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Firm/Flex testings??

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Uriah, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Uriah

    Uriah Guest

    The people over at have a somewhat new test
    instrament. It is called a CM4000 and has a number of features. The
    one I am intersted in is the Firm/Flex feature. What happens is that
    an AC signal of different voltages and currents and source resistances
    is fed into a node and then the result of the signal is displayed on
    the front of the unit. It looks like a digital scope. What they kind
    of did was take a Huntron and add a signal injector and use it on live
    circuits. This way you can tell if a zero volt reading is the result
    of an open trace or digital low or short to ground. I would buy one
    except I have a number of Huntron style devices and I don't want to
    spend $4000.00 for one feature. My question is has anyone seen this
    done before? Did HP or Textronic or BK ever make something like this?
    Maybe there is an old used model that will do the same basic thing for
    hopefully a fraction of the price. Or some ideas on how to pull it off
    with the toys I have.
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