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Fitting co-ax aerial socket to DAB radio that doesn't have one

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Tyro, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Tyro

    Tyro Guest

    I recently bought a Sony CMT-SPZ90DAB mini hi-fi with a DAB radio. The
    aerial provided is a 2m length of wire connected to one female pin of a
    a small plastic 3 pin plug which fits into a 3 male pin socket. There
    is no other aerial connection. Reception in my area is very poor and I
    have lost most of my favourite FM stations, and can receive only 6 DAB

    I have a roof top mounted FM Yagi with 50 ohm co-ax and an internal
    "slim jim" DAB aerial with 75 ohm co-ax and no way of connecting either
    to the radio. Connecting to the single pin or the aerial wire, and
    earthing the braid to casing doesn't work.

    A Google search provided the following from a 2001 post to this group

    "If you *must* go tampering inside this crap radio, connect the coax
    inner via a small (100pf?) capacitor to wherever the dangly wire goes,
    and the outer by another capacitor to the largest lump of copper you
    find on the PCB."

    Can anyone confirm that this is correct or have any other suggestions?
    I know little about radio electronics and would appreciate help from
    one of you knowledgable boffins out there.

    Here's hoping.
  2. terry

    terry Guest

    What frequencies do these DAB radios receive.
    Satellites? Gigahertz etc.?
    OP says he 'lost' his FM stations? Surely he needs an FM band radio to
    receive them; using either a whip antenna or connecting to and pointing
    his FM antenna in the proper direction?
    Question puzzles, sorry.
  3. Gareth

    Gareth Guest

    DAB is around 220 MHz in England.
    I think the OP's radio receives (or rather doesn't in the OP's case) FM
    as well.


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