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Flexible Jumper operations

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Winfield Hill, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Winfield Hill wrote...
    That's apparently a 6" line with a strain-relief section,
    they're hooking up, to a manifold I suppose. The main
    collecting top cap is still going, live feed continuing
    from Skandi ROV 2.
  2. Winfield Hill wrote...
    If I try to get more than two BP live feeds running at
    once, FireFox crashes.
  3. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    Try it in Exploder.
  4. Winfield Hill wrote...
    Yep. Flexible jumper ops underway again, with both of
    Boa Deep C's two ROVs involved. I wish they'd say more
    (anything) about what's going on. A new ship dropping
    down its line? A higher recovery rate? That'd be nice.
    Fascinating viewing anyway. Just open a little window.

    Yesterday, July 4th, was a very interesting day, with
    five to six ROVs at work at once for most of the day.
    They seemed to be making sensor tests, changing sensors,
    dropping down a new sensor manifold, all kinds of stuff.

    No holiday for those blokes!

    I'm hoping BP is getting their act together; it's very
    frustrating to watch the oil gush from the top cap week
    after week, and not all that hard actually. There it is
    all concentrated, just crying to be sucked up - so let's
    get with it guys!
  5. Winfield Hill wrote...
    Phew, 6 hours later they're still working with the mile
    of 6" dia pipe from a surface ship, the "flexible jumper"
    and a big yellow plug-in fitting, so y'all still have a
    chance to watch live action as this connection is made.
  6. Winfield Hill wrote...
    The strain-relief "jumper" section and two ROVs, down a
    mile deep. We got to see one looking at the other, good
    way to grasp what's happening. Check it out.
  7. Winfield Hill wrote...
    Eight hours into the flexible-jumper operation, since I
    signed on anyway, and they're still at it, with two ROVs
    monitoring the jumper and its big yellow connector. We
    must have two very exhausted ROV operators, unless they
    have handed off the screens and controls to fresh victims.

    I took a quick look at the other ten live ROV feeds, but
    didn't see anything hinting at what's going on, unless it's
    Skandi #2. But I do know there are a number of other ROVs
    at work at the wellhead from time to time, besides the 12
    ROVs that have live feeds, because I've seen their lights.
  8. Winfield Hill wrote...
    You guys have been missing an interesting show. Skandi #2
    is standing well off the tall BOP riser, with the gusher
    and top cap. Where two ROVs are standing watch, Skandi #1
    and another. They look like small squared-off autos.

    Skandi #2 appears to be holding a sensor, perhaps waiting a
    turn to install it. He just finished a nice scan up and
    down the huge riser so we could see the entire setup.

    The flexible-jumper is positioned right by the riser, and
    the lights of a fourth ROV can be seen beyond the jumper.
    That would be the Boa Deep C, whose feed we started with.

    Skandi #2 is getting busy now.
  9. Winfield Hill wrote...
    Flexible jumper installation underway it appears.
    See Boa Deep C #2.
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