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fitting spotlights in bathroom

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by ammy, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. ammy

    ammy Guest

    Hi all, I have just purchsed a set of spotlights for the bathroom,
    took the existing ones out and replaced the lights but the old ones ha
    transformers, the new set do not need transformers, so how do i link th
    wires from the mains, the switch and the bulbs??? please help
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I don't' know what country you're in how ever,
    here, the WHITE wire goes to the white wire in
    the light, the Black wire goes to one pole of the
    switch, and the other side of the switch should go
    to the black wire of the light.
    green wire if you have one, will connect to the shield
    or case of the light which should be metal.
    I would assume that you use the same wires that were feeding
    the transformer.
    but then again, i don't know the country you're from.
    here we use 120 volts in the home (USA).
  3. In the UK. God knows why it's posting in this group from there.

  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Just as a matter of interest, the latest additions to the regs here now do
    not allow for a person who is not a fully qualified electrician, to do any
    work to the lighting circuit in a bathroom. All of this work now, in theory
    at least, has to be informed to the local planning agency, and certified by
    the person doing it.

    Although non-qualified electricians can continue to do some work, such as
    adding a single socket to an existing circuit, most of the jobs that we all
    used to do as a matter of course, are now severely curtailed. I would
    suggest that if the OP has to ask how to do this job, he is not sufficiently
    qualified to do it even ignoring the new rules ...

  5. Guest

    If the new spots are halogen, take them back and get 12v ones. It'll
    be less work, less cost, and 12v ones are more efficient and long

    If theyre CFL or filament, you'll need to find the other end of the
    cables where the transformer is, and remove the tf and wire the cable
    to the mains. This is assuming its mains cable - in the unlikely event
    it isnt you'd need new cable too.

    Theres more on halogen spotlights here:

    These sort of qs are best asked in

  6. ammy

    ammy Guest

    apologies if this was posted on the wrong forum, thanks all for you

  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Pick up a book on house wiring, that will help you take care of any
    specifics in the local electrical code and have a safe and reliable
    installation. If you're still unsure, call an electrician.
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