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Finally a decent LD Carrier

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Bob La Londe, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    After getting screwed by Qwest's outrageous rates, MCI's poor line quality,
    and then AT&T's high rates and duplicitous billing changes I have finally
    found a decent LD carrier (so far). Inter-Tel took over the long distance
    on my toll free lines last month. Yesterday I received my first bill. All
    I can say is 'YIPPEE!!! and YAHOO!!!." No runaway retries from crappy line
    conditions and no surprised on the billing rates or billing increment.

    I actually got what I signed up for.

    The Security Consultant
    Bob La Londe - Owner
    849 S Ave C
    Yuma, Az 85364

    (928)782-9765 ofc
    (928)782-7873 fax
  2. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Good, that makes up for the DMP fiasco. :)

  3. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    I looked at fixed LD packages, but they were all tied to a local service.
    This is for the incoming alarm calls on my toll free lines which are not
    actually tied to a local service.
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