should I pay
    attention to (Kelvin rating ?)

    The target room measurements are :
    L = 3,7 m
    W = 2,8 m
    H = 2,6 m

    It's a quiet room with light blue walls.

    Opinions on sizing the lamp would be very welcome!

  2. Jeff Engel

    Jeff Engel Guest

    I've seen this fixture in a showroom, and would
    advise going with the EL ballast / GX24 lamp.
    I'd ask the seller to confirm which lamp(s)
    work with the EL ballast. The way the catalog
    page is written, it might be that the same
    ballast powers all 3 wattage lamps. In any
    case, go with the 42 Watt, This is not an
    efficient fixture; your light emerges through a
    great expanse of acrylic. Plus you can add a
    filter, which absorbs light also. A filter will
    forestall the inevitable discussion of Corrected
    Color Temp. and CF lamps. This newsgroup is
    well prepared to blast that subject.
  3. Thomas Paterson a écrit :
    Ok, if everyone agrees GX it is. Seems most dealers only propose the E27
    option though :(
    3000K with high CRI. Won't this part be useful only if no colour filter
    is used ?
    Looking at their catalog seems to be a wallet killer ;)
    Wrong continent there unfortunately

    Thanks for the advice !
  4. Jeff Engel a écrit :
    Well this is a quiet room, I don't want too much light in there too. If
    I wanted another powerful fixture I'd buy another Light Disc :)

    Unfortunately the Luceplan site does not seem to sent the registration
    mails necessary to access the technical data on their lamps, I'd love to
    know what the actual attenuation is.

  5. Thomas Paterson a écrit :
    Not that this will happen every year ;)
    Some people have measured consumption of GXs and found that bad quality
    bases can eat quite a lot of energy. On average E27s were more efficient
    (but I do expect Luceplan tu use quality bases).

    Also in my particular case, I have access to insane electricity prices,
    and I only care on general grounds.
    At that price I don't want to mess with the product (horror recoil)
    In the city of lights (Paris, France). Where rent prices make light
    fictures about the only economical design statement, because they hang
    on the ceiling and do not consume expensive space (unfortunately
    prevalent furniture style was already too old for my grandma when she
    furnished her flat, I can't stand it, and finding modern design is not easy)
    Well regular people have the space to buy lots of furniture, I don't.
    Though I agree on the spiralling upwards bit.

    Now while browsing for Agave ELs I've found the Artemide Edge which
    looks very nice too

    I'm wondering if the Edge simple design won't pass the test of time
    better (looking at the fixture dimensions I need the small one with a
    20W E27 – every site but architonic says that's how it's intended to be

    However I'm afraid the white version + blue walls will be awfully
    gloomy, and the variant with multicolour faces clash horribly. What do
    you think ?
    Actually comparing y-lighting and european sites, big brands are the
    same but the actual models are often different.
    Going there...
    Shouldn't have written this, you earned a few new questions now :)

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