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finding lost stuff

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Sommerwerck, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Techs are so often mislaying important parts, I thought this might be amusing.

    Several months ago I was working on my Pioneer LD-S2 LV player, trying to get
    the loading drawer to work smoothly. (Never did.) During the process, I needed
    a new battery for the remote, and (I remember distinctly!) dropping the
    battery cover amongst all the junk in the living room. This wasn't a critical
    loss, and I expected to find the cover when-and-if I ever cleaned up the
    living room.

    Well... about an hour ago I was cleaning out the drawer where I store
    batteries, and... you can guess the rest.

    I must have dropped the cover in the drawer when I was getting a battery, and
    only thought I'd dropped in the living room after I couldn't find it.


    Basic rule... If you can't find something where you think you lost it -- it's
    almost certainly somewhere else.

    "We already know the answers -- we just haven't asked the right questions."
    -- Edwin Land
  2. However... Just the other day I found a missing CD where I suspected I'd left
    it. But though I'd looked for it over and over again in that place, it hadn't
    shown up, and I'd bought a replacement.

    The rule is true most of the time -- but not always.
  3. mike

    mike Guest

    Simple algorithm for finding lost stuff.
    Buy a new one.
    When you go to put it away, you'll find the old one.
    Return the new one for credit ;-)
  4. "mike" wrote in message
    This works, because when you buy a new one, you stop looking in all the wrong
  5. Guest

    I'm always misplacing my keys, appointment book, cell phone, just fill in the blanks. I just can't keep track of my stuff either. But It's uncanny howI'll look in the same place at least five times and and never see it, and then my wife will look there once and find it. She's also a much better cook than I am. That's another reason I keep her around. Lenny
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