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Feedback on demo

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Andrew Ward, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Andrew Ward

    Andrew Ward Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    I have created a demo of our electronic design application. I am looking for
    some feedback/constructive criticism of the demo, particularily parts that are
    not clear the first time you watch them. I have watched the thing so many times
    that it's hard to tell. You can watch the demo here

    Andrew Ward.
  2. It was taking too long on my dialup, and I have no idea what it is I am
    downloading. It would help to have a brief description, and maybe some
    small screen shots, so I know a bit more and have something to read while
    the demo is loading. I assume it's a windows movie of some sort, or maybe

    Paul E. Schoen
  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    I have created a demo of our electronic design application.
    Yup. The totality of text associated with the page:

    What the page looks like with the Oh-ain't-I-so-cool crap stripped out:

    The page was obviously constructed by an idiot
    who thinks that everyone has bandwidth to burn
    and that everyone is willing to buy a pig in a poke.

    It's been said before:
    If you can't easily get in the front door, you can bet the rest is

    A good read for all wanna-be Web designers:
  4. Andrew Ward

    Andrew Ward Guest

    Thanks for your comments Paul. Normally someone would access the demo from the
    link on the bottom of the home page so they would know at
    least a little about what they were about to watch.
    It is a Macromedia Flash demo, and I think it downloads to 60% in the browser
    before starting.
    Basically the demo runs through our application, showing how you can watch/debug
    a digital circuit while it is running inside the FPGA. You can of course read
    about this on the website, but I think it needs a demo to really get the message
    across because it is something that has not been available before in digital
    logic design, so it would be easy for someone to miss the point.
  5. Andrew Ward

    Andrew Ward Guest

    According to Google Analytics, only 11% of people visiting our site have dialup
    and 77% have either cable/dsl or corporate bandwidth. So if I can give those 77%
    a better understanding of the product through a Flash demo, then I think its a
    good idea.
  6. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    I waited about 10 seconds with my 2Mb ADSL, saw that it had only loaded
    15%, and gave up. Not even a hint about what your product actually is,
    so why should I wait?

    Paul Burke
  7. Greetings,

    My two cents, no refunds:

    I suspect that at least 77% of your site's visitors also have a kidney
    that they could do without, but that doesn't mean they're visiting
    your site so as to be able to waste it away, too.
    1) "Flash demo" and "good idea" in the same sentence: is any further
    comment necessary?

    2) Let's be brutally honest: if you can't create enticing text to
    describe your product, why do you suppose you have the capability of
    producing a Flash movie that will? Possibly, it might work on the
    unwashed masses <g>, but hurling a Flash movie at we members of the
    intelligentsia is no way to win friends and (favorably) influence

    3) If you knocked on my door, and I immediately opened the door and
    proceeded to ignore you whilst I set up my AV equipment so I could
    show you a documentary about me, would you consider that a "good

    4) With "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" disabled in IE, your web site
    is a totally blank screen. Is that also a good idea?

    5) I have DSL, and I gave up at "12%".
  8. Hal Murray

    Hal Murray Guest

    I have DSL.

    I hate blinky/bouncy crap and spyware.

    I don't go to a web site so the designer can play games on my screen.
    I run with cookies, javascript, and flash disabled.

    You can provide a lot of information with simple text. I like
    pictures within reason.
  9. Andrew Ward

    Andrew Ward Guest

    Sorry, my original posting should have mentioned that you could look at the home
    page to first find out about what the demo would be about.
  10. Guest

    Even though you've had several replies saying it takes much to long to
    download you insisted that it was worth waiting for so I became really
    curious. I waited 5 minutes for it to get to 60% and start(I'm on an
    Internet backbone so the bottleneck is your end)..

    I got to page 6 and got really bored. You showed how to drive the
    schematic which is not even slightly unique.

    I strongly suggest that it takes less than 20 seconds to start and that
    you are showing unique things by page 3 at the most.

    Colin (who is no longer at all curious)
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