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Faulty tv

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Lessie, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. Lessie

    Lessie Guest

    When the picture suddenly goes on a t.v., what is it usually
    due to?

  2. Operation of the power switch.

    Are you thinking of fixing a TV? If so, you will
    be concerned with why yours is broken, not
    common cases. That said, a common failure
    is breakdown of the flyback HV winding, a
    fairly expensive part to replace.
  3. Lessie

    Lessie Guest

    When the picture suddenly goes on a t.v., what is it usually
    I don't think this could be it, as there is sound, hence the power switch
    must be delivering current.
    Are there cheap generic replacements? What is
    expensive 10 Pounds or 100 Pounds ?
  4. Hmmm. I almost wrote that more symptoms would
    They may have become generic lately. When I was
    last looking into it. the transformers tended to have
    so many taps, different output voltages, and primary
    inductance values, that they were all different.

    If you really want to diagnose your TV's problem,
    it would help to describe more of what you can see,
    especially with different input stimulii if they vary the
    result. For example, how long after turn-on before
    the picture "goes". What does "goes" look like?
    Does it ever come back? Is there a change in the
    sound emitted? Any odd smells? What can you
    see when you open the cover and shine a light on
    the circuit board(s)? Do you have any instruments
    to apply to the task? Are you willing to purchase
    the schematic for the set?
  5. Art

    Art Guest

    Actually time to turn this one over to the repair shops and stop the
    dribble!! IMHO

  6. Larry you should just direct people to the proper newsgroup:
    where they will need to know the brand,
    model and all the symptoms.
  7. That would depend on the OP's desire and resources,
    would it not? I doubt you know enough to gauge either
    at this point.

    Mr. Terrell's suggestion to take the issue to
    is more appropriate under the circumstances,
    IMHO. Followups set accordingly.
  8. Art

    Art Guest

    Again! It is blatantly apparent you do not have the technical quality to
    attempt this type of repair, take the flippin thing to a professional
    servicer. For YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY!!
  9. First of all, I am not the one with the bad television. I simply
    pointed out that was not the place to ask
    about TV repair and told the OP to ask his questions on
    and to give the make, model and symptoms in
    the request.

    As far as TV repair I was working in a TV shop in the mid '60s at the
    age of 13. I moved on to broadcast, Radar CATV and aerospace
    electronics. I have done things the average tech will never do and I was
    taught electrical safety when I was 13. I am now 100% disabled for a
    number of reasons but I still know how to do the work.

    Your silly little rant makes you look bad and doesn't reflect well on
    TV techs in general.
  10. Lessie

    Lessie Guest

    Sorry for omitting all the info, but the reason is that the tv has been
    chucked away, still I wanted to know what it could have been.
    The engineer had one look at it and said it was not worth fixing,
    he didn't even open it, seems he new what it was straight away.

    It was a 25" Panasonic, but I don't know what model it was. One
    day we switched it on with the remote and only the sound started,
    i.e. no picture. That's it, no picture was ever visible from then on,
    the screen was exactly as if the unit was off, no partial brightness
    or near the corners, just absolutly dead, as if no power was on.

    But this is all academic :) , so feel free not to waste your time too

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