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Fire in mains wiring

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ban, Feb 12, 2004.

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  1. Ban

    Ban Guest

    A strange phenomenon has occurred in Sicily, Italia. In a small housing
    complex, habituated by 56 people, all of the sudden household appliances and
    even plain 230V mains wiring is catching fire. The houses are situated
    between the railway line and the sea.
    Almost every day somewhere the TV, washing machine or refrigerator would
    start burning and cause smoke and damage. The people have been evacuated
    since yesterday and specialists from the supplier, railway engineers,
    vulcanic researchers etc. are trying to find the reason. The transformers
    have been replaced without any improvements, no radioactivity can be
    measured, it is a mistery.
    Maybe news2020 is right after all...
  2. Rick

    Rick Guest

    This actually made Reuters:

    They think it may be satan....uhm...
  3. Ban

    Ban Guest

  4. Phil Hobbs

    Phil Hobbs Guest

    If it's an electric railway, there's probably a huge ground current running
    from the third rail to the ocean. Putting a big voltage between ground and
    neutral will cause all kinds of strange effects.

    This is a common problem in electrified streetcars--the current migrates
    through the ground to nearby water mains, where it causes huge galvanic
    corrosion problems.


    Phil Hobbs
  5. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    The appliances catching on fire definitely smells like a large effective
    DC component on the mains supply- writing off the reports about
    furniture combustion as pure crap. Your hypothetical leakage definitely
    induces a DC component between the mains stepdown GND and the local
    GNDs- add enough circulating current and you have, possibly on load
    imbalance, saturating transformers and very large peak harmonic
    currents- this exactly the kind of thing that defeats thermal overload
    cutouts. There's nothing in these appliances that can sustain a flame-
    they will only fume- so the very use of "fire" in this context is pure
    bull. The whole thing is probably a tourist attraction gimmick- you
    should see all sorts of street vendors selling trinkets- probably icons
    of the Holy Virgin- to ward off Satan. Ban is being very Italian posting
    the nonsense.
  6. R.Legg

    R.Legg Guest

    Here is another link, for Italian speaking people only, sorry And a brain-free translation:

    Tv and citofoni explodes also after the cut of the current the country
    besieged from the mysterious fire In the Messinese houses, frigo and
    furnitures in flames from two weeks. And there is who speaks about
    folletti the firemen take part after one of "mysterious" fires
    (Handle) MESSINA - the devil makes the pots, but not the covers. In
    kind. In Sicily, instead, ago also the fire under the pots. In the
    sense that ago to burn cappa aspiring of the fireplace and the annexed
    and connected furnace; it makes to explode the televisori and the
    citofoni and ago "to jump" the refrigerators; it carbonates the
    contatori of the Enel; it blackens cables electrical workers rests to
    you for earth and the current taken ones; it even renders roventi the
    tubes dell?acquedotto. All that also when the current not c?è.
    Extraordinary things happen, from 15 January, in the seafaring village
    (150 inhabitants) of Cane field, fraction of Caronia, crushed between
    the noise of the sea and the Nebrodi mounts.

    Extraordinary to such point that ripropongono an ancient dilemma: the
    mystery against science, the fantascienza against the rationality. A
    theoretical contrast, until yesterday evening. When it has become
    prosaico: 39 of the 150 inhabitants of the village, than, exasperate
    to you from the unexpected ones and inexplicable fires, Sunday were
    extended along the railroads, they have been evacuates and their
    sealed rooms to you and entrusted for 48 hours the guard of police
    officers, National Fire Department, civil Protection.

    All attention "to capture" first fiammelle and folletto (or who for he
    had to hang them). "They wanted makes me to sleep all?aperto - Filippo
    says to us Case, 84 years, receiving to us in the drawing-room
    illuminated from a lamp to covered gas and with the classic one under
    arm - Eh, not, I have already made it for 5 years in war". Case is
    l?ultimo to to have been hit from the phenomenon, that it evokes
    "Poltergeist". It tells the Antonino grandson, 18 years, IV
    electrotechnical year dell?Istituto: "Sunday to the 18,45 I returned
    from the station. I have inasmuch as from house smoke exited. Me it
    seemed impossible.

    From saturday we are without light, us has been removed also that one
    of the electricity-generating groups ". Nevertheless the contatore was
    in flames. "we have extinguished It with the extinguishers of which
    they have equipped the firemen to us from when this incubus is begun".
    That is from when Antonino Pezzino, 43 years, insurer, has given
    l?allarme: "It was 15 January. We have begun to notice strange things:
    that were blackened television set and, threads thorn tv that were
    overheated, smoke that were given off, stretch, beadspreads and divani
    that took fire. We thought depended dall?impianto electrical worker,
    we have rifared it, is not changed nothing, we have called l?Enel,
    point and to head. Fire, smoke and flames. L?Enel us island, I address
    to the Railroads, exclude every possibility of dispersion from the
    power line ".

    The plague propaga to the other houses, all of relatives its.
    Saturday, after l?incontro with the prefetto and reiterate protests
    insediano the National Fire Departments. But, Sunday afternoon, to
    sposini the Lucia Pezzino and Paul Pezzuto succeeds the crack: in
    their new apartment, electrically block, where they had piled up
    furnitures and elettromestici, bursts the mysterious usual fire. All
    it goes in smoke. "Work of the Martians", sarcastico question
    Antonino, the insurer.

