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firewire connection design

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Whatever, Aug 25, 2004.

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  1. Whatever

    Whatever Guest

    Hi all,

    I intend to build a firewire (ieee1394) connection beetween an ADC and my
    However, i don't know anything about firewire
    1 - How can i use 8 bits ADC values in a 4 pins firewire connector
    2 - Is there a controler for firewire to buy or something to genereate a
    clean signal

    If someone had a response, it would be great

  2. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    This would be immensely difficult... for a non-Firewire expert,
    probably impossible.

  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    A response to what? Are you asking a question? If you want to build a
    firewire connection, even though you have no idea what firewire is, I'd
    say, go right ahead!

    Good Luck!
  4. You know, what's
    [ ] a bit
    [ ] an ADC
    [ ] an ADC-value
    [ ] a pin
    [ ] a connector
    [ ] firewire
    [ ] ieee
    [ ] a controler
    [ ] a signal
    [ ] a connection
    [ ] a laptop (this is the easy one, I assume :)

    and what it means to
    [ ] intend
    [ ] build
    [ ] use a value in a connector
    [ ] buy
    [ ] genereate a signal (this is the tough one, IMHO :)

    To be serious: If your ADC works like a hard disk, this is an easy
    one: just get a firewire harddisk enclosure for the ADC. If not, and
    that's what I assume, you intend to go a tough ride. It's not like
    connecting bit 1 and bit 2 to pin 4. Look up how firewire works
    (google is your friend!), find some firewire controler (google is your
    friend!) and a controler, that matches with the ADC and the firewire
    controler (google is your friend!). Or start looking into FPGA's
    (google is your friend!) to do most of the job in software.

    However: Good luck, and keep us informed!

  5. I think you have very little idea of what you are getting into. At the
    very least, you will need a chip to handle the Firewire interface itself,
    which is a high speed serial interface (look at the CXD3204/5), careful
    wiring design round this to meet the specs, and a microprocessor to
    interface between this, and your ADC. The number of pins on the Firewire
    connector, is because it is a serial connection...
    Unless the item is going to sell in thousands of units, the development
    time/cost, is not worthwhile. It will also involve writing a low level
    driver for the PC. Going this route, is also only worthwhile if you need
    the massive data rate available from Firewire. Otherwise it is much
    simpler/cheaper, to look at something like one of the FTDI USB solutions,
    where an 'off the shelf' module gives you access to a parallel interface,
    drivable from a USB connection.
    The devleopment time to connct an ADC to a firewire interface, is probably
    about six months work.

    Best Wishes
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