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final year project

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    hi...this is saranya..I'm a final year instrumentation engr.Can u
    suggest a few projects for me.I get many projects in net but i don't
    know if they are practically feasible.Foreg:Car tyre pressure
    sensing.I was interested in doing a model.But many ppl suggest 2 drop
    it as it would be extremly difficult 2 implement.I would request you
    to give ur opinion abt tat project and all suggest some more ideas in
    the field of automation,biomedical inst,and sensors.
    hope u
    would respond soon


  2. Fred

    Fred Guest

    In Britain, you can buy it off the shelf from TRW and from Omitec.
    The valve has a bulge behind it containing the transducer and the
    miniature transmitter.
  3. Fleetie

    Fleetie Guest

    hi...this is saranya..I'm a final year instrumentation engr.Can u

    Are you going to write up your project report in that style?
    I know English isn't your first language but I also know that you
    know that the language and style in your post above is NOT appropriate
    for technical discussion, and it will NOT endear you to those from whom
    you're seeking advice. Your use of that style makes it hard to treat
    you seriously.

    Additionally, if you can't even make up your mind what project to
    undertake, it doesn't suggest that you're very deserving of the
    qualification anyway.

    I'm almost SCARED if you're a "final year instrumentation engineer"
    and you have to submit this badly-written plea for ideas.

    Good luck, bur seriously, stop messing around and act more
    maturely. And try to think for yourself about projects you could
    complete that would earn good marks. I find it hard to believe that
    after studying all the things that presumably you have studied in
    the years of your course until now, nothing has given you any
    ideas for a project.

    Someone was definitely going to post something critical like this -
    there was no way that your post was going to escape this kind of

    Yes, I know this is sci.electronics.basics, but still, if you're a final
    year instrumentation engineer, you really should not be asking this kind
    of thing.

    Martin (worried)
  4. I also agree with Fleetie that your style needs work.

    But a useful project might be a sophisticated yet inexpensive battery
    monitor/tester/charger that could be clipped on the terminals or
    (eventually) manufactured into the battery itself. It would have to draw
    low current similar to self-discharge, and give a status indication via
    flashing LEDs. It should also be able to provide optimal charging when
    external power is applied, and do a quick pulse discharge test to determine
    internal impedance. Similar devices exist, but are very expensive. The
    challenge is to make it dirt cheap and sell millions.

  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Yes - learn to read, write, and speak English.

    Good Luck!
  6. ClueLess

    ClueLess Guest

    Perhaps those to whom the project is to be submitted may not mind as
    they may speak the same kind of English :))

  7. Guest

    Hello saranya,
    I'll tell u a project whch will be very much use full for day 2 day
    use for even for a common man. All that u have to develop is a sensor
    probe with electronic display. on dipping that probe in to a glass of
    water the display should read out the chlorine content in the water or
    few more ingredients in water.even it can show the pH value also (more

    Is it interesting? if not here is another

    Same type of probe & electronis but for detecting adultration in
    petrol. On dipping in to petrol tank(two wheeler or 4 wh) it should
    indicate the main ingredients of petrol.

    Do u feel it is usefull for common man?
    I feel for an instrumentation enginner this will give good

    please give your views
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