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Feedback requested on Target3001 CAD Program

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Hi to all,

    I've been looking at some low end $400 to $1000 Schematic capture and
    PCB layout programs. What seems like a new kid on the block is the
    TARGET3001 CAD program.

    Feedback one their website is all very positive, no surprise. I've
    spent a little time playing around with it and it looks pretty solid.

    What I'm looking for is feedback from other users of the program. Is
    this package as good as it seams, or do I need to take off my rose
    colored glasses.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Rich, East Coast Optical Technologies, Inc
  2. Heindorf

    Heindorf Guest

    Hi Rich,
    I've been working with Target for 1 year now.Like every other program it
    has advantages and disadvantages.Before I worked with Eagle
    (Cadsoft).Eagle is easier to handle.You get a good schematic and a sharp
    layout on the screen from the beginning without much adaptation of default
    values.In Target you can adjust almost everything ( drill, trace width,
    case outlines...) in your schematic and layout without going back to the
    device-library. If you know how and where to adjust these things it is
    very comfortable. But just there lies the crux.The menu is confusing and
    the online-help and handbook are lousy.The default colors of schematic and
    layout are miserable without your intervention.It took me about 3 weeks to
    get a screen image that was acceptable to me.So what? there are people who
    like Target (Forum) others are more sceptical (I).I think it depends on
    your experience.Target is very flexible but at least for me difficult to
    get accustomed to. Eagle is easier to learn, I guess.
  3. richard

    richard Guest

    Hello Rolf,

    Some time ago, when only workstation had enough computing power I was
    trained on Mentor Graphics. I was not a great fan of it, at all.
    Than for different smaller projects and to be faster with development I
    used Orcad. When Orcad run under DOS it was outstanding at that time.
    As some people on the boards wrote several times, the newer Orcad
    versions are not that great anymore and people said, that parts of the
    tool still run with patches in DOS background.
    Agreed, Eagle it is easy to use and straight forward, but as most
    projects have something special on the board, e.g. special IC, cut out,
    mechanical integration, unique routing I found, that Eagle has
    limitation. For simpler projects it is good and with the evaluation
    level not bad. But particularly, when you change something on the
    screen and it does not come out the way you draw it this can be
    frustrating. You play for a long time until you found out what it is or
    you give up.

    This is in my humble opinion the beauty of TARGET3001. The IBF
    companies philosophy is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). And
    that is really true. Also having good CAD drawing function can be
    sometimes very helpful.
    You are right, there are more elements which can be modified for the
    user and as with any program you need to go through the learning
    process. But once you know the right mouse clicks, short cuts the tool
    is enormous efficient. The thing for me is I don't want to pay xk $
    for a tool and than on top support fees. Target is a good balance
    between pricing and performance and they keep adding on functions. I
    like the tool and with the easy gerbering function a nice round up.

    Your input on the poor help menu is something you should place on the
    TARGET forum
    or send an email to IBF (). The company is more
    than happy to get feedback and improve their product. This is important
    that the tool need to improve with the hardware and software changes.
    Also if you have technical problems, I found that IBF usually posts an
    answer within 24 hours and I assume if you email them the same will be
    true - all for free, what a deal. This kind of service running on a
    big boy's tool will cost you.
  4. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Thank you Rolf and Rich for the inputs. I started to get fustrated
    with Target and have loaded Eagle. Many parts in Targets library and
    documentation retain their German origin. One feature that I really
    liked in Target was the built in simulation capability. Unfortunately,
    the learning curve is substantial and the documentation is somewhat
    lacking. Eagle was definately easier to learn.
  5. richard

    richard Guest

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