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flexible pcb repair

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Sean, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Sean

    Sean Guest

    I am in a bit of a fiddle as I have a projector worth over $2500 and the
    flexible pcb connecting one of the lcd panels to the main board has broken
    (the gold fingers have been cut off - of course this is due to me opening
    the thing up in the first place so it's my stupidity) - The flexible PCB is
    still long enough to reach the connector but it needs gold fingers on it ..
    I know that technically it is possible to repair this but really specialised
    equipment is necessary.
    Is there a service anywhere in Perth where I can pay someone to fix this
    PCB!? .. I have no alternative as apparently the lcd panels cannot be
    replaced individually and to fix the unit will cost in excess of $2700 - not
    worth it! I hate to see a perfectly good 6month old projector goto waste
    because of one cable breakage..

    Thanks for any advice,

  2. Alan

    Alan Guest

    Sun Industries in Osborne Park make flexible PCBs, maybe they could
    suggest a fix or repair it for you.

    Jenal Communications
    Manufacturers and Suppliers of HF Selcall
    P O Box 1108, Morley, WA, 6943
    Tel: +61 8 9370 5533 Fax +61 8 9467 6146
    Web Site:
  3. Mate, you are such a tool.

  4. Caliban

    Caliban Guest

    The covering on the tracks can be removed if they are in the right place
    to fit in the connector. It's a separate laminated layer that you may
    be able to remove with care and a scalpel.

    Alternatively contact the service agent for the brand and get a new
    board fitted.
  5. Mark Harriss

    Mark Harriss Guest

    Mate, you are such a tool.

  6. Parmin

    Parmin Guest

    "Sean" <> while reading the NewsGroups,
    found courage and express out opinion in

  7. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Here's another method using 3M Scotch 9703 conductive tape:

    "Tape 9703 is an isotropic, electrically conductive, pressure
    sensitive adhesive (PSA) transfer tape. It is a permanently tacky
    system consisting of a PSA matrix with aligned conductive particles.
    These particles allow electrical conduction through the adhesive
    thickness ("Z-axis"), but not in the plane of the tape."

    More Z-axis conductive tapes:

    - Franc Zabkar
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