    The institutions I move in forces. Yesterday the work group has
    gathered composed from the lieutenant colonel of the police officers,
    Francisco Chiaravallotti, from Enel technicians, from the mayor, Pedro
    Spinnato, 38 Ds years, and from a bouquet of engineers: Epifanio
    Codullo, of the Railroads, Glad Gianfranco of Cesiums of Milan
    (electrotechnical Center experiences them Italian), Sansone Santamaria
    dell?Arpa (regional Agency ambient protection), Tawny Azzerboni of the
    faculty of Engineering of Messina, teacher of Electrical engineering,
    Tullio Martella of Come the civil Protection and Nunzio of the
    National Fire Departments.

    In absence of Montalbano commissioner, of the priest and the
    acchiappafantasmi, the investigatrice commission, formally joined, is
    uniform. Someone, like Tullio Martella, supports that "the phenomenon
    seems to derive from a electric power dispersion, but the origin still
    has not been characterized". Others (Cesiums, Railroads, University.)
    assert to wait for the collection of the data in order to express a

    But then more than one lets to scappare affirmations that they leave
    perplexed. The leader of the firemen: "For some phenomena we have
    found the explanation in the electromagnetic fields. For others it is
    better than it does not speak in order not to put to me in the
    troubles.". And that one of the Railroads: "Not draft of a phenomenon
    supernatural". The mayor: "the police officers do not exclude one
    production". Glad L?ingegnere of Cesiums: "When I have reported that a
    cable electrical worker without connection, rested on the pavement,
    took fire inexplicably", they have answered to me: "As soon as you
    recover from the smoke dell?alcol, it recalls". How it was said? The
    devil makes the pots, but not the covers.
  7. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    LOL!!!! Leave it at that- makes equal sense in the end.
  8. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    It's only a mystery to 55 of those people.

  9. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest


    ...Jim Thompson
  10. Ban

    Ban Guest

    John, you're probably on the right track. I have been watching this every
    night on the news as my only source of information. The strange thing is,
    the fires even start in appliances with pulled out mains plug. Since one
    week the mains supply is cut out, but yesterday again two fridges were
    smoking. Also the railway engineers have planted a continuous monitoring and
    couldn't find anything extraordinary.
    People also suspected passing nuclear submarines but that was excluded too.
    We had here a few years ago a case of blood flowing from a holy scupture,
    which turned out a manipulation, so that is not unlikely. Italians love to
    believe in all kind of magic BS, because of the strong Catholic church
    influence and conditioning. I bet your democrat candidate will travel to the
    pope too...
  11. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    I'm hoping for excommunication due to the gay marriage stance ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  12. I read in that Jim Thompson
    you should be so lucky. You get the full bell, book and candle for that.
  13. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    You mean requesting a miracle?

  14. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    C'mon Jim, what's wrong with letting boys and girls (in any
    permutation) get married if they want to?

    My wife (speech pathologist) does a lot of house visits to parents of
    kids with problems. She says that gay guys are the best parents and by
    far the best housekeepers. The lesbians tend to be neurotic slobs, she
    says. How about legalizing male-only gay marriage?

    About 20% of my employees are gay (I think!) and we give them and
    their s.o.'s all the benefits we give married people.

  15. I read in that John Larkin <[email protected]> wrote (in <[email protected]>) about 'Fire in mains wiring', on Thu, 12 Feb 2004:
    I agree. Not being married, I can see it from the outside, and it's very
    clearly something much more than sex. Indeed, in some marriages, sex is
    simply not a factor. I can quite appreciate that two people of the same
    sex may experience that overwhelming attraction that leads to a stable
    long-term relationship.

    Equally, an overwhelming attraction that is purely sexually-engendered
    is less likely to last.
  16. Or just the comfortable bickering. ;-)
    True. I've got zero problems with it. The organized religions are not
    (and should not) be compelled to go along with it, of course. I don't
    see what the fuss is about. Is the fabric of society really so fragile
    that 1% of marriages being same-sex and the odd flash of bronze
    nipple-shielded boob will cause it to spiral into a swirling vortex of
    self-destruction? Believe it or not, the mere legality of it does NOT
    make me want to go open an antique shop with a "longtime companion"
    (any more than I did before), nor did the illegality prevent many
    stable long-term same-sex relationships from existing. It's hardly the
    most important issue threatening traditional marriages.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  17. Read the first story on this page:

    Try not to look at the date before you read it ;)

    Nipple-gate was only on our news because of the shockwaves
    it generated.
  18. I read in that Spehro Pefhany <[email protected]?>
    I agree 100% or even more. Similarly, today we have news of successful
    therapeutic cloning, and the media are telling us that it's OK, as
    opposed to the 'horror' of reproductive cloning.

    How many people have we got who would want to clone and could afford it?
    A thousand? A million? There are six BILLION of us. We'd never notice a
    million clones, 0.0167%. And do you think that any power-hungry dictator
    is going to want a younger, more energetic, better informed carbon copy
    waiting to dispose of him after 25 years or so? Would Bill Gates, even?

    The only 'horror' of reproductive cloning, and it's the wrong word -
    'tragedy' would be better, is the risk of producing a viable but
    severely impaired child.
  19. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    This just in:

    I think I'll stay off the streets this afternoon to avoid the stampede
    of couples headed for City Hall.

  20. I read in that Frank Bemelman
    But those 'shock waves' are not sensible. Throughout history, including
    now, in some societies bare breasts were/are the norm.
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