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Finger pulse monitor -help needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dave_s, May 13, 2004.

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  1. Dave_s

    Dave_s Guest

    I need help with the circuit approach to allow me to listen to
    every beat of my heart. Do not want to know the pulse rate, only want to
    use my pulse to trigger a 555 timer, light an LED and create a
    loud beep. Will build the whole thing in a hobby tin to carry on my

    I'd be happy to use an ELECRET MIC element and amplifier and 555 beeper.
    Those circuit designs I can create. I'm not sure how to physically place
    the ELECRET MIC to allow it to sense my pulse.

    I do have a finger cuff from an old exercycle heart rate monitor.
    ESD on the exercycle killed the monitor. I think, just guessing, that
    the finger cuff has both an IR LED source and a IR detector [PIN

    I'd be just as happy to use the finger cuff but I need some help with
    the circuit to drive the IR LED source and sense the IR or PIN
    detector. The finger cuff terminates into a tiny stereo ring,tip,sleeve
    I've found the IR LED SOURCE but not sure how the IR detector is wire to
    the connector.

    Is their any other simple approach I can build myself?
    I'm avoiding buying any commercial unit. Want to do what I can with
    parts on hand and my labor.

    Suggestions are very appreciated.

    Thank you, Dave_S
  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    See "Earpulse.pdf" on the S.E.D/Schematics Page of my website. This
    used an ear-clip, but a finger-clip will work just as well.

    If it's the right brand of exercycle it might contain this very
    circuit ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
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