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Favorite Tektronix Scope

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Too_Many_Tools, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Scrap? Surely a machinist could make a suitable replacement knob for
    less than the value of a good scope.
  2. Chuck Harris

    Chuck Harris Guest

    You obviously haven't hired a machinist lately. In pristine shape, the
    scopes were worth $75 tops, the machine shops charge $100/hour, 1 hour

    I was going to do the job myself, but balked because even when I was done,
    all I would have was a bunch of scopes that no one wanted to buy. We had
    them (with the broken/missing knobs in the $15 pile at several hamfests,
    and they went nowhere.

  3. "The HP 130C was an excellent oscilloscope.
    It has been stadily downhill from there. "

    I agree.

    Why do you think that happened?

  4. M. J. Powell

    M. J. Powell Guest

    May be relevant. When a plastic eyepiece on my father's WW I binoculars
    shattered I found a company that made an exact copy from the other
    eyepiece which I sent them. This was some twenty five years ago.

    I don't know what the plastic was, possibly some form of Bakelite or

  5. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    And I imagine you'd already junked a few to use strictly as spare parts to fix
    the others?
  6. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Every now and then, one lucks out on a HP scope. For the most part, the HP
    scopes I've used have been pretty marginal. There was one that was an
    absolute nightmare, but that was a special case, because it was military,
    and <oh, shit, apologies in advance> it was in a special case. <rimshot>
    The knobs all had little waterproof rubber skirts, which had backlash that
    makes ordinary backlash look like nothing at all. You had to go _WAY_ past
    the setting you wanted, and hope that when the knob sprang back it would
    land on the setting. I remarked to a coworker: "It probably wouldn't even
    be a good boat anchor, because it would float."

    I _did_ once use an HP that was tolerable.

    But If I'm the one who signs the check,
    my first choice, of course, would be a Tek. :)

  7. Because an oscilloscope isn't a Wein (Wien?)-bridge oscillator?

  8. No, they became short of CRT's because of their success in
    network analyzer business, perhaps.

    It seems that more people are having trouble with HP scopes
    than I thought.
    One has to treat scopes gently, just like treating women's body.
    Instead of "pushing" buttons, one has to "touch" them.

  9. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    Well, no duh...I mean, which of these looks more like a 'scope?

  10. Chuck Harris

    Chuck Harris Guest

    That's just it, they all had the main knob broken. Some had the pieces intact,
    but broken, others had nothing.

    All worked, and all had the usual HP problems with drifty vertical amplifiers,
    and easy to fool triggers. It wasn't worth fixing them. We also had dozens,
    upon dozens of tek 465, 475, 485...

    The tek scopes flew out, regardless of condition, the HP's just sat.

  11. Long ago I was given a summer job to repair a palletload of HP 1xx
    scopes. One had a bad power transformer, unobtainable. The rest just
    needed new power supply filter capacitors. They seemed like nice
    scope, within their limits. Not particularly fast or bright or DC
    stable, but okay for our biomedical lab. I think that one had an
    actual knob on the DC balance control, it was so shaky.

    I know this sounds like faint praise, but there's just something about
    a scope without a fan, with nice big knobs that go click instead of
    clunk, and that need no bandwidth limit button to keep the FM-ROCk-101
    from fuzzing up the trace.

    The HP 175 was an impressive scope-- 50+ 6DJ8's, 50MHz bandwidth, and a
    super bright CRT. It just ran and ran up until 1995 when the
    TRANSISTORS in the power supply went bad.

    Still use a Tek 475 as my main bench scope.

    Have tried several 54xxx digital scopes, don't care for the yucky green
    or amber screens, or the infuriating menu structure, or the way they
    don't detect clipping.

    I have several Tek 485's on the to-repair shelf. IIRC they have about
    six power supply voltages and if any one of them gets out of spec the
    whole thing shuts down. Then it's kinda hard to figure out which one
    went blooey first. Grrr....
  12. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Well no I haven't hired one because friends of mine own a machine shop
    so I can get favors like that for free but still, $75 tops? We're
    talking a pretty decent scope aren't we? When I bought my Tek 465 a few
    years ago I couldn't find anything 100MHz dual trace in working order
    for under $275 or so.
  13. xray

    xray Guest

    Sorry, I'm late to this thread but thought I'd add an opinion.

    No, Spectum Analysers are useless for anyone outside the government or
    RF extremists.

    What are the specifications of the one you have? Maybe I can save you
    grief by taking it off your hands with a preimuim bid since it is just a
    glorified scope?

    P.s. You never answered if the Motorcycle engine you are selling is the
    one that came by accident.
  14. No one can stop you doing that.
    Er, they're extremely useful pieces of test gear for anyone involved
    in RF., even hobbyists.
    It's a different thing altogether!

    Barely a week went by before I deeply regretted parting with my
    spectrum analyser. :-(
  15. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Access to the PS for troubleshooting and repair is terrible,too.
    That HV assy is buried in the middle of the scope,and it has a sense
  16. Not to mention incredible amounts of fun! :) :) :) (look at a pulse's
    spectrum sometime, and twirl the PRF and PW knobs and watch the pretty
    pictures dance...)
    Not only that, but its very name is ripe for _so_ many play-on-words
    jokes! "rectum analyzer?" "spectrum ANAL-izer?" etc.... ;-)

  17. clifto

    clifto Guest

    No, they're garbage.

    I have a really nice garbage can in case anyone wants.
  18. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

    Will it do phase noise measurements for me?
  19. clifto

    clifto Guest

    Only if someone sends me the right kind of garbage.
  20. Roy Lewallen

    Roy Lewallen Guest

    Wow. Does it show you the improvement from cryogenically treated,
    oxygen-free speaker cables?

    Roy Lewallen, W7EL
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