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Floppy Drive not working

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Efandin, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. Efandin

    Efandin Guest

    I just manage to get my new system I put up booting and having WinXP
    Pro installed. However, on the first screen it gave me a message that
    "Floppy disk(s) fail (40)". However, when I check property or trouble
    shoot the floppy drive, it says "the device is working properly".
    But when I insert a diskett, it cannot be read. The floppy drive was
    from my old P2 system. What wrong? Thanks.
  2. PS2? Floppy drive is an IBM special? May not be a standard PC drive - I
    would try another. If I recall correctly PS2 drives were 720 K also will
    not read a HD disk. Is it set to 720 K in the bios?


  3. Change the drive to one that is more modern, and conforms for the BIOS
    in your mother board. It should work, if there is nothing defective.

    Jerry Greenberg
  4. Quack

    Quack Guest

    I just manage to get my new system I put up booting and having WinXP
    there can be 3 reasons for this;

    - your floppy drive is misconfigured in the BIOS.

    This is easy to fix, follow the on-screen menus and instructions.
    (read the motherboard book if necesary).

    - your floppy drive cable is plugged in the wrong way around.

    I find that when upgrading old systems, some older floppy drives had
    an reversed connector - although in modern machines it is standard to
    face the RED side of the ribbon cable to the power side of the drive -
    some of these 'standards' were not so standard a few years back.

    When your system boots, or windows trys to access the drive, does the
    floppy led light up ? If not this is most likely the problem.

    0R is it always lit ? In this case, this is also most likely the

    Try reversing the cable and see what happens.

    - your floppy drive is old, incompatible or faulty.

    get a new one :)
    windows will always say that if the bios says you have one.
    Again, when you 'insert' a disk, what happens on the floppy drive LED
    (see above)


    BTW - everyone said "ps2" in response to the old system - but i would
    have taken "P2 system" to mean his old "pentium 2" machine.
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