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Flawed Vacuum Cleaners.

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bjay, Jan 24, 2004.

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  1. Bjay

    Bjay Guest

    Flawed Vacuum Cleaners.

    The Vacuum Cleaners we use have many major flaws.

    1/. They release contaminated air back into the home environment.

    2/. They blow dust from furniture allowing it to become air born.

    3/. They needlessly waste large amounts energy.

    The 22 million cleaners used in the UK waste almost all the power taken
    from UK Wind Farms.

    4/. They are noisy and smelly.

    An alternative to the Vacuum Cleaner exists and has undergone over ten years
    of testing.

    But because of the reluctance of cleaner manufacturers to change their
    designs, I now call for others to help me to impress their Governments on
    the importance of this project and to spread the information.

    More information about the "Air Recycling Cleaner" can and be found at,

    Ben Edginton


    An Extract from information on the Home page

    "High-efficiency particulate arrest-filter vacuum cleaners increase personal
    cat allergen exposure in homes with cats."
    North West Lung Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK
  2. jriegle

    jriegle Guest


    ??? Just how long do you use yours? Oh yeah, that's right. SPAM!
  3. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Poor suckers for poor suckers?
  4. bushbadee

    bushbadee Guest

    There are all sorts of vacuum cleaners that have hepa filters and the air
    they return to the room is cleaner than the air they take out.

    Another thing they have finally discovered, the motor is now on the downwind
    side of the filter.
    Keeps things out of the motor (When Hoover went to a small turbine from
    their large one, gd knows how many turbines I had to repair)
    also keeps the motor and turbine a lot cleaner
  5. EEng

    EEng Guest

    Microsoft will be marketing their new vacuum cleaners in March. Its
    called the MSVacuum and is the only thing they make that doesn't suck.
  6. John Gilmer

    John Gilmer Guest

    Even without the HEPA filters the better machines and better disposable bags
    were very good. We have used a Kirby for about 12 years. Those bags may
    not be HEPA but they are GOOD as I shall relate:

    After we got the Kirby we decided to let yet another vacuum clearner
    salesperson (female) into the house. She was selling "Rainbow" vacuums
    which ran the exhause through some water. The water did a pretty good job
    of soaking up the dust, I suppose. The woman wanted to demonstrate how
    much dust the Kirby let back into the room so she plugged in a photoflood
    lamp and shined the light next to the bag. She turned on the Kirby and
    started beating on the bag. In her rehersals I guess the bag made a bunch
    of "dust" which the photoflood would make obvious. Unfortunately for her,
    no matter how hard she beat on the Kirby bag there just wasn't any dust!
    Its a "nobrainer" to cool the motor separely from the air being drawn up
    from that which you are trying to clean (regardless of whether you filter
    before or after the turbine.)
    But the nature of vacuum is that you can only "suck" so hard. The Kirby
    approach was to use a simple one stage turbine (somewhat like the compressor
    turbines used in turbo-chargers). Metal objects tend to make a few dings
    in the impeller (and we ended up replacing one impreller when a screw
    bounced about) but you get a nice high vacuum at the floor!

    If you try to "suck" through the bag, you need a LOT more energy to get the
    same effect at the floor. Central Vacs are very inefficient in this regard
    and often have several stages to overcome the pressure loss in the bag, in
    the plumbing, and in the long (20' typically) hose.
  7. bushbadee

    bushbadee Guest

    ha ha ha ha very good.
  8. Bjay

    Bjay Guest

    Even if this were true the air that is blown from them disturbs dust in the
    room making it airborne.
    And if the air was clean why do they sell scented sachets to put into the
    dust bag ?.
    Perfectly correct the old dirty fan system had even more problems than the
    present Vacuum Cleaners.
  9. KR Williams

    KR Williams Guest

    Your house sucks that much?
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