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fluorescent ballast lifespan

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by zawy, Jul 23, 2003.

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  1. zawy

    zawy Guest

    If you disconnect all the fluorescent lights from a ballast, but the
    ballast still gets power, does it harm the ballast?
  2. carl

    carl Guest

    also, whas does it do?
  3. Wade Hassler

    Wade Hassler Guest

    Not for a while. It sits there, acting as a 12-or-so-watt heater until
    it dies from heat or the insulation breaks down from the high voltage.
    Costs you either way- turn off the power.
    Wade H
  4. carl

    carl Guest

    High Frequency electronic ballast designed for use with linear fluorescent
    Ideal for upgrading existing installation by simply taking a direct mains
    feed into the ballast and changing the wall switch to a momentary action for
    on/off dimming control.
    a.. SwitchDim operation

    b.. Dimming range from 10-100%

    c.. Lamp start at 10%

    d.. Defined lamp warm start within 1,5 seconds with a.c and 0·6 seconds
    with d.c.

    e.. Switch via the mains or with digital control signal

    f.. Integrated SMART interface

    g.. Constant light output independent of fluctuating supply voltage

    h.. DC operation in emergency lighting installations

    i.. Safe shutdown of defective lamps

    j.. Automatic restart after lamp replacement

    technical specification

    Supply voltage 220-240V a.c (200-280V d.c)
    Power factor 0·95
    Operating temp range -15°C to + 60°C
    Operating frequency 40KHz to 100KHz
  5. N. Thornton

    N. Thornton Guest


    It depends on whether you're in US or UK. Here a tubelses fitting is
    practically an open circuit, the ballast will eat nothing and last
    forever ilke that. Our fittings use choke and glowstarter, not an
    autotransformer like the mericans use.

    Regards, NT
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