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Flexible Antenna

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by SimonH, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. SimonH

    SimonH Guest


    I'm trying to find some information on an antenna design I saw on
    Tomorrows World a few (probably 10) years ago.

    This is my recollection of it :
    It was made of concentric circles of foil and was completely flat. In
    the demo they recieving satellite tv on a roller blind with it on. I
    seem to remember them saying it was invented during the second world

    Any ideas on what it is called or where I may be able to get more

    cheers in advance

  2. Hi,

    Sounds like some form of Fresnel antenna. Have a look for one of
    the SETI groups as I know that they have kicked the idea around. It is
    a thick (three-dimensional) device however and not just metal circles
    on a substrate.

    Cheers - Joe
  3. Fresnel zone plate antennas

    used to be a company called Mawzones that was commercilasing them

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