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FET Driver Evaluation

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jul 3, 2007.

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    Hi all,
    I work for a company which manufactures DC-DC multiphase buck
    converters for generic point of load products and VRMs for servers. I
    have a couple of questions about FET Drivers.

    1. I am evaluating FET Drivers for board design and suitability for
    our applications (per phase ratings are like upto 1Mhz switching
    frequency, 0.8V- 2V output, 12V input, 30A per phase. We use non-
    isolated buck converters and non isolated gate drive circuit. The FET
    driver that i am testing has adaptive shoot-through protection.
    I have come up with these parameters for my analysis

    i) Minimum Pulsewidth
    ii) Effect of Pulse swallowing across load
    iii) Turn ON and Turn OFF propagation delays for HSGate and LSGates
    iv) Phase jitter at CCM DCM boundary
    v) Variation of ripple voltage across load
    vi) Discharge and charging profiles of bootstrap cap at various loads
    vii) System efficiency
    viii) Transient Response of system

    Is there any parameter that one would look at? From your experience
    how would you look at possible effect of shootthrough?

    Your comments are most welcome

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