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fixing a Xerox copier (XD series)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by George Johnson, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. I have a Xerox XD105f copier that, once again, is malfunctioning.
    (Judging from the reviews on Amazon, these machines are widely reviled
    for their unreliability. Mine is barely five years old and used so
    lightly that I haven't even finished a full toner cartridge.)

    Here is the problem: when I try to make a copy, the paper from the main
    tray starts to feed but then stops almost immediately (before even
    reaching the gray rubber rollers beneath the green drum roller). I get
    a flashing "P" signal meaning that the copier is out of paper. There is
    plenty of paper in the tray. Sometimes, but usually not, when I press
    the copy button again, the paper will feed. And sometimes the paper
    feeds just enough to jam before it has left the tray, signalling an E2
    error. I have gone through the numerous diagnostic tests on the Xerox
    0Laser%20Printer), but none of them help.

    Maybe this is a clue: when I feed paper from the side tray instead of
    the main tray, it also stops almost right away (just before reaching
    the gray rubber rollers beneath the drum roller). But if I push firmly
    on the side cover, the paper will be picked up and run through. (This
    doesn't help, however, when feeding from the main tray.)

    Xerox's email support person just cuts and pastes the same unhelpful
    information from the website. A call to telephone support resulted only
    in an offer to read me the same instructions. I never imagined I could
    go so wrong buying a Xerox copier. Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. none

    none Guest

    Actually the worst copiers on the planet, especially in regards to
    customer support.
    Try going over to this link:

    Sign up as a copier repairman to get access to their forums and ask
    there.(They're repairmen there that are up to date on all the latest
    models and their individual quirks and faults.)
  3. LanceBro

    LanceBro Guest

    if your xerox has a secondary set of pick up rollers after leaving the paper
    tray, check the rollers for wear or glazing....another thing for home type
    xerox copiers...with the paper tray at the rear...small items tend to fall into
    the tray and block the paper path....paper clip, coin etc especially when you
    have small kids at home....those are obvious problems you may have already
    checked or not....
  4. Thank you both very much for your advice. I'll never buy a Xerox copier
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