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flat screen deposits

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by gregz, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. gregz

    gregz Guest

    Was stalking a stink bug on tv, then noticed the back of the set. Got spots
    around the plastic, as if bugs left muddy looking patches, or something
    growing. I don't think the the bugs did it, and I don't have moisture
    problems. Can't figure. ??

  2. poop?

    does it wipe off with a moist rag?
  3. gregz

    gregz Guest

    Seems water soluble. They come off by scraping, or crushes into dust. I
    don't see this anywhere else.

  4. very weird, never seen anything like that.
  5. I prefered knock off blu-shower on roaches. You could tell by looking a
    customer if you had to lay out newspaper on the bench before opening stuff

    They stopped accepting cable decoder box returns at the HQ of a cable
    company here as it lit up the office. They put the boxes under a tarp and
    roach bombed them over at the warehouse or something like that.

    Anyways, that stuff doesn't look like cockroach poop at all. It looks like
    the crud you get when moving ceiling tiles around, but that would not make
    splotches or coat the back of a TV set.
  6. gregz

    gregz Guest

    I had another smaller visio in same position, no spots. Current is coby.

  7. maybe it's melamine and asbestos leaching out of the chinese plastic?
  8. I'd buy this explanation.
  9. I never though about burning nylon smelling like "Boiling green vegetables
    (string beans or celery)".

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